Our Mission Statement

Friday, January 3

Welcome 2014 and this summer's mission trips!

2014 is here and so begins the preparations for the 2014 summer mission trips.  2013 was an awesome year with a team going to Panama for the first time, a return trip to Costa Rica, and continued trips to Honduras.  This summer is shaping up to be another great year for Torch Missions as teams begin preparations.  Even though preparations have been moving along "behind the scenes" news and information about this summer's trips is ready for all.

Mark Adams, associate minister of the Old Hickory church of Christ, Nashville, Tennessee, has officially become our newest team leader.  He will be overseeing the summer trip to Buenos Aires, Costa Rica, where we have been working for the past 5 years.  Mark will be working with Daniel Chaves during a 10 day trip in June.  Mark is a long time Torch team member, working in both Honduras and Costa Rica, and brings a lot of energy, organization, creativity, and excitement to the table.  I am very excited that Mark has agreed to take on and continue this good work.

I am leading 3 teams this summer.  For some reason I just don't understand the concept of "slowing things down."  I really do believe God has given me the opportunity and the resources to do these trips and so I will continue on until He lets me know the plans have changed.  I am grateful to be teaching school again (in Lithia, Florida, at Foundation Christian Academy) and have summer time to continue the trips.  I am also extremely blessed to have a multitude of long time veterans that go with me to make the trips run so smoothly.  I have always believed good leaders surround themselves with excellent assistants and helpers and I have done just that... I have the best you could ever ask for!

Trip dates and tentative schedules

Trip #1: Buenos Aires, Costa Rica - June 17th-27th.  Mark and his team will be working with the church that meets there.  During the trip the team will conduct a nightly gospel meeting (truly an old time tent revival!); go door knocking to invite people to the meeting and to pass out literature about the church there; conduct VBS programs in several public schools; conduct Bible studies; and do service projects.  Only 30 spots available for this trip.  Contact Mark at mark.s.adams@gmail.com or mark.adams@oldhickorychurchofchrist,com for more information.

Trip #2: Choluteca/Tegucigalpa, Honduras - June 24th-July 4th. The team will spend about 1/2 of the trip working in Agua Agria, a small farming village about 35 minutes outside of Choluteca, on the Pacific Coast of Honduras.  the team will conduct a medical clinic, VBS, gospel meeting, and teach Bible classes along with several service projects.  The second half of the trip the team will be in Tegucigalpa.  We will build houses, visit orphanages and the hospital, and do several types of service projects.  Very limited spaces open for this trip.  Contact me at reeves.tl@gmail.com for more information.

Trip #3: Tegucigalpa, Honduras - July 1st-July 11th.  Our team will spend the entire trip working in and around the capital.  We will be staying at Villa Gracias (The Mission House) and will do many different types of work.  We will be several houses, take multiple trips to Hospital Esquela, and will visit the Blind School, Bencaleth (Special Needs Orphanage), and other "traditional" torch visitation sites.  We will also distribute clothes and shoes, give away food bags and fresh food, and work at Didasko Orphange.  25 spaces available for this team.  Contact me for more information.

Team #4: San Jose, Costa Rica - July 11th-July 20th.  Our final trip this summer is to the capital city of Costa Rica to work in a brand new location, San Ramon, Purral, which is a community on the edge of San Jose.  We will be working with the church at Purral and the minister, Cristian Vargas Villalobos.  Cristian is the son-in-law of Daniel Chaves, the preacher in Buenos Aires.  the church is small, about 15 members (not counting children) and is located in a poor community.  We will be conducting a nightly meeting, go door knocking, conducting Bible studies, and service projects.  Spaces are very limited since the team only has 15 spots available.  Contact me for more information. 

It is going to be an amazing summer and I am already getting excited.  All 4 teams already have people that have signed up and many have already turned in deposits and applications.  It is not too late to get started, but don't delay, the teams will fill up fast.

Have you made your New Year's Resolutions yet?  How about putting going on a mission trip at the top of the list?  Can't go this year?  Then how about supporting one of the teams this year with a donation? there are lots of ways to help and be part of the program, just ask and I will help you any way I can.  I would love to see you on a trip this summer and I know the people that we will meet and serve would love to see you to.  Take care and I hope to hear from you soon.

Terry Reeves