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Monday, May 22

Rise and Shine

Rise and Shine!! I cannot believe that this was our last word day. It seems like we just got here. Time flies when you’re having fun ministering to the people of Honduras. Today started out early for the soccer boys. They had to be up and ready to leave by 7:30 to go to Santa Ana to dig ditches and level roads. We had French toast and fruit this morning for breakfast, and it was good!!!! The boys were gone by 8 and the rest of us had devo. Chad (Nino) Roberts spoke to us this morning.

When devo was over we packed our bags full of toys and loaded the buses to go to Santa Ana. Santa Ana is where TORCH has been working for the past year to build an orphanage. According to Joe, the orphanage should be getting children within the next few weeks. For some of us it was a very unique experience to visit Santa Ana. The people who were on TORCH trips last year had a lot to do with the construction of the orphanage, so they were able to see it completed. It was neat!! The soccer boys had already been there for at least an hour working on a couple of ditches and leveling the road. They worked really hard today, and I am extremely proud of there hard work and enthusiasm.

We were able to stay at Santa Ana for about an hour before we loaded a bus and went to eat then to visit the hospital. The soccer boys and a few others stayed because they were going to go play a game today. The rest of us headed out to Teguc. for lunch. When we finished lunch, we loaded up and went to the hospital. There we divided into three groups. My group went to the cancer unit. I mention in a previous blog that going to the hospital is a very emotional. Today was no different. However, when we visit the children they are so happy. No matter how much pain they are in they will just smile when you hand them a toy or just sit and color with them. It is amazing.

We stayed at the hospital for two hours then came back to catch the last three minutes of the soccer game. Our soccer boys have done a really good job, I think. They, unfortunately, did not win today, but I’m sure they had fun. After the game we came back to the mission house and just relaxed for an hour before supper. Tonight we had chicken, rice, and roles. When supper was over we had about 30 minutes to hang out and talk before meeting back in the mess hall for a “surprise”. At 7:30 we all came back together for Terry’s “surprise”. He wanted to give everyone the opportunity to write encouragement letters to other people on the trip. He also brought watermelon for us to eat. It was good to be able to reflect back on the trip and think about all the new people we have met. Each person will receive their letters tomorrow.

After about an hour of that, we loaded up the bus and went to the Jesus Statue. This is something we try to do for each trip made. There we are able to have devo and look out over all the city. The view is A-MAZ-ING!!!! Terry Reeves brought us our lesson tonight. His main emphasis was that God has a plan for all of us and to let God work through us. He said that no matter what happens in our lives good or bad, that God is always good. It was a very encouraging lesson. When Terry finished his lesson, Nate Reeves got up and told the history of Honduras. He said that the only reason he knew it was because he heard Tim Hines tell the story 73 times last summer. I have heard it a few times myself and Nate did a sufficient job. Great job Nate!! After the history lesson we walked back to the bus and came back to the mission house for some much needed sleep. Tomorrow we are going to be able to sleep in a little while, and I know a lot of people are very happy about that. Two more days and we will be home. Keep praying for us and for the Hondurans. See you guys in a couple days. God Bless!!

Brandy B


Anonymous said...

Jeremy Quillian,
We finally got your e-mail. It was good to hear from you. We went out to eat last night for your Dad's birthday with the Waids. Sorry about the soccer games. You need to realize you do your best and that is all you can do. It is only a game. In the big scheme of life, soccer is not the most important thing in life. Can't wait to see you Wed. night. We are praying for everyone's safe return home. Love you and miss you. Mom & Dad P.S. Give us a call when you get in Miami.

Anonymous said...

Could you give us a call when you get to Miami? Thanks,
We love you, miss you and praying for you.
Dad and Mom