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Sunday, June 2

It Begins!!

Important Information!!!!

Hey everyone!!  I hope you are all doing fantastic!!  I’m blogging for Terry until he gets to Panama.  This blog will give each trip important information, so please be patient. 

Trip one Panama City, Panama:

The team left out this morning headed to their destination.  I received a text from Margaret that they made it to Atlanta, when they arrive in Panama Joanna Fussell and Tyler Gist will be blogging to give us updates. The team of 22, will be working with the Panama school of Preaching while they are there.  The team also consist of member of the Freed-Hardeman baseball team.  On Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday the baseball team will be working at the Panama Prospect Acadamy.  Like I said before, Joanna Fussell and Tyler Gist will giving us updates. 

Emergency Contact information In Panama:
Hotel Caribe in Panama City:           011-507-225-0404
Retreat Hotel is Playa Blanca:          011-507-264-6444
The Baseball Complex:                     011-507-609-04961
(They will be there M, T, TR, F)

The team will be returning June 11, 2013

Trip two Costa Rica:

The team will leave June 11 and will return on the 21st.  The team will be working in Buenes Aires, Costa Rica with Daniel and Maribel Chavez.  There will be a five day gospel meeting, lady’s class, men’s class, and children’s class.  There will also be three days of VBS at the local schools, and one day at the church building.  The team will also participate in door knocking as well.  The team will also be having a baby shower for Daniel and Maribel’s daughter who is having a baby boy!!  Leah Wright will be keeping you all updated during the Costa Rica trip.

When you guys fly in, you will be given a customs form to complete.  This is the information you will need.

This is where you guys will be staying.
Hotel Aires del Sur
Buenes Aires, Costa Rica.

I do not have contact information, but I will be trying to get that ASAP.  If I do not post it, look for it in the blog Leah does when she arrives in Costa Rica.

Trip Three Honduras #1
Ok, let me apologize before I start this section.  I got the information for the second group but failed to get the information for the first trip.  Look for the information in Leah’s blogs while they are in Costa Rica.

The first Honduras group will be leaving for Honduras June 22 – July 2.  The team will be working in Choluteca for the first 5 days.  In Choluteca, the plan is to have a three day gospel meeting, three day medical clinic, three day ladies classes, and a three day VBS.  The team also plans to add a tower to the play ground constructed last year.  The plan is to also build two homes, a classroom for the church, and do a daughters of the King.  After five days in Choluteca, the team will return to Tegucigalpa (I do have information for there!!). In Teguc., the team will build a few more homes and a concrete wall around Pedro’s (the guard that works a Villa Gracia) home.  I’m very sad I can’t do both Honduras trips this year, and writing about this makes me want to cry!!  It’s going to be such a great trip, and what makes it even more amazingly great, is it is all for God!!

***In Teguc., the emergency contact information is:
Lori Connell: 205-533-8725 (yes it is AL number, but it works!!!)

The Team will be staying at Villa Gracia while in Teguc.  the number is:

Honduras trip two!
The last Honduras trip will begin July 4th and end July 14.  The team will be working in Teguc.  The plan is to build 7 homes, do a number of visitations, add a slide tower to the playground at Didasko, and do a Daughter’s of the King.

****Important Info:
The second team will need to complete the customs form before clearing customs.  The information you will need is:
KMH El Hatillo, Tegucigalpa, Honduras (this will be you final destination)

For Emergencies:
Lori Connell 205-533-8725 (yes it is AL number, but it works!!!)

The Team will be staying at Villa Gracia while in Teguc.  The number is:

I will be on the last trip and will pick up blogging at that time.  Leah Wright, Joanna Fussell, and Tyler Gist will be updating us until that time.  Please pray for the work being done in Central America and for safe travels.  I’m looking forward to the updates that will be coming in during the next month.  Please, if you have any questions you can email me at brandyb06@gmail.com.  I will do what I can to answer any questions you might have!! 

 Love you guys!!

Brandy B

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