Our Mission Statement

Tuesday, May 30


Welcome to Honduras!!! (editor’s note: this phrase is used whenever something has gone wrong, a plan has fallen apart, or something beyond your control has happened. In other words, it takes the place of “Its not my fault that…). So, with that being said, let me again say, “Welcome to Honduras!”

The May trip was absolutely wonderful. What an awesome team! 41 of us made the first Torch trip of the summer and we started the summer off on the right foot for sure. We had 10 incredible days of work and experiences while we were there. Not to mention some new stuff too, enough that even the long time veterans had to say it was the best trip ever. (editor’s note: veterans tend to say every year’s trip was the best ever.) The May team was a very diverse group, coming from many different places. But we bonded together to make a well oiled machine at the end and a lot of ministry was accomplished.

This was a really balanced team. Nearly a 50% - 50% split in veterans to rookies, nearly a 50% - 50% split in guy to girl ratio too. Just enough “adults” to balance the team too. All in all, I don’t think I could have asked for a better group. And since most were collage age, they could stay up late and get up early and it was almost impossible to work them too hard. They left wanting more, and I believe them!!! And for a few of us, saying goodbye wasn’t too hard because we knew we were coming back in just a few weeks for more!

But, I have to write a brief description of what I believe was the most memorable “Welcome to Honduras” moment in the 15 years I have been going to Honduras. It happened on the last day of the trip, the day we were scheduled to go home. We were staying at the very luxurious Hotel Copantl, about 20 minutes from the airport, on the mountain that the Mission House is located, enjoying the end of our 1 and ½ day retreat. Our flight didn’t leave until 2:20 so we were not suppose to leave the hotel till 10:30 so that we could be at the airport at 11:00. We were to sleep in, have a late breakfast, load the bus and leave. It was to be very relaxing, very laid back, very low keyed. WELCOME TO HONDURAS!

Cary Hadley woke up at 6:00 am because he had to go to the airport early to take one from his group to catch an early flight since he flew on another carrier. He turned on the TV and our whole world turned upside down within a couple of minutes. Cary woke me up to watch the local news (in Spanish, which I found amusing since I don’t speak Spanish!). However, I didn’t need to speak Spanish to understand what was going on. A transit strike was happening. All taxi cabs and public buses were not operating to protest high fuel prices and low pay. (editor’s note: Honduras strikes all of the time. It is not unusual to see a strike any day of the week. Interesting enough, Hondurans are so peaceful that even their strikes are peaceful too.)

Now, this strike was different in the fact that the drivers were well organized and used their vehicles to block all of the major roads, intersections, and bridges in the city. And they were WELL organized. Our early morning departees took off and had little trouble getting to the airport because it was so early in the morning. But by 8:00 and entire city was shut down and nobody was traveling in or out of the city. Businesses closed up, schools shut down and a bunch of American gringos were about to have the ride of their lives!!!

We decided to leave at 9:00 to give us an additional hour to get to the airport. Great plan, but WELCOME TO HONDURAS! The bus drivers, bless their hearts, cannot plan more than 5 minutes ahead of time. As we jumped on the bus to leave for the airport we had to stop to get fuel (we used the buses all day the day before, do you think they thought to tell me they needed fuel then??? Noooooooo, of course not). As we stopped at the bottom of the mountain to get fuel, we literally watched the roads all around us shut down and get blocked. So the buses took off, left the two pickup trucks to stay to pay for the bill, and headed off for the airport.

I will leave out a lot of details here, but those of us in the trucks pretty much thought we were in the filming of a movie involving James Bond, Indiana Jones, the Fast and the Furious, and the Cannonball Run all wrapped up in one!!! It was the most exciting thing I can ever remember in Honduras. So, we will fast forward by saying that every way we knew to get to the airport was blocked by a very peaceful strike. We hired some locals who told us how to get around the blockade by going through some neighborhoods so we hired them to take us. They did a great job of taking the back roads and they got us to within a couple of miles to the airport but even their route was blocked. But amazingly enough (or a God thing), we found our buses on the same road and we reunited with them!

Randy Kluge got out of his car and went to speak to the drivers of the blockade. He told them how much he appreciated what they were doing and that we totally supported them in what they were striking for that day. He told them that he hoped that they would get the fuel rebates the government promised them and that they would all get raises. Then he told them of our dilemma. He told them that we were missionaries and that is was critical that we got our plane to go home. He explained that if we missed that flight that hundreds of other missionaries coming down this summer might not come because they would be afraid of Honduras. The drivers met together and literally came to a decision 15 seconds later. “Move the cars and let the gringos through!!!!!” It was like Moses parting the Red Sea! It was so awesome!!! And we made it to the airport in plenty of time and caught our flight and came home. What a God thing. What a moment of faith. When we did everything we could do within our ability, God made it happen.

A lot of people missed their flights that day. The strike ended at 2:00 when the police went out and sent everybody home. (editor’s note: that is how all strikes end. Hondurans strike, they make life tough for a couple of hours/days, the police come in, everybody goes home.) But for us, it was a memory that will be told for a long time. (another editor’s note: save this blog. It is accurate. In a few years, you will catch me stretching the truth on this story because it will get better and better as the years pass! I am famous for this.)

Here are the totals for the May trip. To the other Torch teams coming in this summer, the May team set the bar high. May people were touched by this group and a lot of spiritual seeds were planted. I can’t wait for God to produce the harvest!

* Painted the dinning room for the nurses’ station on the children’s ward of Hospital Santa Teresa in Comayagua.
* Bought new table and chairs and cartoon posters for the children’s ward of Hospital Santa Teresa.
* Dug a HUGE drainage ditch in front of the Comayagua church of Christ to help solve the road problem in front of the building.
* Spread 6 tons of gravel in front of the Comayagua church building on the road to fix the ruts and pot holes.
* Painted the inside of another congregation about 30 minutes outside of Comayagua and had a picnic lunch with the members.
* 2 days of visitation at Hospital Santa Teresa passing out toys, stuffed animals, balloons, hugs, smiles, and prayers.
* Visited a special needs orphanage in Comayagua and learned sign language. We passed out toys, balls, coloring books, and more.
* Built one house in Comayagua for a Christian women who was disabled and caring for 4 children.
* Built 4 houses in San Miguel, a colony in Tegucigalpa.
* Painted the newly built kitchen at the San Miguel church building that will provide a hot meal every day for 300+ children when up and operating this summer.
* We did an unbelievable 1 day VBS in San Miguel with about 100 kids present (preacher’s count… we forgot to get an official count).
* We had a 3 day Bible study with the adults of San Miguel with Ben Wright from Kittanning, Pennsylvania, leading the class and Cary Hadley from Orlando, Florida, translating.
* We witnessed 5 baptisms on the trip in San Miguel and received work another took place after we left and 3 more scheduled within the week!
* We visited Hospital Esquela twice and passed out coloring books, Bibles, toys, stuffed animals, etc., and had intense prayer time.
* Packed and distributed 230 care packages of food (each package will feed a family for 2 weeks).
* Dug another drainage ditch in Santa Ana at the children’s home (Casa Esperanza). Moved rock and other chores as needed.
* Played 4 exhibition soccer games (Faulkner University men’s team). These “Good News” games received a lot of press while we were there. (editor’s note: even though we did not win any of the matches, a huge learning curve was achieved. The Americans learned that speed kills! Hondurans are very fast and have played soccer in the worst of playing conditions since they were 5 days old…)
* We had 15 incredible devotionals.
* Had 235 in attendance at the San Miguel church on Sunday!
* Bought really nice Spanish Bibles for the families that moved into the new houses and for the ones that were baptized.
* Bought a portable baptistery for San Miguel.
* Collected $600 for Sunday morning collection (the equivalent of 1 year’s collection during a “normal” service.)

Thanks to all for a great trip. God was indeed glorified and we saw His glory. Have a blessed summer. And for those about to go, get ready, it is going to be totally awesome!!!!!!!


Wednesday, May 24

Last Day

First let me began by apologizing for this blog being posted a day late. The internet at the hotel was down so I was unable to post a blog. Today we were able to sleep in until 10 am; much needed rest might I add. Today was also the day we said goodbye to three of our team members. To those three I wish you the best, God’s speed!! After everyone had had brunch, we put our luggage on the bus and headed down the mountain to the hotel. There we checked into our rooms and got ready to go play indoor soccer.

Our fearless leader Terry Reeves rented the indoor soccer place for us to play. It was so much fun; well at least I had fun. We were able to play for two hours, and mom the ankle is ok, a little purple, but ok!! This was a great opportunity to meet more people on the trip too. I wish all of you guys could have been here.

After two hours of soccer we loaded the buses and went back to the hotel to get ready to go to the mall. When everyone was ready we loaded the buses to go to the mall to eat and hang out with the friends we had made. After two hours there, we went back to the hotel for devo. While waiting, the soccer boys wrestled with Coach Mitchell and finally pushed him into the pool. I’m working on pictures, and I hope to have all of them posted by tomorrow. Nate Reeves brought us our lesson tonight to rap up the trip.

I’m sure everyone is looking forward to seeing there loved ones, you were all missed and the feeling is mutual. We will be home tomorrow. Thanks so much for keeping us in your prayers. Please continue to pray for our Honduran friends. We have all come to love them. God Bless!!

Brandy B

Monday, May 22

Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine!! I cannot believe that this was our last word day. It seems like we just got here. Time flies when you’re having fun ministering to the people of Honduras. Today started out early for the soccer boys. They had to be up and ready to leave by 7:30 to go to Santa Ana to dig ditches and level roads. We had French toast and fruit this morning for breakfast, and it was good!!!! The boys were gone by 8 and the rest of us had devo. Chad (Nino) Roberts spoke to us this morning.

When devo was over we packed our bags full of toys and loaded the buses to go to Santa Ana. Santa Ana is where TORCH has been working for the past year to build an orphanage. According to Joe, the orphanage should be getting children within the next few weeks. For some of us it was a very unique experience to visit Santa Ana. The people who were on TORCH trips last year had a lot to do with the construction of the orphanage, so they were able to see it completed. It was neat!! The soccer boys had already been there for at least an hour working on a couple of ditches and leveling the road. They worked really hard today, and I am extremely proud of there hard work and enthusiasm.

We were able to stay at Santa Ana for about an hour before we loaded a bus and went to eat then to visit the hospital. The soccer boys and a few others stayed because they were going to go play a game today. The rest of us headed out to Teguc. for lunch. When we finished lunch, we loaded up and went to the hospital. There we divided into three groups. My group went to the cancer unit. I mention in a previous blog that going to the hospital is a very emotional. Today was no different. However, when we visit the children they are so happy. No matter how much pain they are in they will just smile when you hand them a toy or just sit and color with them. It is amazing.

We stayed at the hospital for two hours then came back to catch the last three minutes of the soccer game. Our soccer boys have done a really good job, I think. They, unfortunately, did not win today, but I’m sure they had fun. After the game we came back to the mission house and just relaxed for an hour before supper. Tonight we had chicken, rice, and roles. When supper was over we had about 30 minutes to hang out and talk before meeting back in the mess hall for a “surprise”. At 7:30 we all came back together for Terry’s “surprise”. He wanted to give everyone the opportunity to write encouragement letters to other people on the trip. He also brought watermelon for us to eat. It was good to be able to reflect back on the trip and think about all the new people we have met. Each person will receive their letters tomorrow.

After about an hour of that, we loaded up the bus and went to the Jesus Statue. This is something we try to do for each trip made. There we are able to have devo and look out over all the city. The view is A-MAZ-ING!!!! Terry Reeves brought us our lesson tonight. His main emphasis was that God has a plan for all of us and to let God work through us. He said that no matter what happens in our lives good or bad, that God is always good. It was a very encouraging lesson. When Terry finished his lesson, Nate Reeves got up and told the history of Honduras. He said that the only reason he knew it was because he heard Tim Hines tell the story 73 times last summer. I have heard it a few times myself and Nate did a sufficient job. Great job Nate!! After the history lesson we walked back to the bus and came back to the mission house for some much needed sleep. Tomorrow we are going to be able to sleep in a little while, and I know a lot of people are very happy about that. Two more days and we will be home. Keep praying for us and for the Hondurans. See you guys in a couple days. God Bless!!

Brandy B

Sunday, May 21

This is the Day!!

This is the day that the Lord has made. The first day of the week, a day of worship. This morning we woke up between 7 and 8 for breakfast which was cereal and fresh fruit. The plan was to leave for worship at San Miguel at 8:30, which for once, we did. Worship starts at 9:30, well 10:00 Honduran time. Nothing in Honduras is on time. When we got to San Miguel the children were waiting. It was so cute to see each kid waiting for a specific gringo.

Worship started with singing, first an English song then a Spanish song. It was neat to hear the same songs sang in both languages. After the Lord’s Supper the ninos went to class while the adults stayed for worship. Worship went very well. Ben Wright delivered a powerful message about preparing for the storms of life. Four people were baptized today. After worship we were able to hang around for a while with the children who have become our best friends. It was so hard to say goodbye today. What was worse was seeing the children’s sad faces when we had to leave.

After we left we went to eat. We had a choice for lunch to eat Camperos, McDonald’s, Churches Chicken, or Pizza Hut. We got an hour to eat. Cary Hadley wanted me to let everyone know that he had the Camperos nuggets with mashed potatoes, fried plantains, and a delicious strawberry ice cream cone. When we were all finished we loaded the bus and went to the Valley of Angels to shop. YIPPIE!!

When we were finished shopping we loaded the bus and went to eat at Ruby Tuesdays. This was a great opportunity to talk to everyone and just hang out. That’s really all we did was hang out. After dinner we came back to the mission house for some down time before going to bed. It might seem like we had a very relaxing day, but…ok yeah we did have a very relaxing day. It was, however, a great opportunity to spend time with the new people we have met this trip. Although, tomorrow we will pick up the pace again. The plan is to go to Santa Ana to do some work, and then go to the hospital, and the soccer boys have a game too. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers; we will all be home soon. God bless!!

Brandy B

Saturday, May 20


WOW!! What a day!! The day started out really well. There weren’t a lot of people at breakfast again, but it was still good; we had omelets, toast, and beans. This morning we had devo at eight. L from Faulkner led us in a few thoughts.

After devo we got our things and loaded the buses with the food bags we prepared yesterday. When everything was on the bus we loaded up and went to San Miguel for VBS. When we got there kids were already waiting for us. They were so cute today. We unloaded a little of the food for the food distribution team. While some were getting VBS materials ready others played soccer with the kids. It was so much fun. The kids schooled some of the soccer guys and everyone had some laughs. One little boy, Walter, told Steven he was very bad, it was hilarious.

Once all the materials were together we divided into boys in girls. The boys did different relays and talked about endurance and running the race. They had so much fun and they were so cute. The girls talked about beauty. We did a little skit for the girls then took them and painted their nails, washed their hair, feet and face, and fixed their hair. Today was just unbelievable. They were so beautiful. The soccer boys had to leave before the beauty shop was finished so some of the rest of the guys came and helped out with the makeovers. It was so neat to see guys washing and brushing little girl’s hair. I wish all of you could have been here. Today touched my heart more than anything I’ve done in Honduras. I know that these little girls do not receive much at all. If they have never been shown love, today they were shown the love of God. The smiles on their faces will never be forgotten by anyone who helped with the makeovers. I mentioned before that we handed out food today. We gave out over 200 bags of food that will feed a family for two weeks.

When we finished the makeovers we loaded up the bus and went to the soccer game. Today the soccer boys played the Cobras. The Cobras are the national police of Honduras. The boys played really hard today. It was good to finally watch them play. They, unfortunately, lost 5 to 1. Let me just say that they played really hard and did a great job. However, this is coming from someone who knows nothing about soccer.

After the game we came back up the mountain and cleaned up for supper. The Kluge’s had us over for supper. It was delicious. We had BBQ chicken, potatoes, corn, green beans, SWEET TEA!!!, and for dessert we had blueberry cobbler, ice cream, and brownies. I mean WOW!! I told you all we had an amazing day today. When finished eating we had devo. John Wallace spoke to us tonight. He told us about his life, and encouraged us to be the best Christian we could be. Then we did “Where did You See Jesus”. Jesus was seen everywhere today. He was seen in Zach and Jordan for staying to wash and brush the little girl’s hair, in our translators for the amazing job they do, and in the teams distributing food. Josh told a story about Walter that I just had to let everyone know about. Walter asked for a bottle of water and Josh gave him one. Instead of drinking it for himself, he gave it to the other children around and made sure each had some. He didn’t have any. Now if that doesn’t touch your heart, then I do not know what else to tell. Stories like this are what makes me come back to Honduras year after year.
When all was finished we loaded the bus and came back to the mission house for bed. As you can tell from the blog, today was, yes you guessed it, AMAZING!!! I am so grateful God gave me this opportunity. Thank you all for your prayers. God Bless!!

Brandy B

*Check out the pictures and the messages to see what we’ve been doing.

Friday, May 19

Time Flies

Is it really our fifth day here? It seems like we just got here. Time flies when you are having so much fun spreading the Word of God. However, I can tell that everyone is getting tired. Today not many people made it to breakfast. We had eggs, toast, ham, and beans, it was very good. Devotional began at 8:00 am. Kyle, from Faulkner, spoke to us this morning. He did a wonderful job. He ended by telling us how he told people back home about his trip last year. He said he thanked them for allowing him to help his friends. If you haven’t been here then you probably do not understand what he is saying. The Honduran people have become our friends. When we come back year after year they remember us by name, that is what it will be like when we get to heaven. Isn’t God incredible?!!!! I love the feeling Honduras gives me. It makes me want to go to heaven so much more. I wish you could all experience this amazing country.

Ok, now about our day. Today we split up into four groups. Two groups built houses, one painted, and the other went to the hospital. The groups that painted and built were amazing. They worked incredibly hard today. They were able to accomplish the task without any difficulty. The hospital group went to the hospital and spent two hours with the patients there. There were ten of us in this group. This was a huge eye opener for some of the people in our group. A lot of the patients we saw today were in severe pain, some had terminal illnesses, but all of them needed love. It is amazing to see how just sitting with a child in pain can brighten their day. Today Nikki, Daniel, Nate, and I were able to sit with a child that has a terminal illness. The nurse in the room said they did not expect him to live to the end of the year. His mother was not there, and he missed her a lot. When we asked he just started crying. It was so hard to keep it together, but we all did. We sat there for at least 30 minutes talking with him and praying with him. Things like this is why it is important for these people to know God. I know that if I never see this little boy again on Earth, I will see him in Heaven. How Amazing!!

After we were finished at the hospital we went to eat. It was a wonderful meal. We all had some type of chicken, some had nuggets, some had wings…well you get the picture we had chicken. After lunch we came back to the mission house to bag food. We bagged over two hundred bags today. They will be distributed later on the trip. The other teams arrived back at the mission house at about six for supper. We had chicken quesadillas!! (Just a side note: I prayed that we would have quesadillas on this trip is God wonderful!!) It was yummy!! After supper some people went and played soccer, some took showers and other sat around and talked about the day. At 7:30 several of us went to the grocery store to by more food. It is always an experience going to a Honduran grocery store, so I just went along for the ride. Well, nothing much happened, but it was a fun ride.

Back at the mission house we split up into dorm devos. Each room did their own devo. This is a good time for reflection, prayer, and worship. It also gives everyone a chance to meet the other roommates. I love having devo with the group, but there is something about the room devo that makes it more personal. Of course after each room had there own devo people went to bed, or played cards. There wasn’t really anything else to do unless they wanted to play in the rain. Oh did I mention that it rained today, who would of thought something like that would have happened. Thanks guys for keeping up with trips. Like I say after every blog, please continue to pray for us and the Hondurans. Pray that the rain will ease up so we can do what needs to be done. We love you all and miss you. God Bless!!!

Brandy B

Thursday, May 18


God is so AMAZING!!! Today was an amazing day. If you haven’t already figured it out, I love to use the word amazing a lot, but it is perfect to describe Honduras. Today everyone woke up between 6:45am and 7:30. For breakfast we had pancakes, fruit and orange juice. It was really good. After breakfast we had devo at the rock looking over the mountains, it was beautiful. Joe brought us the lesson this morning, and basically he just wanted to say that God is good all the time and all the time God is good!!

Once devo was over we loaded the buses and headed out to San Miguel, a small community in Teguc. There we divided into two teams, the soccer boys and the rest of the group. The soccer boys headed out first. Their task was to tear down a house so a better one could be built. From what I heard they had a great time building the house. They were also surprised to find out they were playing tonight at Baxter. Surprise boys!! So they headed out earlier then the rest of the crew. At the other site a few people were busy cutting through a mountain so we could build the house, while others started the half of it that was already leveled. There were also people playing with the children to keep them out of the way of the workers. Everyone worked really hard today. Tomorrow a group will go back to this site to finish the other half of the house.

Earlier I mentioned that Joe talked about God being good, well it couldn’t have been a better day to say this. Our groups left San Miguel just as the heavens opened up. I mean it was perfect timing. So we made our way back up the mountain for super. Tonight we had beef tips, chips, salsa, and beans. It was, yes you guessed it, AMAZING!! As we were eating the soccer boys were playing. They, unfortunately did not win today, but I’m sure they had a great time. They got back just in time for devo, ok yeah of course we would have waited on them before we began, but they made it back at the scheduled time for devo. Tonight AB talked to us. He talked about how people put God it a box. He said that God is huge and shouldn’t be put in a box. We should serve Him in everything we do, do not limit ourselves. He had some very encouraging words.

After devo we all said our good nights. The soccer boys, however, stayed up to have pizza since they missed super. After they finish I’m sure they will go to bed, well I hope they will. Thanks so much for keeping up with our progress. Please continue to pray for us and to pray for good weather. It is very important that the rain holds off for couple of days so we can finish these houses. God Bless you all!!

Brandy B

Wednesday, May 17

Back to Teguc.

Good morning to all of you back home!! Today started like yesterday. We got up between 7 and 7:45 for breakfast today was eggs, beans and cheese. After breakfast we had devo. Brett Mitchell shared some thoughts with us this morning. After devo we went to our rooms to gather out luggage to check out. Once that was taken care of the soccer boys left for there first match of the trip. Today they played the University of Comyagua. They were supposed to play last night, but because of the rain they were unable to. After they left the rest of us went to the toy store to but toys for the students at the special needs school.

Once we had bought the toys we left for the school. It was a very interesting day. A few of the guys and girls played soccer with some of the children while the others colored and learned sign language. The children loved all of the activities. They really loved the soccer game. A few people even learned some sign language. Niki Haab, from Sarasota, was given a name in sign language; it was the cutest thing I think I’ve seen in a long time. This was my first time to this particular place and enjoyed every minute. I hope to have pictures posted tomorrow, but right now I am having some difficulty with the picture thing. Anyway, we spent about an hour there before we went to meet the soccer boys at Wendy’s for lunch.

The soccer boys put up a great fight today. Judy Mitchell says that they came in second. The guys seemed to have really enjoyed playing. They will have the opportunity to play more games throughout the trip. I wish I could tell you more about the game, but I wasn’t there so I really do not know what else to say. Go Soccer Boys!!

After lunch we loaded the buses and went to some ancient ruins that, according to Lee Tucker, not many people do not know about. Well I can tell you first hand that the reason many people don’t know about them is because they are out in the middle of nowhere. Despite the long ruff drive, I really enjoyed going. The view was beautiful; once again I hope to have picture up tomorrow.

When we were finished there we loaded the buses to make the trip back to Tegucigalpa, but we didn’t make it that far. Our bus, well, had a flat tire. So we had to get that fixed before we could make it back. Finally, after about 45 minutes we were able to make the trip back. It took about 2 hrs. to get back to the mission house in Teguc. Once we were back we had super. Tonight we had lasagna, salad, and bread. It was very good, what I’m trying to emphasize to the moms is we are eating really well so don’t worry.

After the amazing meal we had devo. Tonight the funniest man alive shared some thoughts with us. Cary Hadley spoke to us tonight. He started by sharing with us something that was written on the wall at the hospital. “You will never know that God is everything until He is all you have.” He then talked about how some people make comments about being so close to God on these trips. He was glad that they felt this way, but was bothered as to why it took a mission trip to make them feel like that. He wanted to emphasize to us the importance of knowing God and when we know God then we always be close to Him.

After devo we had a few announcements about tomorrow and then went to bed. It looks like tomorrow is going to be another Bufftruck day. Just between you and me…I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!! Good night guys! God Bless!!

Brandy B

Tuesday, May 16


Wake up!!! So today was our first work day, and WOW, what a day!! Today was amazing. It is so great to be back in Honduras. This morning we had breakfast between 7:00 and 7:45. It was a lovely ¨Welcome to Honduras¨ meal; we had eggs, beans and bread. YUMMY!!!!! We had devo at 8:00am; Jeremy Quilliam shared some thoughts with us before we split up into groups.

We split up into four different groups today. One group went to build a house, one went to paint the inside of one of the churches in the area, the Faulkner soccer boys went to dig a ditch in one of the small villages outside of the city, and the last group went to the hospital to visit with the kids and to paint a room in the hospital. We were all very busy today.

Let me began by telling you all that Honduras hasn’t had rain in like three months. Ok...now that you know that, guess what...today...it rained. Who would have guessed it? It began by being a nice sunny hot day, and then the heavens opened up. Wouldn’t you know it our first day of work and it rains. With that in mind, my group went to work on the house. There were eight of us six guys two girls. It was a blast. When we arrived the house already had a new roof so we knew we weren’t going to have to put a roof on, I mean how hard could it be, right? Well, easier said than done. The house had plastic rapped around it to keep rain and other things like that out so we had to take that off first. Once that was off we had to work post by post to get the walls up. It took all six guys to get the post out because, well, they were trees. I was very much impressed by their hard work, way to go guys!! So, once each post was in we put up the walls. Easy, right? WRONG!!!!!!! We didn’t have a chainsaw so we had to cut the door and the sides off with a hand saw; now that was supper!! The rain also made it very interesting, but, hey what’s a little water…ok a lot of water. All in all it was a great day filled with excitement.

The soccer boys had the privilege of digging a ditch to help with the flooding in a small village, this was a Bufftruck job and they were all amazing. They were able to experience poop mud first hand. When they got there a pipe had burst and poop mud was leaking into the street. Brett Mitchell said they worked extremely hard and accomplished the task at hand. Great job guys!!

The third group went to paint the inside of a church. This was a huge surprise for the members because they weren’t expecting anyone for a few more weeks, they were very grateful. From what I have heard this group did a great job also. The Fourth group went to the hospital to hand out toys to the children there. They also took fresh water and juices for the patients, which is a very much need necessity. After that was finished they painted the inside of one of the rooms. They didn’t quite finish so they will have to go back tomorrow to put another coat on. Today, as you can see was very eventful.

When we all arrived back at the hotel we had super. Tonight was steak, chicken, rice beans, bread, and fruit, it was pretty good. After dinner we had devo, Ben Wright shared a few thoughts with us. When devo was finished we said out good nights and went to bed. Tomorrow look like it will be just as AMAZING as today. I hope all of you will continue to pray for the work in Honduras as well as for all of us. We love you all and miss you very much. God Bless!!

Brandy B

In case there is an emergency you can call Jen Arnold. She lives in Honduras and will be able to get in touch with us if need be. The number appears to be a Nashville number, but it conects in Honduras.
615-866-4396 Jen Arnold Emergency

Monday, May 15

Safe and Sound

You all will be glad to know that the group has arrived safely in Tegucigalpa. As I type, they are on their way to Comyagua to begin their work.

Please keep them in your prayers as they travel and serve our Lord. The work will be demanding yet fulfilling.

Also, please pray for the hearts that will be touched by the work here. Pray for open minds and hearts for Christ to enter. Pray for those who have not accepted Him. Pray for those who will be receiving a sturdy home this week. Pray for those who will receive clothing and food. And especially, pray for those who will receive the love of Jesus these next several days.

Tuesday, May 2

What a beautiful sight

Today was a wonderful day. I guess every day is a wonderful day is one way or another, and for me it was in an usual kind of way. Today a huge burden was lifted off of my shoulders! I’m standing tall again (well, as tall as a short person can stand). My container left Sarasota today!

Now, any of the team leaders that ships containers to Honduras knows the stress and frustrations of packing and shipping a container (right Gayle???). You spend months collecting supplies. You spend weeks sorting supplies and discarding stuff that comes in that just isn’t appropriate to ship to Honduras (all I can say here is that I am constantly amazed what people donate to Honduras. I will leave it at that, those who help are laughing right now because they know). Then comes the days and days of boxing, labeling, and inventorying the supplies. Then, you call the shipper, book the date, and then pray that the truck actually arrives on the right day and the right hour!

But the grand finale is the day that the container is actually packed. And no matter how hard you try, you still have to scramble at the end to get the last things done, going without sleep, and pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion. And for me, the added worry of wondering if there will be enough volunteers to come to help. I have decided that I am a worry wart. I really am. You can ask my wife, she knows more than anyone! I seem to take on the worst case, disaster written all over it kind of attitude. For the past few days I was convinced that there would be a “nobody showed up” crew to help load today.

But, as it happens EVERY time, I was wrong. And for the record, I am so glad that I am wrong every time on this one. I had the A team crew show up today. Not 5, or 6, I am talking around 20 volunteers came to help load the container. And just about every one of them SACRIFICED to be there by taking time off of work and working in the hot sun (my northern friends do not understand that concept this early in the year….). It took a bit longer than planned, but I just chalk that up to a “Welcome to Honduras” moment. And believe me, there were several of those this week and today. At one point all I could do was laugh.

The 40 foot container was packed tighter than you could possibly imagine. It looked as if every available inch of cargo space was used on this one. We spent 20 minutes trying to get the doors shut on the container because stuff was bulging out the back of the trailer. I am pretty sure I got my money’s worth out of this shipment. And it was full of very useful stuff this year. I can’t wait to get down there with the teams to give it all away. And that is one of the most awesome parts of the trip. To know that it is going to be GIVEN away, in the name of Jesus Christ, to people who really NEED it. Here in the states we get stuff because we WANT it, down there they NEED it. And it is so rewarding to be able to do it.

Thanks to everyone who helped today, and for all of you that donated supplies for the trip. Thanks to everyone that makes these trips go, I am truly convinced that Torch Missions is doing something right, and that we are providing an avenue for Christians to partake of the wonderful experience of mission work. To know the joys, and sorrows, the victories, and defeats, that make up kingdom work. To this end we will continue to provide ways and means for anyone who has a thirst to go and teach all nations, baptizing in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, for He will be with us always, even until the end of the age.

Did I mention how beautiful a 40 foot container looks going down the road carrying mission supplies? B E A U T I F U L ! ! !

It is a beautiful sight, let me tell you! Next up, the May mission trip! Less than 2 weeks till departure. I am getting e-mails and phone calls everyday from the team members telling me how excited (and nervous) they are about the trip! And I am too, but the thrill of getting on that plane is the adrenaline to the soul! It is going to be a great trip, we have a great group going. Bring it on, we’re ready!