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Monday, June 17

Just another day in Paradise

First of all, I'd like to apologize for not writing this post last night...It was to the point where if I didn't get sleep, it wasn't going to be worth reading. So I guess you'll just have two blogs to read in one day!

It is definitely another day in Paradise. I don't think I have written much about how great bilingual worship is. For those of you who have not experienced it, I'll do my best to describe it. We begin by singing songs in Spanish, which is pretty much my favorite part. The tell us what number and we begin singing and usually realize that this is the same as a song we know in English. After singing "En la viña del Señor" a few times I've had it stuck in my head. The English version is called "I want to be a worker for the Lord."It's amazing knowing that not only do we worship the same Lord but we sing the same songs to praise Him and because of this we are able to know what we are singing in Spanish, even if we know very little of the language. Needless to say, I'm really going to miss this once we leave. Being a part of this for one week every year is not enough, but lucky for me we'll also be doing this in Honduras, so make that 2 weeks for a few special folks. There was even one instance this week where we sang "Jesus Loves Me/Cristo Me Ama" together, the gringos in English, and the ticos in Spanish. What a beautiful way to become closer with our brethren here in Buenos Aires.

Well since yesterday was Sunday we woke up, went to eat breakfast and began our day worshipping the Lord. Our Bible class was taught by Larry Moran, who joined us in Buenos Aires Saturday night. We are very glad to have him with us for the rest of the trip, but not as happy as his wife is to have him here! Terry Reeves brought our lesson and had a great illustration for how our lives are so short compared to eternity. That is why we must live for God and do His work so that we can spend eternity with Him.

We were blessed with a delicious lunch of spaghetti salad, and pineapple rice pudding (which I heard was wonderful but I was not brave enough to try it).  Then after eating we headed out to do some door knocking before the rain came in. The clouds seemed to be looming right over us, but we seemed to miss the sky falling out on top of us and only had a sprinkling. Our door knocking consisted of going to the town center again and walking around talking to people in the park or outside the shops. We also made it down some of the streets to knock on some of the doors before it was time to load up the bus. Most of the group then headed back to the church building to work on the VBS skit for that night. The story covered Paul casting out the demon-possessed girl and he and Silas in prison. It was amazing working with the children at the church tonight. They were all so excited and loved every minute of their time in class. Singing with about 30 kids, now that is wonderful. You don't even have to know all the words to have a good time, just watch the hand motions and you're good to go. The lesson tonight was brought by Mark Adams of the Old Hickory church of Christ. Since I was with the VBS team I failed to hear any of it myself, but I'm sure he had a great message about the power of the gospel.

We certainly can't believe that today is our last day with these amazing Christian brothers and sisters. I hope that we can spend it working harder than we have all week to bring people to Christ. There are two schools we are going to for VBS, the morning classes, door knocking and the gospel meeting tonight. Pray that our last full day will be blessed.

May God be with you all,


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