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Friday, May 19

Time Flies

Is it really our fifth day here? It seems like we just got here. Time flies when you are having so much fun spreading the Word of God. However, I can tell that everyone is getting tired. Today not many people made it to breakfast. We had eggs, toast, ham, and beans, it was very good. Devotional began at 8:00 am. Kyle, from Faulkner, spoke to us this morning. He did a wonderful job. He ended by telling us how he told people back home about his trip last year. He said he thanked them for allowing him to help his friends. If you haven’t been here then you probably do not understand what he is saying. The Honduran people have become our friends. When we come back year after year they remember us by name, that is what it will be like when we get to heaven. Isn’t God incredible?!!!! I love the feeling Honduras gives me. It makes me want to go to heaven so much more. I wish you could all experience this amazing country.

Ok, now about our day. Today we split up into four groups. Two groups built houses, one painted, and the other went to the hospital. The groups that painted and built were amazing. They worked incredibly hard today. They were able to accomplish the task without any difficulty. The hospital group went to the hospital and spent two hours with the patients there. There were ten of us in this group. This was a huge eye opener for some of the people in our group. A lot of the patients we saw today were in severe pain, some had terminal illnesses, but all of them needed love. It is amazing to see how just sitting with a child in pain can brighten their day. Today Nikki, Daniel, Nate, and I were able to sit with a child that has a terminal illness. The nurse in the room said they did not expect him to live to the end of the year. His mother was not there, and he missed her a lot. When we asked he just started crying. It was so hard to keep it together, but we all did. We sat there for at least 30 minutes talking with him and praying with him. Things like this is why it is important for these people to know God. I know that if I never see this little boy again on Earth, I will see him in Heaven. How Amazing!!

After we were finished at the hospital we went to eat. It was a wonderful meal. We all had some type of chicken, some had nuggets, some had wings…well you get the picture we had chicken. After lunch we came back to the mission house to bag food. We bagged over two hundred bags today. They will be distributed later on the trip. The other teams arrived back at the mission house at about six for supper. We had chicken quesadillas!! (Just a side note: I prayed that we would have quesadillas on this trip is God wonderful!!) It was yummy!! After supper some people went and played soccer, some took showers and other sat around and talked about the day. At 7:30 several of us went to the grocery store to by more food. It is always an experience going to a Honduran grocery store, so I just went along for the ride. Well, nothing much happened, but it was a fun ride.

Back at the mission house we split up into dorm devos. Each room did their own devo. This is a good time for reflection, prayer, and worship. It also gives everyone a chance to meet the other roommates. I love having devo with the group, but there is something about the room devo that makes it more personal. Of course after each room had there own devo people went to bed, or played cards. There wasn’t really anything else to do unless they wanted to play in the rain. Oh did I mention that it rained today, who would of thought something like that would have happened. Thanks guys for keeping up with trips. Like I say after every blog, please continue to pray for us and the Hondurans. Pray that the rain will ease up so we can do what needs to be done. We love you all and miss you. God Bless!!!

Brandy B


Anonymous said...

I'm really feeling like I'm there with you. I can't believe the trip is 1/2 over either. Keep up the good work. I am praying especially for those doing the hospital visits. That is such an emotionally draining part of the trip and so important to bring Jesus to the folks in pain and all alone. Prayers are continually going up for all of you! Also, let Terry know that I have left the no. he should call when you get back to Miami on his voice mail.
Love you all!

Anonymous said...

your trip is half over, i hope you are having a great time. be careful. the family says hi.
miss you..

Anonymous said...

Wonderful blog. Thanks for keeping me informed. Tell Kyle F. from Faulkner that Kevin from EPHIOO (He knows what it means)said hey. Keep up the great work. Can't wait to go. God Bless.

kevin cline