Our Mission Statement

Monday, May 15

Safe and Sound

You all will be glad to know that the group has arrived safely in Tegucigalpa. As I type, they are on their way to Comyagua to begin their work.

Please keep them in your prayers as they travel and serve our Lord. The work will be demanding yet fulfilling.

Also, please pray for the hearts that will be touched by the work here. Pray for open minds and hearts for Christ to enter. Pray for those who have not accepted Him. Pray for those who will be receiving a sturdy home this week. Pray for those who will receive clothing and food. And especially, pray for those who will receive the love of Jesus these next several days.


Troy said...

That's Great News! Having landed at that airport before I don't take safe travel for granted. The Palmetto group has been lifting prayers for you guys.

Val Steffy said...

We have been praying for the success of the trip and that much work can be done. I can't wait to hear all Ben and Jill's stories. Tell them we're praying for them and know they will have an awesome trip!

Anonymous said...

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