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Thursday, June 21

July 20

Good morning from Costa Rica!! I hope you are all doing well!  We are all doing wonderfully here. 

Yesterday was our last day working at the school in Sabanilla. The kids in this school are just so well behaved and kind. Before the Bible lesson began, the kids in English class sang some songs and danced for us. After they were finished, we all met for singing and a lesson on Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego. (Side not: I am a horrible speller, so if anything is misspelled I blame it on living in Mississippi. 😂). When the lesson was over, they divided into three groups for a puppet skit, snacks, and activities. Before the children left for the day, they each received a bag with school supplies and some hygiene items to take home. When kids had left, the English teacher shared some information with us about the kids in the school. After hearing the stories, the group attempted to present some funds to the school to purchase needed supplies. However, the teacher requested we use the money to make food bags to give to the families of the children in the school. So we made our way to the store and purchased rice, beans, fruit, sugar, flour, coffee, dried milk, etc to place in the bags.  We came back to the camp to break down the supplies and put them on the bus for delivery tomorrow. 

We had dinner at the camp, then loaded the bus to go to the church in Naranjo for the Gospel meeting. Cary Hadley has been presenting lessons on God did not say that. He’s been sharing thoughts/ideas that we use that are from the Bible, but taken out of context.  Last night, Cary shared with us that we can’t just be a “good person” we have do the will of our Father.  After the lesson, we spent time with our brothers and sisters then loaded the bus for camp. 

Tomorrow we will be seeing some of the sites and delivering the food bags. 

Our time is growing shorter here!  Some things of us will be home soon, while others will be traveling on to Honduras for another campaign! Please pray for safe travels over the next few days and the ongoing work. 

Love you guys 
Brandy B

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