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Wednesday, June 19

The Longest Day

No, I won't be talking about World War II, though we have a few times on the trip already. Ask Danae Elder about that one. I do feel that today has been the longest day on our trip. Travel days always are, and it's usually because something wonderful happens *excuse the sarcasm* For some reason, history likes to repeat itself. As we were making our way up the mountain about an hour or two into our journey, our bus decides it does not want to go up the mountain anymore. Therefore, another (much nicer) bus comes to pick us up and we move all our luggage into the back seats. On our merry way, we stop for an early lunch at a chicken place and a few of us used that time to walk to a nearby supermercado (supermarket) and buy as much coffee as we could fit in our arms. That was a great choice, but the consequence will be carrying around these bags for two additional trips in Honduras. After this, we only had two more stops along the way, but traffic seemed to be horrendous. There were also quite a few uneasy stomachs from the winding roads and a 10 hour bus ride did not help at all. Burger King ended up being our supper when we finally arrived in La Fortuna. We made it just in time to see part of the Costa Rica/Panama fĂștbol game, and Costa Rica scored as we were leaving. Just down the road was our hotel Los Lagos. Unfortunately, we haven't had a glimpse of the volcano yet because of the fog/rain/clouds all around us. We were all so glad to be in our beds and able to sleep in tomorrow morning! The next day will be full of relaxation, so I'm sorry if I don't have any exciting stories to tell you. 

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."
1 Thessalonians 5:16-18


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