Our Mission Statement

Monday, June 18

June 17

Good morning to everyone that decides to read and keep up with the happenings of this years TORCH mission trip.  My name is Brandy Barnett and I will be keeping you guys posted on the work we will be doing in Jesus name.  For the next 8 days our team will be working in Sarchi, Costa Rica with a school and will be having a Gospel meeting with the Naranjo Church of Christ in Naranjo, Costa Rica.  We are all very excited to be here sharing and spreading the love of Jesus.

Yesterday, we had our first full day in Costa Rica worshiping with our brothers and sisters at the Naranjo Church of Christ.  Cary Hadley, who is from the Orlando area, delivered our sermon about King Solomon.  After the service and before Bible class, the youth presented all the fathers a gift for Father's Day.  After the presentation, we had small fellowship to meet the brothers and sisters then we had class.  The preacher, Edie, led the discussion on prophets and apostles with Jonathan Lovett translating.  (Side note: I am very proud of Jonathan he was very nervous about translating and did a fabulous job).  When Bible study had ended, we loaded the  bus and made our way to Sarchi to meet the Coronados for lunch.

We had lunch at a Restaurant with a beautiful view.  I cannot remember the name of the restaurant, but it is one we eat at yearly.  Everyone ate well, then did a little shopping at the shop at the top of the hill.  We then loaded the buss to come back to camp to begin preparing for VBS at the school starting Monday.

We worked on VBS for a while, then had dinner.  After dinner we completed the VBS work for Monday then headed to the cabins for devo.  After devo, lights out!!

Today is the day we start VBS work with the school and the Gospel meeting.  Please pray for the work and the travel we will be doing throughout the day.  I will post again in the morning or tonight.  Also, I  will try to post pictures, but it will be through facebook because it does not upload on the blog very well.  I will tag as many people as I can that may be interested or on the trip.  Please share these photos with any one that would like to see them.  I will also post the link to blog on Facebook after every post.  Thank you all for your prayers and positive comments.  We love you all and will be back home before you know it.

Brandy B

Sunday, July 9

Blue skies and Rainbows

Wow what a busy past few days. The team has been working so hard to share the love of Jesus in Honduras. July 6,7,&8 were extremely busy. We had a total of 8 house builds, a visit to the hospital, one medical clinic, one food distribution, work out in Didasko, a team going to buy fresh food at the market to send to Didasko, several devos, and a trip to the Jesus statue. So as you all can tell we have been working so hard!  Today was a day we finally were able to get a quick breath and spend time getting to know one another better. We had worship this morning learning about the importance of shining our lights in this world full of darkness.  Afterward, we went to Mi Esperanza to learn about the ministry that helps women learn a trade to support their families. We were able to shop for products made by the women to help support this beautiful ministry. To learn more you can go to www.womenofmyhope.org. After doing some shopping we went to have lunch then headed to the Valley of Angels to do some more shopping. We loaded the bus at about 4 and went to Santa Lucia to meet with Tim Hines for singing devo. After devo we came back to the mission house for dinner and headed to bed. 

It's been an awesome day. It's hard to believe there are only 2 work days left.  Please continue to pray for the groups as we go into our last two days. We love you all and will see you soon.  

Love y'all. 


Wednesday, July 5

Rainy Skies and Mud Pies

Happy 4th of July! Even though our missionaries weren't able to celebrate in the United States, that didn't stop people from donning the American flag from head to toe with pride. The day started out with a meal fit for hard workers and a motivational devotional from Andrew Jonas. While the translators and doctors went off to the medical clinic, everyone else headed out to build houses or lead VBS. The day was overcast and the clouds crawled over the surrounding mountain tops as the builders hammered away. Around half way through the day it started raining cats and dogs. The dirt turned to mud and the grounds became more useful for slipping than walking. One of the groups was fortunate enough to have mostly completed their house, but the other two groups were nowhere near completing their homes. The builders worked on despite the trying weather conditions and finished around midday. Since the buses couldn't drive on the muddy roads, the builders had a mile long walk after completing their houses. Everyone made it back safe and sound, albeit exhausted. The medical clinic was hard at work that day too, managing to help over 200 people. The warm and hearty dinner was met with great appreciation from the diligent missionaries. The nighttime devotional was lead by Andrew Jonas. He talked about how although we are tired we are following God's command to go and spread the gospel. 

July 5th was met with less patriotism than the previous day but with no less excitement. Jeremy Myers lead the morning devotional and sent everyone off with encouragement. The groups were medical clinic, house builds, or VBS again and people eagerly jumped into another work day. The medical clinic has another successful day and kept their track record of seeing over 200 patients while VBS entertained the children. The house builds were hindered again by rain and mud but the persistent missionaries built on. Once everyone was done with their jobs for the day they returned home to warm showers and dinner. Andrew Jonas ended the night with a devotional about bringing God back home with us after the trip. Until next time, adios!

Tuesday, July 4

First work Day

July 3, 2017

Yesterday we started with breakfast at 7am - 7:50 am.  We had eggs, beans, toast, and fruit.  After breakfast we had morning devo.  When devo was over we split into five teams (3 builds VBS, and medical).  Everyone received their assignments and loaded supplies to on buses to begin the dat thy.

The medical team went to the same place they worshiped the previous day, Nuevo Oriental.  *side note, I am not the best speller in the world so there is a very good possibility the places we go will be misspelled.  The medical team worked throughout the day and saw about 200 patients.

The three house build teams and VBS all went to the same community.  It is a newer community and I honestly cannot remember the name.  While the teams began building, the VBS team started the VBS.  The three teams built throughout the day and finished just before the rain began.  There are now 3 families with a dry place to sleep

When we finished we came back to the mission house for dinner and then devo.  Today we will build three houses and have another day of medical clinic.

Thank you for all the prayers.

Brandy Barnett

Sunday, July 2

It begins

July 2, 2017

Today the Terry Reeves team arrived. It was a day of travel for a majority of the team that is here as of now. Jermey Myers group and about 10 of Terry's group went to worship with the church in Nuevo  Oriental.

Jenny Lovell group, Chad Chapman group, Terry Reeves FCA/ Bell Shoals group, Sarah Hinson and Katie Gerstemier have made it. We have some coming in tomorrow and I believe one in Tuesday. The plan tomorrow is a medical clinic, 3 house builds and VBS. Please send prayers for travels and the work.

Also please be advised there is a media fast every other day, basically on the even days everyone can get on media. The blog will be posted nightly. Ok. I'm off to bed good night.

Brandy Barnett.

Saturday, July 1

Owls 🦉

Good morning everyone!  I apologize for not posting last night. I will be covering the last work day in Costa Rica and yesterday's travel day to Honduras.

June 29
The group had breakfast at about 7. We ate and split the team into two VBS teams.  The teams went to two separate schools and had a VBS for the kids. Group one was dropped off at a school not far from the camp. The group told the story of David and Goliath. They said the school was in a poor neighborhood and had limited school supplies. I did not get a solid number of how. Any kids were at the school but I would say approximately 30-50.  While they were doing the VBS at the school the second group went to the top of a mountain to a school. It was a really beautiful ride up.  We enjoyed taking pictures and looking at God's creation. When we arrived, we were greeted by the schools Rnglish teacher. The kids assembled at the entrance to begin Vbs. There were about 30 of the best behaved kids I have ever worked with. We also told the story of David and Goliath. The kids listened and answered questions before splitting up into 3 groups for crafts activity and snack. While they were in the groups, the English teacher shared that most of the children at the school lived in, what we call, shacks. Most of the families were immigrants from Nicaragua that and over to work the coffee plantations. The school also has limited supplies, but we would have never known without the teacher sharing with us. It really put some things into perspective for our team. We hated saying good bye to these kids. I cannot say enough how good these kids were and how beautiful!!

After VBS,  we met up with the others for lunch then went to do some shopping. We were able to walk around Sarchi and enjoy the scenery!  We had dinner and then began packing to head out at 4 am Friday morning.

Friday June 30, was a travel day. All but 10 heades back to the states. The other 10 headed to Honduras to begin a campaign in Honduras. We met up with 2 others and made it to the mission house for dinner. After dinner we all went to bed to get a good nights sleep before other group members come in Saturday and Sunday.

Please pray for safe travels and the work. We love you guys!!

Brandy B

Thursday, June 29


Good morning to you all!!  Today is our last work day in Costa Rica.  I cannot believe how quickly it has gone by.  I will cover June 27 and 28th in this blog.

June 27.

On June 27 (Tuesday) we had another day of VBS.  We went to a local school in Sarchi, the same as the one the day before.  We only had a morning session on Tuesday.  We had approximately 150 children Tuesday.  The kids learned about was forgiveness.  They learned the story from Mathew 18: 21-35 where Jesus is teaching the Apostles about forgiveness.  The kids were wonderful.  They listened and answered questions.  I am always encouraged by the children's eagerness and love.  When they  answered questions they always added something to the effect of "we can do this because we have God."  So pure and innocent.  This is why Jesus tells us to be like little children.  The kids enjoyed a craft, a fun activity, snacks, and a skit.  They were very well behaved and participated.

At the camp Jon Hackett led his final leadership seminar for the morning session and Diane Adams held her final lady's class.  The group met back at the camp for lunch.  After lunch the VBS team went to a local farm and day care to do a service project.  We spent the second half of the day cleaning the day care and sorting through good and bad plants.  The good plants were kept and the bad plants were thrown out. While the team was doing the service project, Chase started his portion of the seminar.  He worked with some of the local preachers and wives on accessing data for lesson plans.  They were able to gain access to apps for their smart phones and material to add to their computers to continue the work.  We met back up at camp for dinner and had our evening devotional.  The devotional was pretty awesome.  Diego and Terry took some songs and we sang them in Spanish and English.  For example: "It is Well With My Soul", we sang the first half of the song in English and switched back and forth from English to Spanish.  It was beautiful.  I know it sounds confusing, but it worked and it was beautiful. 

After Devo we received instruction and headed to bed.

June 28

Yesterday we had an early start to our day.  We had breakfast and loaded the bus to head to the school.  We had two sessions at the school before noon.  Today the lesson was on Patience.  We told the story of Hannah and Job.  The kids enjoyed the skits very much yesterday.  We followed the same plan where each group went to do crafts, hear the lesson, do a fun activity, and have a snack.  This was our last day of VBS at this particular school.  June 29, we will split our team into 2 and go to 2 different schools.  We will either do the story of David and Goliath or Peter (forgiveness). 

After VBS we went to camp and met with the group for lunch.  Chase had just completed his final session on the use of the technology to spread the gospel.  After lunch, we went to our cabins and began cleaning up and sorting things to prepare for leaving on Friday.  It was a much needed clean up time.  We also said good bye to some of our Costa Rican brothers and sisters.  Saying good bye is the hardest part of the mission trips for me, but the beautiful thing about it is God gives us hope we will see each other again no matter what.  It may not be on Earth, but we will spend eternity in Heaven with our brothers and sisters WITHOUT a language barrier.

We had dinner and evening devo to close out our day.  After devo, we said goodbye to the rest of our Costa Rican brethren who left at 2am to make it back to their homes for work.  We sang songs and hugged one another and said our goodbyes.  We all made our way to bed for a good nights sleep to prepare for our final day of service.

In your prayers remember all those traveling and the continued work in Costa Rica.  Pray for our final work day and safe travel home.  Thank you for reading and praying.  Please remember those who will be continueing on to Honduras on Friday for another 10 days. 

Thank you and God Bless
Brandy Barnett