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Wednesday, May 17

Back to Teguc.

Good morning to all of you back home!! Today started like yesterday. We got up between 7 and 7:45 for breakfast today was eggs, beans and cheese. After breakfast we had devo. Brett Mitchell shared some thoughts with us this morning. After devo we went to our rooms to gather out luggage to check out. Once that was taken care of the soccer boys left for there first match of the trip. Today they played the University of Comyagua. They were supposed to play last night, but because of the rain they were unable to. After they left the rest of us went to the toy store to but toys for the students at the special needs school.

Once we had bought the toys we left for the school. It was a very interesting day. A few of the guys and girls played soccer with some of the children while the others colored and learned sign language. The children loved all of the activities. They really loved the soccer game. A few people even learned some sign language. Niki Haab, from Sarasota, was given a name in sign language; it was the cutest thing I think I’ve seen in a long time. This was my first time to this particular place and enjoyed every minute. I hope to have pictures posted tomorrow, but right now I am having some difficulty with the picture thing. Anyway, we spent about an hour there before we went to meet the soccer boys at Wendy’s for lunch.

The soccer boys put up a great fight today. Judy Mitchell says that they came in second. The guys seemed to have really enjoyed playing. They will have the opportunity to play more games throughout the trip. I wish I could tell you more about the game, but I wasn’t there so I really do not know what else to say. Go Soccer Boys!!

After lunch we loaded the buses and went to some ancient ruins that, according to Lee Tucker, not many people do not know about. Well I can tell you first hand that the reason many people don’t know about them is because they are out in the middle of nowhere. Despite the long ruff drive, I really enjoyed going. The view was beautiful; once again I hope to have picture up tomorrow.

When we were finished there we loaded the buses to make the trip back to Tegucigalpa, but we didn’t make it that far. Our bus, well, had a flat tire. So we had to get that fixed before we could make it back. Finally, after about 45 minutes we were able to make the trip back. It took about 2 hrs. to get back to the mission house in Teguc. Once we were back we had super. Tonight we had lasagna, salad, and bread. It was very good, what I’m trying to emphasize to the moms is we are eating really well so don’t worry.

After the amazing meal we had devo. Tonight the funniest man alive shared some thoughts with us. Cary Hadley spoke to us tonight. He started by sharing with us something that was written on the wall at the hospital. “You will never know that God is everything until He is all you have.” He then talked about how some people make comments about being so close to God on these trips. He was glad that they felt this way, but was bothered as to why it took a mission trip to make them feel like that. He wanted to emphasize to us the importance of knowing God and when we know God then we always be close to Him.

After devo we had a few announcements about tomorrow and then went to bed. It looks like tomorrow is going to be another Bufftruck day. Just between you and me…I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!! Good night guys! God Bless!!

Brandy B


Anonymous said...

Wow, This site really puts me in Honduras and I never been there. I can not wait till July when I get to go. Tell my Friends from Faulkner Soccer I said hello. Much love and God bless,
Kevin Cline

Anonymous said...

Great work so far group. Let everyone you meet, know you love Jesus. Thanks Brandy for the blogs, it helps us be there with you.
Love and God bless, Ken Haab....

Anonymous said...

Hey Brandy:
Can't wait for the pictures! Tell Cary and Terry I said hi. I know you're all doing an awesome work . . . all for the glory of God.
Take care. I'll see you in July.
Diane Adams

Anonymous said...

Tell Stephanie Hall from the West Orange congregation that her Mom & Dad said hello and that we love her. To all of you- be safe and continue to let Jesus be seen in all that you do. You're all, in Brandy's words, AMAZING!