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Sunday, May 21

This is the Day!!

This is the day that the Lord has made. The first day of the week, a day of worship. This morning we woke up between 7 and 8 for breakfast which was cereal and fresh fruit. The plan was to leave for worship at San Miguel at 8:30, which for once, we did. Worship starts at 9:30, well 10:00 Honduran time. Nothing in Honduras is on time. When we got to San Miguel the children were waiting. It was so cute to see each kid waiting for a specific gringo.

Worship started with singing, first an English song then a Spanish song. It was neat to hear the same songs sang in both languages. After the Lord’s Supper the ninos went to class while the adults stayed for worship. Worship went very well. Ben Wright delivered a powerful message about preparing for the storms of life. Four people were baptized today. After worship we were able to hang around for a while with the children who have become our best friends. It was so hard to say goodbye today. What was worse was seeing the children’s sad faces when we had to leave.

After we left we went to eat. We had a choice for lunch to eat Camperos, McDonald’s, Churches Chicken, or Pizza Hut. We got an hour to eat. Cary Hadley wanted me to let everyone know that he had the Camperos nuggets with mashed potatoes, fried plantains, and a delicious strawberry ice cream cone. When we were all finished we loaded the bus and went to the Valley of Angels to shop. YIPPIE!!

When we were finished shopping we loaded the bus and went to eat at Ruby Tuesdays. This was a great opportunity to talk to everyone and just hang out. That’s really all we did was hang out. After dinner we came back to the mission house for some down time before going to bed. It might seem like we had a very relaxing day, but…ok yeah we did have a very relaxing day. It was, however, a great opportunity to spend time with the new people we have met this trip. Although, tomorrow we will pick up the pace again. The plan is to go to Santa Ana to do some work, and then go to the hospital, and the soccer boys have a game too. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers; we will all be home soon. God bless!!

Brandy B


AnnaJane said...

I am so excited that everthing is going great!!
I hope that the rest of the trip will be as great a blessing for all.
Tell Judy Mitchell that I let the Hospital know.

Anna P

Allison West said...

I just want to say thank~you for giving us such good updates while yall are down there. It really helps those of us who were not able to go this year feel apart of it in some small way. Tell Jeremy Q. hello and Jordan Williams
Thanks again!
Allison West <><

Anonymous said...

I love reading the updates!! Not being there breaks my heart, but know that I am constantly praying for the groups! ~Rachael

emily said...

im so excited to read the updates! thanks for planting the seed for the groups that are going down in months to come

Anonymous said...

We're praying for you and love you. Anxious to hear about your mission trip. Sounds great.
DAd and Mom