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Friday, July 15

Until next time...

Good day to all of you!!  Yesterday was very busy with travel so I was unable to post about our final work day.  No worries though, because I am happy to update you now.  Am I rested, not fully, but I am getting there!!

July 13, 2016
Wednesday  was a fantastic last day of work.  We began with breakfast from 7-8.  During this time we also said our goodbyes to the Bell Shoals/Foundation Christian crew.  They headed home on Wednesday leave about 70ish remaining.  My number could be way off, but it's a guess.  Anyway, after breakfast we met for our last morning devo from Donald Ballard.  This year we have been very blessed to have Donald and Carlos leading us in challenging thoughts during the morning and evening devos.  Thank you guys for your hard work in putting together very powerful lessons that challenged and encouraged us all.

When devo was over the ones leaving quickly loaded the bus to make their way to the airport.  When they left, the remaining members gathered what was needed for the day and quickly loaded as well.  We had 4 teams that we sent out.  The first team out the gate was the construction and concrete team.  We loaded the tool needed along with the popcorn and cotton candy machine and headed to the Indian Reservation.  Once we arrived we split into two separate teams a concrete team and construction crew.  A paint team of about 5 stayed on the bus and headed out to Santa Ana to paint a garage for Gaye Davidson as well.  It was a hard working day for our crews.  The concrete crew worked until about 1:30 when a hand full of the team began the popcorn and cotton candy.  While they were playing with the children, the rest of the crew continued with the concrete.  There was a team laying the concrete for the porch and another building up the wall for a classroom.  It was hard work, but well worth the exhaustion.  The construction crew were busy at the same time building the final house Diane Adams raised funds for.  The teams worked until about 4 then cleaned up and got ready to load the bus, but not before many of the members gave their shoes to local people.

Another crew left shortly after headed to Didasko.  There, they did repairs to the playground and completed the painting.  About 20 went to the hospital to visit with the sick for about an hour before headed up to do a medical clinic for the workers at Villa Gracia.  While a team was at the hospital some remained at the mission house to complete sorting and organizing of donated items to be given away by other groups.  When the team returned to the mission house, they conducted a short medical clinic for the workers of Villa Gracia.  They saw about 45 patients. 

We all met back at the mission house for our final dinner around 6pm.  At 7:30, we met in the chapel for our last devo of the trip.  The time we were in Honduras went by so quickly.  I hate this part of the trip because we are leaving family.  I know we will see each other again either in Honduras or in Heaven but it still hurts a little.  We spent the remainder of the night preparing for our departures in the morning.

Thank you all for your prayers, they were felt and helped so much.  God is good and until next year, Mas amor por favor!! (More Love Please).

Brandy B
I am going to attempt to post photos from my phone.  I am not too sure how or if it will work, but I will try.

https://www.facebook.com/tim.hines.355/videos/10157364339835495/  I'm not sure if this will work, but please check this out.  Tim Hines posted it and it has our team working with concrete and the popcorn and cotton candy for the kids.

Wednesday, July 13

Let's do this....

July 11, 2016
What a wonderful day to serve our Lord!!!  Yesterday was wonderful.  We had breakfast from 7-8, pancakes and fruit!! After breakfast we met in the chapel for morning devo and to receive our assignments.  We had 2 construction teams, a concrete team and a team that went to Mi Esperanza.

All the teams minus the Mi Esperanza team went to the Indian reservation to work.  The house builds were a fairfield house and a Patty house.  Like I mentioned before, money is raised by these individuals and Churches so we can help needy families with a home in Honduras.  The teams said the house builds went great.

The other team at the reservation, worked with concrete to continue the work on the buildings and sidewalk/porch for the residents on the reservation.  Concrete work is probably the most difficult thing we do here.  It's a lot of work and there are many sore muscles, but there is just something about working for Jesus that makes the soreness worth it.  I promise I am not crazy when I say that!!

The last team went to Mi Esperanza to give the ladies some experience for the classes they are taking at the beauty school.  The ladies that are in school there have to have so many hours of practice before they can graduate and we were happy to help them.  We also learned more about Mi Esperanza.  This is such a great ministry for women.  So many great things are happening there.  Check them out!!  www.thewomenofmyhope.org

We all met back at the mission house by 6 for dinner.  Before devo Kelvin, from Fairfield Church of Christ was baptized!!  I hope you all will pray and rejoice with our new brother.  We then went to devo at the chapel.  Carlos, from New Jersey, has been doing a fabulous job (as well as Donald Ballard) challenging all of us to strive to be better Christians.  I am really not sure what I will miss the most in Honduras when we leave, but devas are on that list.  After devo Terry Reeves made some announcements and then Brian made the remainder regarding tomorrows happenings.  July 13, we say goodbye to the Bell Shoals/Foundation Christian team members.  For the rest of us we have one full day to work left.  Time has flown by here.  I cannot believe we are on our last leg and that about 20ish are going home on the 13th.  Please pray for those traveling tomorrow as well as the final work day.

Thank you for your prayers and please keep them coming.  We love you all and will see you soon.

Brandy Barnett

Monday, July 11

Just another day serving!!

I am so sorry for my absence in posting.  I have not been able to access the internet for some reason, but I think we have it figured out now.  I will covering July 8 - July 11.  I am sorry that I will not be going into a great deal of detail, but I will do what I can.

July 8, 2016
It was just like every day, we got up and had breakfast from 7-8 and then devo.  Friday we had two construction teams, a visitation team to the hospital and blind school, and a team that planned for a carnival for Didasko and visitation to the special needs orphanage less than a mile from where we are staying.

The visitation teams spent the day sharing the love of Jesus with the sick at the Hospital and the orphans in the orphanages.  It was a great day spending time with the Honduran people that many people neglect.  I love visiting the orphanages because it is just an experience that is life changing.  God is so good and many times you can see such strong faith of those that are in the homes.  Many times we think we are here blessing those that live here, but in actuality they are teaching us something about faith that we often fail at.

When the teams were finished we met at the mission house for dinner.  Then we had devo around 7:30.  After devo, we received instruction for the following day.

July 9, 2016
Like the other days, we had breakfast from 7-8 then devo.  After devo we loaded the buses.  We had one team that loaded a bus and headed to the store to buy food to feed those in the dump.  The remaining team members loaded the buses with chili and hot dogs for the Didasko kids along with other food that will last them several weeks.

At Didasko, we unloaded the bus and started preparing the food for the kids.  After they ate, they were able to enjoy playing games and watching skits from some of the members.  The kids also enjoyed popcorn and cotton candy as a snack.  We spent several hours with the kids at Didasko before saying our final good byes.  This will be the last day we visit Didasko this year.  It is always sad leaving because many of the kids have been there for several years and have developed relationships with TORCH members.  So with tears in our eyes we said our "See you Laters" because either way, we will see them again whether it be next year or in Heaven!

We met up with the crew that fed those working in the dump at the mission house for supper.  After supper we met for devo

July 10, 2016
I am going to keep this part very brief.  Sunday was a day of Worship with our brothers and sisters in Diamante.  We had two baptisms one from our group Gavin, and one local member.  After worship we went to the Valley of Angels for shopping and lunch.  After shopping with loaded the buses to come into town for dinner then back up to the mission house for devo.

July 11, 2016
Today started like all other days.  We said our good byes to the Barbers who headed back to the States today and had breakfast.  We met in the chapel around 8 for devo.  After devo we received our instructions.  We had two construction teams that built houses with funds raised by Dave Marble and Jenny Lovell.  The rest of the crew went to an Indian Reservation to do some concrete work.

We loaded the buses and headed out as close to 9:15 as possible.  The construction team headed to Mololoa for their builds.  According to both teams, the builds were great.  Everyone worked hard to complete the homes for two families in the community.

The concrete crew hit the ground running.  We received instruction from Tim Hines and started work.  Some were sifting sand, some were leveling the ground for a sidewalk, some were moving blocks, some were moving rocks and others were mixing concrete.  Each us rotated out of jobs multiple times to get a feel for each job.  Let me back up and just say a little something about mixing the concrete.  We did not have a mixer, we were the mixers.  Now that is an experience.  The work we are doing was funded by the special offering received at Sonquest this year.  If you are a part of Sonquest, thank you for you donations!!  As hard as the work was, we were happy to help those that live on the reservation.  At this time, it is my understanding we will be out there for the remainder of the trip.

At about 4 we loaded the buses and headed by to the mission house to clean up, eat and load the bus again to head out to Santa Lucia.  It has been about 5ish years since we have been able to go to Santa Lucia for devo and singing.  We go to the oldest standing Cathedral in the Western Hemisphere and have worship.  Singing is indescribable.  I mean you literally have to experience it because here are ZERO words.  We worshiped for about an hour then headed back to the mission house for bed.

Our time here is coming to an end very quickly!  Tomorrow we say good bye to 3 members then Wednesday about 20ish leave. I Cannot believe how quickly time has gone by.  Please pray for the continued work as well as those traveling.  We do miss you all very much!!  If internet keeps working for me I will post again tomorrow night.  Good night to you all!!

In Him
Brandy B

Friday, July 8

God's not Dead

This blog is covering July 6 and 7.

Good morning from Honduras!!  I apologize for not posting, but I have been so tired and busy.  I will catch you guys up on the previous two days.

July 6
Wednesday the team started with breakfast from 7-8 am.  After breakfast we met for devo and receive instruction for the day.  Wednesday we had two construction teams, medical team/VBS, a paint prep team/special needs visitation, a team that worked in Mololoa, and a hospital visitation team.

Both construction teams built in a community near the city dump.  The houses were both houses that were funded by donation Jenny Lovell raised.

The Medical team and VBS team loaded the bus to head out to Didasko for the day.  When we arrived we were greeted by Jorge, Rosa and Michelle, the people running the orphanage.  We received quick instruction on where the team would set up and got to work preparing the Pharmacy.  When everything was ready we began seeing patients.  The doctors were able to see about 150 patients.  While the medical clinic was going on, the VBS team were able to do VBS for the children at the orphanage and once coming in to see the doctor.  It was a wonderful day at Didasko!!

A team came to help prepare a building to be painted as well at Didasko.  They worked until about 12:30 and left for the the Special Needs orphanage.  At the special needs orphanage they spent time with the children and showed them love they do not often receive.  The special needs orphanage is always a great place to go and show love.

Another small team went to Mololoa to work in the kitchen and Day Care.  They helped the workers prepare food and serve the children a warm meal.  The feeding center is always fun to work in and help the people in the community.

The last team went to the hospital to visit with the sick.  They split into group and went to different wards throughout the hospital to share the love of Jesus.  The Hospital, for me, is probably the hardest thing to do, but is also one of the most needed.  Often times children are in the hospital and their parents are unable to stay with them.  So when teams come in, it brightens their day for many reasons.  Plus, when we are in the hospital, do we not like visitors?

After the work day was complete, we made our way back up El Hatillo to the mission house for dinner.  We had rice, beans and chicken for dinner.  After dinner we met for evening devo.  After devo we received instruction for the next day, had signup and went to bed.

July 7.
Yesterday we continued with the same morning routine with breakfast and 7 devo at 8.  After devo we received further instruction for the day and begin our departures.

Yesterday we had two construction teams, a hospital/food breakdown/food distribution team, a team that went to Didasko to paint and finish the medical services, a team who went out to the dump and did a gatorade blitz, and a team that went out to Mi Esperanza.  We also had two team members arrive (Holley and Aaron from Bell Shoals).

The two build teams went out to an area around Baxter Institute to build homes for two families.  One house build was funded by donations Jenny Lovell gathered and the other was sponsored by the Fairfield Church.  When the builds were complete we loaded the bus and headed back to the mission house.

The medical team was able to see about 55 patients and then assisted with painting the dorms at the orphanage.  The team that went to the dump first went to the market and bought things for sandwiches, bags of water and bananas to feed the people working there.  After they purchased the items, they went and prepared the sandwiches before going out to the dump to feed the people.  When they finished, they did another gatorade blitz in the city.

While a team was visiting at the hospital, another team broke down food to deliver in a community.  When the medical team was finished they came to get the team and deliver the food.

When all the teams were finished, we made our way to the mission house for dinner.  We had beef tips, beans, chips and pico.  We had dinner earlier yesterday because we schedule to go to the Jesus statue for devo.  We loaded the buses at 6:30 to go to the statue for devo.  We had singing and devo and learned about the city from Mark Connel.  The Jesus statue is alway awesome to go to at night.  It overlooks Tegucigalpa and you can see for miles. It's unbelievable.  After devo we loaded the buses and came to the mission house to sign up for what we will be doing tomorrow.

Everything is going great here.  You can see and feel Jesus in everything being done.  I hope that you all are doing well and please continue to pray for successful work not only in Honduras but throughout the world.  God is GOOD!!

I am going to try to stream our devo via Facebook tonight.  I have no idea if it will work, but I will try.  Devo is at 7:30 here.  I think that will be 8:30central time?  It can't hurt to try so we will see.

We love and miss you guys

In Him
Brandy B

Tuesday, July 5

I got this, let's go!

July 4, 2016
Good day to you all!!  I must say God is alive and well!!  Things are going great here and the Word is ALIVE!!  Monday we had breakfast between 7 and 8.  At 8 we met in the chapel for morning devo.  After devo we divided into our teams.  We had a medical team, 2 construction teams, a VBS team, a hospital/food distribution team and a very small team that went to the feeding center in Mololoa.

The construction team left quickly after devo to load their supplies and head out to their sites. Both builds were donated by the Western Hills Church of Christ.  The teams said they had very good builds and completed the home for two families.  As I am sitting here writing this, I can't help but thank God for the strength and support of all of those who have helped with the builds.  It is currently raining and I can't help but think that there are two more families that will be able to stay dry tonight due to having a roof over their heads!!  God is Good.

The medical team left soon after the construction team with the VBS crew.  We made our way to Diamante to serve the people in the community.  Once we arrived there was a line of people waiting to be cared for.  We quickly unloaded the bus and set up for the clinic.  It was pretty much non stop from about 10 - 2pm.  Our doctors and nurses worked diligently to care for the sick in the community.  There was also those working in the Pharmacy to ensure the patients had medication to help with any symptoms.  Our team saw 153 patients during the time we were there.

The VBS team was unable to due their VBS due to conflicting schedules.  However, the team help tremendously in the medical clinics helping with crowd control and filling prescriptions.

The team that went to the feeding center spent the day assisting the ladies provide a warm meal for 144 kids.  While everyone was working hard, our hospital/food distribution team was doing the same.  They headed out to Hospital Esquela to visit with the sick and provide them with the love of Jesus!!  They spent about an hour sharing the love of Jesus before heading back up to the mission house to load the bus with food for distribution.  After loading the bus the team made their way through La Tigra Rainforest to a place called Trojes to provide the families with the bags of food.  A bag of food will feed a family of six for approximately 2 weeks.  The team handed out about 250 bags of food before heading to the mission house.

We came back to the mission house for dinner around 5 pm.

July 5, 2016
We got up early to have breakfast between 7 and 8 for breakfast.  This morning we finally had cereal!!  I have been wanting cereal since we have been here.  I know that might be weird but I LOVE CEREAL!! Ok enough about me, HAHAHA!!  After breakfast we met in the chapel for devo to prepare our minds to serve!

We had a hospital/gatorade blitz team, two construction teams, a team to Mololoa, a team working with Mi Esperanza, and a medical team.  Our teams were eager to start working today!!  The first team was the construction teams.  After devo, they loaded the buses and made their way to La Tigra.  Our teams had their work cut out for them today.  Once they got to the sites they had to carry wood to the actual site!!  It sounds like hard work, well it is hard work, but there is just something about the experience that is exhilarating.  The Lord provided two families with a home tonight!! I can never say this enough, but GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!

The medical team was the next bus out.  We quickly were briefed by Dr. Asha of the happenings that will occur in the clinic.  Our team then loaded the bus and headed out to Los Piños community.  Our team was greeted by people ready to be seen by the doctors.  Todays clinic started by 9:30am. Our team, once again our team worked hard so we could see as many as possible in the allotted time given.  The team saw about 225 patients today in Los Piños bringing the total about 380ish.

The hospital team went back to Hospital Esquela to visit with the sick for about 2 hours.  They then loaded the bus and did a Gatorade BLitz throughout the city.  What is a gatorade blitz, you ask?  Well let me just tell you!!  Our team goes to the grocery store and purchase as much gatorade as possible.  Then they load the bus and hand the gatorade out to the street workers throughout the city.  It is the most fun thing ever!!  Seeing the excitement of the workers is something that is really not explainable.

The Mi Esperanza team assisted the ladies in counting tassels.  I honestly have know idea how to really explain this task.  They say that is was a tedious job and there was not a dull moment throughout the day.

After everyone returned we had dinner then devo.  When devo was over we had announcements and was given the possible agenda for tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be another busy day!!  Thank you all for your prayers.  Please continue to pray for the work being done in Honduras.  If you guys need anything or have questions please email me brandyb06@gmail.com.

Brandy B

Monday, July 4

Airports, houses, and buses

July 2 and 3

First I would like to apologize for not posting the past two nights.  I will be blogging about the past two days in this blog starting with July 2.

July 2 we woke up bright and early for breakfast from 7-8 am.  We had eggs, beans and toast.  After breakfast we made our way to the chapel for morning devo.  Donald Ballard is our keynote speaker for morning devos and is bring us lessons on the minor prophets.  After devo, the two teams building gathered and loaded all the building supplies and made our way to the community we would be building in.  The remainder of the team stayed back to begin preparing for approx. 40 more members.

The build team left quickly after devo to get started as soon as possible on the builds.  We were greeted by smiling faces and two families in need of a home.  Pat (Tricky) Guthrie led one team with many of the Foundation group on his team.  They hiked their way to the lot and began building.  Taylor Sullivan and Tyler Steffy were the leaders of the second group.  Both groups were complied of many rookies that were well broken in the first day.  Everyone worked very hard to complete the house for the needy family.  Our teams were eager to learn today and were eager to work hard for Jesus.  The two houses were dedication houses that Patty Johnson and Jenny Lovell raised funds for.  We are going to be building about 20 houses this year due to the generosity and hard work of several individuals on this trip.

While the building teams were hard at work the others were at the airport gathering the larger group coming in today.  With this team coming in, we will be at approximately 95 team members.  I am so excited about meeting new brothers and sisters and reuniting with old friends.

The entire team met back up on the mountain around 5:30.  The construction crew unloaded while the ones that just arrived had orientation.  At about 6 we had dinner potatoes, baked chicken and veggies.  I can promise you all we are not going hungry the food is AMAZING!!  After dinner we met for devo, led by Terry Reeves.  Carlos (from NJ) will be our Keynote speaker for the evenings starting Sunday.  After devo we made our way to our rooms for some much needed sleep.

July 3
Yesterday we were able to sleep in briefly, ok like 5 extra minutes.  We had breakfast at the same time but it was more relaxed.  We had cinnamon rolls, and fruit.  After Breakfast we all got ready to leave for worship with a local congregation. It was the same community we worked in the day before.  We left the mission house at about 9:00am to make our way to the community.  After worship we had lunch and met up with another 20 group members bringing our total to 114.  Once we had all had lunch we loaded the bus and went to Mi Esperanza to shop with a purpose. Mi Esperanza has been going for about 15 years started by Janet Hines and Lori Connell.  Mi Esperanza works with the women of Honduras and teaches them a trade so they can go out and support their families.  It is a great ministry that just continues to grow!!

Once everyone had made their purchases we made our way up the mountain to sort/break down food for food distribution and to sort meds for the medical clinic.  After everything was sorted and ready we had Taco Loco for dinner.  Once again, you can count on us not going hungry!!  After dinner we met for devo led by our Keynote Carlos.  After devo we received our instructions for the following day. We will be working hard over the next several days and I think our team is ready!!  We still have about 16 more houses to build and will be doing food distributions as well.  Everyone is eager to get to it!!

Thank you all for taking the time to pray for the work and our group.  I do need to let everyone know that we will not be streaming the demos live there is just not enough internet power to do so.  If something changes I will let you all know.  If you need anything or have any questions please email me brandyb06@gmail.com.  Thank you all again and God Bless!!

Brandy B

Saturday, July 2

July 1, 2016

Good morning to you all!!  Yesterday was a good day!  We began with breakfast that consisted of an omelet, toast and some spicy potato wedges.  We ate between 7 and 8, then met for devo.  After devo a team went to build in a community around the city dump while a few of us went to the airport to meet up with 24 other team members.

The airport crew made it to the airport just in time to meet the group from Bell Shoals/Foundation.  They had 18 team members.  As they were loading their luggage, they received instruction on what to do for lunch while we waited for the group of 7 from Nashville.  The Nashville crew landed and where through customs about an hour later and received the same instruction.  All team members made it safely to the country!!  After everyone had lunch we made our way to the grocery store to pick up items for lunch then came back to the mission house for orientation.

The build team left around 930 am to head to the build site.  They had a good day at the site and provided a home for  a family in Jesus name.  The weather held off for them as well and made the build a little easier.  They arrived back at the mission house around 530 pm.

For dinner we had veggies, spaghetti and a roll.  We all enjoyed our meal and fellowship with one another.  After dinner we met for devo where Tricky Pat told us his testimony encouraging us to allow God to work through us and explaining God can use anyone for his glory.  When devo was over we received instructions for what we would be doing today, July 2.  We will have 2 build teams, an organizing team, and a team to the airport to receive about 40 more members of the team.  So far the work has been great and I look forward to seeing what God has in store for our team.

Thank you all for reading and praying for us.  Please if you need anything or have questions email me at brandyb06@gmail.com.

Brandy Barnett