Our Mission Statement

Sunday, July 23


Well we have had a pretty exciting four days. Sorry I haven’t been able to update the blog, but, as expected, the internet at the hotel in Choluteca was uncooperative. So, we are going to start with Wednesday, and I will work my way to Saturday.

Wednesday started like every typical day. We all got up and had breakfast at 7 to 8. Then at 8 we had devo and received our instructions for the day. We were suppose to leave the mission house at like 9:30am, but didn’t leave until 2pm. When we left we went out to Santa Ana to visit with the five boys that are living there. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay long because we left so late.

When we finished at the children’s home we loaded the buses for the long, hot ride to Choluteca. We arrived at the hotel about two hours after leaving the children’s home. When we got there we unloaded our things and got our room assignments. Later Steve came around and took our orders for supper. We ate supper at about 7:30 and then had devo. At about 11:00 we had room check and went to bed.

We woke up and had breakfast at 7:00 to 8:00 am. At 8 we had devo then we received our work assignments for the day. Today we had four groups, a construction crew, distribution crew, medical crew, and VBS crew.

We all were going to the same place so we loaded both buses at about 9 and headed out to the village. The first few roads we took to get to the village were pretty dry, but when we got to this one turn, it was pure mud!!!!!! Well our bus drivers, being the adventures men they are, decided that we could make it through the mud. WRONG!!! We almost got through when we started to get stuck, so the bus driver put the bus in reverse. All that did was, well, nothing. To make an interesting story short, we got stuck!! We all had to get off the bus and walk the rest of the way, which was only like half a mile at the most. Don’t worry we did get the bus out of the mud!!

Ok, so the groups!! The construction crew walked to the site they were building at after they helped the medical and distribution team unload the truck full of supplies. They were able to start the church by 11:30. They made great progress!! They were able to get all four walls up by 4:30. It was great fun, hot, but fun!!!! We actually hit a pipe and water went everywhere, then a Honduran man came and fixed it with a smaller pipe. It was quite interesting. When we finished all the walls, we walked back to the medical clinic/ distribution place.

The medical team did an amazing job!! On Thursday they saw about 100 to 150 patients. They gave out medicines and other medical things. They had a really exhausting day. The distribution team handed out about 100 to 150 boxes of food on Thursday. They also gave out clothes and shoes for those who needed it. The VBS team did different skits for the children while all of the medical and distribution was going on. Thursday was very hot, but a lot of great work was accomplished. At about 4:30ish we loaded the buses, and headed back to the hotel.
We left the hotel at about 6:30 to go to the beach for devo. When we got there it started storming so we had a devo and left to go eat. We went to eat at about 8:00. The food was pretty good. We had a great time with each other. We were able to fellowship and talk about the day. It was great fun. After we all ate we went back to the hotel and went straight to bed.

On Friday we had breakfast between 7 and 8 the devo at 8. After devo the ones who wanted to go shop before going to the village got on one bus and the rest got on the other. The ones that went shopping had quit and adventure. We went to this one place that we were told about that ended up being some type of Sanctuary. We didn’t do any shopping, but we did see some wild animals!! Well, we decided to try to find somewhere else and we did, but it wasn’t what we were looking for. By 11 we were making our way out to the village to do more work.

The construction team was able to finish 95% of the roof. The rest of it should be finished on Saturday by the locals. The distribution team handed out the rest of the food and clothes, and the VBS team played with the children. The medical team saw between 150 to 200 patients on Friday. They were working double time. They did such an amazing job. We were able to do all of this in about 5 hours. Our team did an amazing job!! Great job guys!!

When we were finished we loaded the buses and went back to the hotel to clean up for supper. Tonight we went to Wendy’s and Pizza Hut. It was delicious!! After everyone ate we came back to the hotel for devo. When that was finished we received our instruction for the next day. On Saturday we were leaving for El Salvador. When we got our instructions we went to bed.

On Saturday we started the day pretty early. We had to be up and ready to go by 7. The plan was to leave as close to 7:30 as possible. We left by like 8:30, which is pretty good for Honduras. Most of the day was spent traveling to El Salvador. Nothing happened except we went through check points, that was the most exciting part about the trip.

When we arrived at the hotel we got taxis and went to the mall to eat. After spending about one to two hours there we came back to the hotel to get our room assignments. When we got our room assignments a lot of us went swimming and just relaxed for the rest of the evening.

At about 7 some people went to the restaurant in the hotel for supper. It was AMAZING!!!! After that we had devo, and took a group picture out by the pool. When devo was over we hung out for a while and said goodbye to those who are leaving on Sunday. Four of our team members are going back to there homes. I wish them the best. After saying good bye we went to bed.

On Sunday we had worship. Nothing much happened today either. Just church, fellowship, and a lot of sleep. Tomorrow we leave to come home, so I’m sure you will hear even more about the trip. This will probably be the last time I blog, Terry Reeves will be posting a summery of the whole trip when we get back. Thank you guys for reading the blog. I am so sorry that the internet was messed up for half the trip. I will be posting all the messages from the past couple days tonight. Thanks for your patients and your prayers. Please continue to pray for our new friends we made in Honduras. I know that I have grown to love them all and I can’t wait to see them again. We will see you all soon. God Bless.

Brandy B

Tuesday, July 18

Our last days!!

Well, today was our last work day in Teguc. I am very sad that we are leaving. Tomorrow we leave for Choluteca, but first today!! We had breakfast at 7 then we had devo at 8. After devo we went in four different groups to different places. It was a very adventurous day!!

The first crew was the VBS crew. They went to the special needs orphanage, before going to San Miguel for VBS. At the Special Needs orphanage the group was able to have a tour of the orphanage. It was really cool to see all of the orphanage and to learn a little about it. After the tour they each picked a kid and played with them. A few people sang to the kids. It was pretty incredible. At about 12 they left to make their way to San Miguel. When they arrived in San Miguel they split into a few groups of five or more with a translator in each group and went out in the community to tell everyone about the VBS and adult Bible study. VBS started at about 3. The VBS and adult Bible study was AMAZING. At about 5 we had to say good bye to our new friends in San Miguel, most of them we will not see again until we meet in heaven. Please pray for them!!

The second group went out to a community to paint a school and to teach English. They said that it was a pretty cool day. They were able to play with the kids there and teach the English all in one. After school, they painted some of the rooms. Then at about 4:30 they met up with the rest of us at San Miguel to go back to the mission house.

The third crew was a construction team that built a house in San Miguel. They had a pretty amazing day today also. They got to move boulders, and more rocks, and mice, and a lot of other interesting things. The good thing about all of this is that a family has a roof over their heads tonight!!!!

The fourth crew went out to Good Shepard to build a playground. For all of those that remember, last year we built Disney in Honduras at Didasko. This year we built Six Flags in Honduras at Good Shepard. From what everyone said the construction went really well. They said that it rained a lot and that the children watched all day waiting for them to finish. After they were finished they ran out an immediately began playing on it in the pouring down rain. WOW!!!

When everyone was finished we came back to the mission house for supper. After supper Lori Connell set up Mi Esperanza stuff for people to buy then gave a presentation about it. After that we had devo. Tonight, like every night, we sang. Singing was unbelievable. After devo we received our instruction for tomorrow, said our good nights, and went to bed.

Guys thanks so much for your patients with the internet and the blog. I am so sorry that is it so complicated, but there is nothing I can do about it!! Please continue praying for us and our friends here in Honduras. Thank you again. God Bless.

Brandy B

P.S. Tomorrow we go to Choluteca and I am not sure what kind of internet I will get, if I get any. Therefore, do not worry if I am not able to post, I should be able to post when we go to El Salvador. Thanks for your patients.

Update from the Teguc side of the weekend

Update from the Tegucigalpa side while the South Carolina group was in Comayagua

The day started special with a devotional, led by Kevin Kline, at the Jesus statue. I do not know of a time in recent years when the team has been able to see the area in the daytime. There is a beautiful garden and peaceful places to relax that none of us knew about. It was a refreshing change to start off a very cool day.

Terry is very specific to clarify the different meanings in “orphanage” and “children’s home.” They may be used interchangeably; however, there is a significance difference in how the children are treated in the two different places. We went to a children’s home with 206 kids—WOW. At Good Shepherd, the children are shown lots of love and attention from all.

We brought 300 hamburgers and 300 cheeseburgers to have a fiesta. It was quite a site to see those eyes light up when the McDonald’s bags came out. As you can imagine, buying fast food for 206 kids is not an easy feat and rarely done. So, this was a cool surprise for them. We had a lot of fun playing for hours afterwards. Saying good-bye was sad (except for those who were secretly planning how to get these children to fit in carry-on luggage). Yet, we look forward to the next time we can be blessed by these little ones.

That night, the devotional thought was given by Matthew Vaughn. He read Acts 16 and related the history to the question of all time—What must I do to be saved? He encouraged us to live in a way so that people want to ask us that question.

Once again, the docket was full of great fun. Today, we went to an “orphanage.” The people that run the facility are nice and kind, but they don’t relate the kids together like one large family as well as Good Shepherd does. Don’t get me wrong—they are great with the kids. There is just a slightly different environment.

In the morning, a bus traveled a good distance to pick up 34 kids from Dadasko Orphanage. The kids were transported to the church at Valley of Angels for service. This is an awesome act because of the normal routine of the children. The director of Dadasko has only one van to take kids to church. Because of space, only 12 kids can go to church each Sunday. So, they have a rotating schedule of three different groups who attend church together. The director was overjoyed that his kids would be able to praise God in church 100% together. Matt Vaughn gave a sermon (in both Spanish and English) about Psalm 1.

Afterwards, the kids with their Gringo buddies traveled back into Teguc for lunch at the fast food court in the mall and then a movie. For those who spoke Spanish, Cars was a fairly good movie. For others, it was a good nap. As you can guess, the kids loved it; they are never able to go have a fast food lunch and a movie. Then, to top it off, they all received a toy from McDonald’s to remember the day and have fun with later.

One bus then took the kids back and the group grabbed a quick dinner before heading back up the mountain. The other bus went to Baxter Institute to play soccer—there is nothing like a little competition to end a good day. The night ended with a “Where did you see Jesus?” devotional with many wonderful stories shared about the past two days.

Dios te bendiga,

A busy weekend!!

Wow!!!!!!!! I can’t believe I only have one more week left in Honduras! This past weekend I was able to go with the South Carolina group on their retreat. When we arrived we unloaded our things and got settled in our rooms. Then Lee Tucker came and told us about doing a medical clinic, so we decided to go, but first the group had to do a few things. Mari and I went on with Lee to help start the medical clinic. It was really cool! There was only one doctor and two nurses, but they did and incredible job!! They saw about 150 patients.

While we started the medical clinic, the rest of the crew went to eat and then went to visit the hospital and to hand out bed sheets they brought with them. After they were finished at the hospital, they came out to the medical clinic to help play with kids. It was so much fun. When we were finished with the medical clinic we went back to the hotel for devo and supper. We ordered pizza for supper, which turned out to be pretty interesting since a few people had to go in a cab to pay for it!! GOOD TIMES!! After we ate we had devo out by the pool.

Sunday we had breakfast at about 7:30. After breakfast, we had a small Sunday morning devo. After devo we hung out for a while, then loaded the buses at 1:30 to worship with the local Christians. I just love the congregation we worshiped at, the children were so cute!! The lesson was in Spanish and then in was translated by one of our translators into English. It was pretty much the best sermon. The preacher, and the members are so on fire for God, it is AMAZING!!

After worship we stayed for a little while to play with the children, then we loaded up and went back to the hotel. When we got to the hotel we had the choice of going down town to do a walking tour, or staying at the hotel to just relax. About 25 of us went on the tour. It was really neat. After about an hour or two we came back to the hotel for the most amazing supper I’ve had since I’ve been here. We had this chicken that was a little spicy, but good, with veggies, rice and a roll!! I mean, WOW!! After supper we had devo. Then we played cards for a little while before going to bed.

Monday we woke up really early to get ready to go back to Teguc. The South Carolina group left on Monday so they had to be back at the airport pretty early. We left the hotel at 7 am. It is about a two hour bus ride back. When we got to the airport we dropped the SC group off with Mark Connell so they could get checked in and back home.

When we dropped them off, Maria, Niki, and I came back up to the mission house to meet up with the rest of the group. We were pretty much volunteered to go with the VBS/food bagging team to the hospital. There was also a construction team, bodega team, and Santa Ana team.

The VBS/food bagging team went to the hospital first. We got there at about 10 so we stayed for two hours. We split into three groups with two translators in each group. Then we went throughout the hospital visiting the patients. They are so uplifting. These people are in so much pain most of the time, but still they smile and do not complain. It is just unbelievable. After two hours in the hospital we loaded the buses and came back to the mission house to practice VBS and bag food. When we got here the food wasn’t here so we rested. Then Terry showed up with boxes, but still know food. So we put the boxes together. Finally, two years later, (welcome to Honduras) the food finally came. We unloaded the food then bagged it. When it was all bagged we put the bags in a box. We bagged about 176 bags of food, which will be handed out when we go to Choluteca. While we were bagging food, the VBS practice their skits.

The Santa Ana crew went to build and to paint yesterday. The construction team had a great day. They finished, with no injuries!! The paint team painted!! They also played with the children. The kids in Santa Ana are soooooooo cute!!

The Bodega crew had their work cute out for them today. They had to clean the bodega to make room for another shipment of stuff that was coming in. The nurses also did their pharmacy thing. From what Terry said, the team worked extremely hard. Great job guys.

After everyone was finished we came back up to the mission house for supper. After supper we had a few hours to play card games. So the guys went to one table and the girls went to another and we played spoons. This was pretty much the funniest thing I have ever watched. When a person got 4 of a kind bodies went flying everywhere after spoons. I hope to have pictures of the fun tonight. After two hours of that we went to devo. Singing was amazing !!!!! Hoss spoke. After devo we all said good night and went to bed!!

Thanks so much for reading the blog and praying for us. Please continue to pray!!

In Him
Brandy B

P.S. Sorry there has been delays in the blog. As you well know the internet works when it wants to. Thanks for being patient with me!!

Friday, July 14


I can’t believe I’ve been here for 15 days already!!! It has been AMAZING!! Today the third group came in. (THEY MADE IT SAFELY!!). Tomorrow the South Carolina group leaves to go on their retreat. Man oh Man!!

Today was a pretty incredible day, I must say. We split into two crews. The SC group went to distribute food, went to visit the blind school, and a few went to help Randy at San Miguel. There was also a small crew that went with Mark Connell to start Rosa’s house. Ok, so that is like four crews, my bad!!

The team that went with Mark Connell consisted of about 12 of us. We left at 8:30 so we could get an early start. We knew we would not finish today. Rosa is one of the lady’s that works at the mission house, so we decided we would build her a house. I’m not sure how big the house is, but it is bigger than a normal “TORCH” house. Rosa has done so much for our groups and she deserves the best house TORCH can build. Anyway, it was a pretty long day there. Nothing exciting happened, just your normal construction. We finished everything but the roof and one wall. The next group will finish the rest of the house. They are also planning on putting a wall up inside to make it a two room house. The view is AMAZING!!!!!!!! We left at about 5:30 to come back to the mission house for supper.

The team that went with Randy today helped him clean up some land that, I think, we might be building on soon. Any day with Randy is going to be a tuff day!! He will work you like you have never been worked before. According to Randy the group did an excellent job and it put his schedule ahead a few weeks.

The group that went to distribute food also went to the blind school. They had an awesome day!! The blind school is just awesome. They go in and they get to play with the kids, then they go and sing for them. In return the children sing to us and I mean WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! It is heaven!! After they were finished there they came back up to the mission house for supper!!

Like I said before, the third came in today and went to the hospital right away!! From all the stories I heard they had an incredible day!! After that they came back up the mountain and had supper with us!! It was good to finally have them here.

After supper we had devo, and it was awesome. Singing was unbelievable. There’s like 120 something people here so you can only imagine how beautiful it was. After that we all went to bed!! Thanks guys for all the prayers, please keep praying for us and our new friends. God Bless.

Brandy B

Thursday, July 13

Good Times!!

What a day!! I love Honduras so much, when I am here I am alive. I'm not sure what it is about this place, but I just feel so close to God here. Toady was just amazing!! The South Carolina crew split up into paint crews, a construction crew, and a concrete crew. The "crew" did our own special thing today. Each group did awesome things today.

The paint crew, obviously, painted today. They painted houses in one of the villages that I can't pronounce much less spell!! The construction crew built a house in this same village.

The concrete team did a fantastic job today. They finished everything that Randy needed them to do. They have been working on the building ever since they arrived. Great job guys.

The "crew" went out to Santa Ana today to do a few projects for Jen Wright. A few people painted, some planted flowers, some helped build beds, and the rest played with kids. Ok, so we all played with the kids. The "crew" did help Jen out a lot today though. Let me just say that the kids at the orphange (Case de Esperanza) are just soooooo cute.

After everyone was finished we went back up to the mission house for some soccer and some food!!! What can I say, you can't come to Honduras without playing soccer, even if you are as bad as I am!! It was a lot of fun though. After dinner we had devo. When devo was over Lori Connell did a presentation about Mi Esperanza. Then everyone was able to go buy some of the products the women have made. When everyone was finished with that we said our good nights and went to bed. It has been just incredible here. Thanks so much for your prayers. God Bless you all!

Brandy B

Wednesday, July 12

It's a great day to be alive!!

Hey guys I hope everything is going well in the States. Honduras is unbelievable. Today we split up into four teams. We had breakfast at 7 and devo at 8. Bryan Beach spoke to us this morning. After devo we got into our four groups and went our separate ways.

The first crew went with Mark Connell to a site we plan to build at in a few days. The house is going to be for one of the workers that works at the Mission House. Their task today was to level the grounds we are working at. They spent all day doing this. The site is ready to build on. Not only did they level the grounds but they also dug the post holes. Great job team!!

The second crew went with Randy Kluge to San Miguel to do more concrete work. I can tell you now that this team worked extremely hard today. They started at about 10 or so and didn’t end until about 6pm. This involved mixing and laying the concrete, extremely hard work. Another amazing job.

The third crew, which was the VBS crew loaded up the bus and went to the hospital before going to the Valley of Angels for VBS. We split into two groups there and went throughout the hospital visiting the patients. The patients in the hospital suffer from a variety of different problems, so we have to be prepared for the worst. However, no matter how much the patient is suffering they almost always have a smile on their faces. The cancer ward is probably my favorite place to go. Most of the patients are children, but it is just so uplifting to see their smiling faces. Isn’t God just Awesome!! After we visited the patients for about 2 hours we loaded the buses and went out to the Valley of Angels to prepare for the children. When we got there the team practiced their skits and then sang some songs with the children. We had about 60 in attendance.

The medical team had their work cute out for them today. They saw 217 patients today, and they didn’t leave until all of them were seen. Our nurses and doctors did an awesome job today, along with our outstanding translators. They were able to give each patient medicine that they needed. Great job guys!!

After everyone was finished at their sites, they came back to the mission house for supper. At about 7:30 we loaded the buses and went out to the Jesus Statue. When we got there we walked to the statue and had a devotional. Tonight Michael Felty led us in a few thoughts. Once devo was over we walked back to the buses and came back to the mission house for some sleep.

Honduras has been awesome!! Thanks so much for reading the blog, and for praying for the work here. Please continue to pray for us and our friends. God Bless!!

Brandy B

Tuesday, July 11

Man oh Man!!

Well guys, I am sorry once again for having to put two days worth of information in the blog. It has been two extraordinary days here in Honduras!! Yesterday VBS started for the South Carolina group. The day started with breakfast at 7 and devo at 8. Adrian Willis led us in a few words this morning. When devo was finished we divided into four groups, a construction crew, a concrete crew, a bodega crew, and a VBS crew. (Let me just say that the excitement of the South Carolina crew has just been amazing. Brenda, the lady that has been over the VBS crew, has done a wonderful job in preparing material for the VBS.) Once everyone was on a team we went our separate ways. The concrete team went to San Miguel with Randy Kluge first.

The concrete team had their work cut out for them Monday. They get the pleasure of mixing concrete by hand then pouring. If you have never done this, let me just tell you it is very, VERY!!!!!!! hard work. They did an amazing job though. Also, before they could start the concrete a few of them had to go put tin on one of the houses they had built the Saturday before. As you can tell they worked extremely hard.

The Bodega crew left with the construction crew to go and sort medicines and such before heading out to the Valley of Angels for VBS. After everything was sorted their they headed out to the Valley. The construction team went to build a house today, well I’m sure you could have guessed that with “construction team”. Anyway, they had a pretty tough site. One of the post holes was pure rock, so I’m sure they had loads of fun with that. They did finish the house, and tonight one more family has a roof over their head.

The VBS crew headed out next. We went up to the Valley about three hours before VBS started to do some door knocking. For someone who does not speak Spanish, like myself, this can be very interesting. We had translators though, so that made it a little better. We door knocked for about an hour throughout the Valley of Angels, then we went back to the new church building to prepare. We had about 60-70 people there today. First the VBS crew did a few skits for the children. The children listened so well. It is hysterical to listen to people who do not know any Spanish do these skits, and you worry that they might not get it, but when Maria and Niki asked them questions they responded correctly. It is amazing how God can work through us. After the skit were finished the children went outside to color while the Adult Bible study was conducted. After the Bible study there was one person who wanted to be baptized and another that wanted to learn more. All in all VBS was incredible.

When everyone had finished with what they were doing, we all me up at the Mission house for supper. After supper we had devo, Tyler Gist spoke to us for a while, then we had more singing. I don’t what it is about the singing in Honduras, but it is unbelievable. When devo was over we all went to bed.

Today started out like all of the other days. Breakfast was at 7 and devo was at 8. Today devo was led by Troy Wahr. When we were finished with devo the construction team left immediately. The VBS and medical crew stayed back to bag food that will be distributed later on.
The construction team had a pretty easy house today. Building went smoothly. Our construction teams have done an amazing job on houses. The Medical team also did a very good job today on all of the patients today in the Valley. The VBS crew did the same thing they did yesterday, except they did different skits. The South Carolina group is very dramatic. They do an amazing job getting the stories across to the kids, and their energy never stops. After they were finished with the skits a few of them went outside to color while the others went across the street to play soccer. The Adult Bible study went really well again today. When that was finished they distributed sandwiches and drinks to everyone. When every thing was finished we came back up to the mission house for supper.

After supper we had devo. Ed Nicholson led us in a few thoughts tonight, then we sang some more!!!! Singing is awesome!! After devo, Tom went over what the plans were for tomorrow then we went to bed. I’m glad you are all reading the blog and I hope you will continue. I am sorry that the internet messes up sometimes, but it is something I have no control over. We love all of you and we hope you are praying for us and the work here. May God bless you all!!

Brandy B

Monday, July 10

Sayin Goodbye.

Well today retreat starts for the July 1st team. It started out like any other day, breakfast at 7, but then we had church at 8. The South Carolina group left at 8 for the church in the Valley of Angels, while the rest of us had services here. After worship everyone that was going on retreat got all of their things and loaded the buses. When everything was loaded on the buses we made our way down the mountain a little way to the hotel. When we got there everyone got their rooming assignments and headed to their rooms to drop their things and meet back in the Lobby.

When everyone was in the Lobby, we split into two groups. One group went to Mi Esperanza to get their hair and nails done by the ladies in training. THey also had the opportunity to buy a few things from the ladies too. The other group loaded the buses and went to the Valley of Angels for a day of shopping. WHen the other group got to the Valley we split up into groups of 4 or more to walk around. WHile there we ran into the South Carolina group. They spent a few hours there and then went to Snata Ana to visit. A few of us also watched the WOrld Cup while we were there. GO ITALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The rest of the group came out to the Valley latter after their nails, and hair were finished. We actually passed them on their way. THe first group left the Valley at about the 3 to go back to the hotel to get ready for a night out at the Mall!! THe other group got to spend two hours out at the Valley to shop around a little. We all met up at the hotel at about 5:30 and left for the mall at about 5:45. At the mall we split up into groups of 4 or more and ate supper. Some were able to call home (sorry mom I didn't make it to the internet cafe before it closed). Others just walked around to spend some time together before they leave tomorrow.

We left the mall at about 8:30 to go back to the hotel for devo. We sang a lot last night. It was a great way to end a great trip. Terry Reeves ended the devo with a few thoughts and a prayer. Then the ones staying on through the rest of the trip said their goodbyes and headed back up the mountain for some sleep. I want to wish the July 1st team safe travel, God's speed you guys. We will miss you all a whole lot!! Thanks for all of the prayers, but do not stop praying for the rest of us and our Honduran friends!!

Love you all

Brandy B

Sunday, July 9

Two of the best days!!

First off let me apologize about the blog, all I have to say is “Welcome to Honduras.” We never really know if the internet is going to work here so we do what we can with what we got. It has been a very interesting two days. Both days started the same as usual, breakfast at 7 and devo at 8. Yesterday we split up into a two team construction group, and a group that went to visit orphanages.

The construction teams left at about 9:00 to go to San Miguel. When we got there we divided into our two groups, one group went on one side of the mountain and the other went on the other side of the mountain. The first group had to dig some more out of the mountain before we could actually start building. Once that was completed the construction went pretty good. We actually finished the house before 5 pm today. The other group had to tear down a house before they could build. After that was finished tearing down the house they were able to build their house. It took them a little longer, but they finished and now two more families have a home.

The other group went to two different orphanages. They first went to Good Shepard, then they went to Jovenes en Camino. While there they played with the kids and made cotton candy. At Good Shepard they had a pizza party for the kids too. We bought 80 pizzas and they ate all of it. The kids were soooo cute. After they were finished there they came back to the mission house for supper.

The South Carolina group came in today too. They went straight to the hospital to visit when they got here. From what I heard they had an amazing day. We all met up at the mission house for supper at about 6. Then after supper we had devo. Tim O’Dell led us in a few thoughts and we sang a lot. Singing has been incredible this past week, very up lifting. After devo we went to bed for some much needed rest!!

Today was a very exciting day for the groups. Like I said before breakfast was at 7 and devo was at 8. Joseph Noto led us in a few thoughts this morning. Today we split into two groups. The South Carolina group went to build today. The first group in the July 1st group went to Burger King to meet up with the kids from Didasko orphanage for a big party. The other group went out to Santa Ana to help Jen Wright with some things around the clinic and orphanage and they played with the new children.

The group that went to Burger King with the Didasko children had a blast today. We had a piƱata full of candy for the children, we had a cake that the children loved, and we bought them lunch and ate with them and played continuously with them. After we were through at Burger King we brought the kids back up to the mission house to play some more. There were a few older kids so we found some soccer balls and played a game with them. After a while it started raining, but we continued playing. Mariano decided to call the game when it started raining harder, he didn’t want anyone to get hurt. At about 3 pm the kids loaded the buses and went back to Didasko.

The South Carolina group had a great day today also. They were able to build two houses out in San Miguel. Each site had to tear down before they could build. The construction went pretty good today, however the tin for the roof didn’t show so they had to use the tin that was already on. The tin should be there by Monday, let’s pray that it gets there.

After everyone was finished they came back to the mission house for dinner. When everyone was finished eating we loaded three buses and went to Santa Lucia to have a singing devo in the oldest stand cathedral in the Western Hemisphere. Singing was amazing tonight, like it always is. I wish we could have sang for hours and hours, but because we were limited on time we only got to sing for about an hour. Still, it was Amazing!!! When we finished there we loaded the buses to make our way back to the mission house for some much needed sleep.

Thank you all for being patient with the blog. You never really know when the internet is going to mess up here, and I’m sorry it happens that way. Please continue to pray for our trip and for our new best friends. Also pray for safe travel for the groups leaving in the next couple days. Many of you will be seeing your loved ones so be excited. God bless all of you.

In Him
Brandy B

Thursday, July 6

Moving Mountains!!

What a day!!! Today was an extremely tiring day. We worked so hard and we are all exhausted. It started out like any other day, you know breakfast at 7 devo at 8… This morning Ross Vego brought us our lesson. Afterward, we divided into three groups.

The first group left at 9 am to make our way to San Miguel. When we got there we unloaded all of the tools and divided into two groups. One group was the construction group and one stayed at the church to move sand, and rocks to make concrete, and they mixed the concrete by hand then laid it. Yes, as you can tell it was a very tiring day. The other group went a little way up the mountain to build. When we got there, we surprised the lady. She had no idea we were going to build for her today. We had to take all of the things out of her old house and tear it down. Then we had to MOVE A MOUNTAIN. Yes you read it correctly we moved a mountain. God was definitely with the construction group today. We started moving the mountain at about 10:30 and did not put our first post in until 4:00 pm. After we got the post in the house went up pretty quickly. We were finished and out of San Miguel by 6:00!!!!!!! WOW!!

The other group that came to San Miguel distributed the bags of food that were made yesterday. Randy would take each group up the mountain and tell them to work their way down. From what I was told the distribution went really well. When they were finished with the distribution they went back down the mountain and conducted a VBS. They said that it went really well. Also, Terry Reeves wife surprised him today by coming to Honduras a few days early. Man it was Amazing to see the love that those two have for each other. Terry was defiantly surprised. After VBS they handed out sandwiches and drinks to the kids. At about 5:00 they left to come back to the mission house.

The final group went out to Santa Ana today to do some work on the clinic. They were also able to meet the new children that are at the orphanage. Jen Wright received some children just a week before we arrived and she has been waiting for that day for about 9 months. They said that it went really well there today!!

After all the groups minus the construction group returned they had lunch at the mission house. I think I was told that they had chicken, rice, and bread for dinner. Since the construction crew was running behind, we stopped and got Wendy’s to eat!! It was pretty good, I’m no gonna lie to ya!! Once we made back up the mountain we all cleaned up and went to devo. Tonight Doug spoke. After that we did where did you see Jesus. Jesus was seen everywhere today. He was seen in the construction crew, who never stopped working even when it looked like we weren’t going to finish. He was seen in Mariano, who took his shoes off and gave them to a guy in San Miguel as we were leaving. He was seen in the food delivers today. They had to go back and forth up and down mountains to deliver food and they did not stop until it was all delivered. Jesus was seen in Neil today when he sprinted up a steep hill to get an inhaler for a kid who had an asthma attack. There were so many Where did you see Jesus moment today, just like there are other days. I hope you all are getting an idea of what Honduras is like through these blogs. I am trying my best to let you know every detail. Unfortunately, you will never understand it until you are able to visit. Thank you all for reading this blog and for praying for our work. Your prayers have been so helpful these past days. Please continue to pray for us and our friends in San Miguel, we love them all so much and they have become like family to us. God Bless!!

Brandy B

Wednesday, July 5


Today was just AMAZING!!! It started out like any other day. We got up for breakfast between 7 and 8, today beans, eggs and toast. After breakfast we had devo out over the lookout. Preston brought us a few words this morning. Then we were given our assignments today. We were going to have a VBS group and seven paint crews, and a bodega team.

We all left, except for the VBS crew, at about ten this morning to make our way to San Miguel. There we divided into seven paint crews and Randy took us up the hill to paint some houses that TORCH had built this summer. They spent about four or five hours up there while Jordan William and I stayed with Randy to help him move some things at the church. Today the tables, chairs, stove, microwave, and refrigerator came. So with the help of many Honduran men and women we were able to move all of this over a stream and up a steep sidewalk. At about 1:30 a couple people went with Hector, Randy’s translator, to spread the news throughout the village about VBS. That was really neat.

The Bodega team spent most of the day going through and sorting all of the supplies we have received this summer. When they finished there they came to San Miguel and painted another house!! They are beast!!

Before the VBS crew got to San Miguel, they bagged food at the mission house. Niki Haab told me they bagged about two hundred plus bags. Tomorrow we will be distributing the food. After all the food was bagged, they came to San Miguel to do VBS. They did and excellent job as usual. They played relay games, and did skits, and just had an amazing time. San Miguel is probably one of the coolest places in Honduras. We left there at about 5 to come back to the mission house for supper.

Tonight we had spaghetti, and it was gooooooooooooooood!!!! After supper Lorri and Mark Connell did a presentation about Mi Esperanza. Mi Esperanza is a program that Lori and Janet Hines started a few years ago to help the women of Honduras. After the presentation they sold a few of the items the ladies have been working on. At about 9 we met back for devo. Tonight Pat Gutherie led us in a few thoughts about patience. Afterward we did where did you see Jesus. Jesus has been seen in many people this week. Doug said he saw Jesus in the children here. He said that he felt sorry for them at first, but once he started playing with them he said he began to feel sorry for the children in the states. Jesus was seen in Ross Vego today, he took his shoes off his feet when we left and gave them to a boy in the village so he would have some. These are just a couple of the ones mentioned, but Jesus has been seen everywhere.

Thank you all so much for reading the blog and praying for our progress. Please continue to pray for us and our new friends we have made here in Honduras. Love you all!!

Brandy B

Tuesday, July 4


Hello to all of you from beautiful Honduras. The Lord blessed us with such a beautiful day today. Breakfast was between seven and eight this morning. We had toast, fruit, and cereal, the typical mission house breakfast. After we ate we went to the chapel for morning devo. David Mars led us in a few thoughts this morning about how to plant seeds. Afterward we split up into two groups. One group went to the hospital then the blind school and the other went to the special needs orphanages and then to the hospital.

The group that went to the special needs orphanage left at about 9:30. We stopped at the store before going to get a few things like washing detergent, and toys. We left the store and made our way to the orphanage. When we got there we unloaded our supplies and started picking out our kids. A few people went through the clothes to separate them by size, while others played with the children. After everything was separated each person brought a kid in and they were given clothes. When each child received clothing we loaded up the buses and went to eat at Camperos to eat. When everyone had eaten, we left to go to the hospital. At the hospital we divided into two groups and went in to visit the patients. We visited with them for about two hours then we left to come back to the mission house.

The second group stopped by a store to buy fun coloring books and crayons and then we headed to the hospital. We divided into three groups, one per each floor at the hospital. We had a really good time coloring with the children, playing with balloons with them and their parents. The children also enjoyed playing with the bubbles, and we had lots of smiles and love in the midst of their sickness. It was very hard to see some of the patients because of their critical health situation, but we were able to pray with and for them and their families. The children received candy, balloons, stuffed animals and some other treats. We were there for about two and a half hours and then got in the bus and went to Campero to eat lunch. Good fried chicken and fries! After that we went to the blind school. There were probably about 50 children. They were so sweet and loving. We went into a big room and sang for them some church songs in English. Then, we had then sign for us and it was just amazing. It was a very powerful moment and those children are the most lovable and sweet in the world. We had a good time playing with them in the courtyard after the singing and gave them some candy and stuffed animals.
We came back to the mission house and had a very yummy dinner, chicken, salad and mashed potatoes… then we met for an early devo at 7:30 p.m. and had group discussion and journal writing time afterwards.

Monday, July 3

What a Day!!

What a day!! Today is the day we came back to Tegucigalpa, but first we had a few projects we wanted to finish. Breakfast this morning was between 7 and 8. We had French toast and eggs. After breakfast everyone brought their bags to the lobby so we could check out of our rooms. Once all of the luggage was in the lobby we went to the pool for morning devo. This morning Brett Mitchell spoke about how there are many storms in our lives that we have to over come. After he spoke to us we gathered all of the keys for the rooms and divided into four groups.

The first group was the construction group. This group worked incredibly hard today. They had to build a double house today. They had a few difficulties so they were, unfortunately unable to finish the house, but they got a lot accomplished. When they arrived on the site they didn’t have post hole diggers for the holes so they had to do a lot of that by hand. The chainsaw also messed up so they had to cut the wood with a hand saw. I was so proud of this group and they hated the fact that they had to leave an unfinished house. However, Lee Tucker called Jen Arnold tonight and told her that when the local members of the congregation got off work they went to the house to finish it.

The second group was the medical group. We are very blessed to have physical therapist on the trip with us. About ten of us went out today to a small clinic for the therapist to see. They were able to see about 15 to 20 patients today. Also, a local news team came out to interview the PTs, check out the pictures. I bet it was real funny to watch Rachel Hooper and I because we had out cameras out taking pictures while the video crew was filming us. Ok, so maybe it doesn’t seem funny, but I promise if you were here you would laugh.

The third group went out to the special needs school to visit with the kids and conduct a banquet for Jesus. For those of you who do not know what a banquet for Jesus is, it is when we have a pizza party for the kids. This is the coolest things to the kids because most of them probably didn’t get supper tonight, and the pizza might have been there only meal today. The fourth group met up with this group after they did some visiting in the hospital. Also at the hospital we presented them with sheet for the beds. When we came in May the hospital had no sheets on any of the beds, so we decided it would be nice to donate some to the hospital. From what everyone has told me they greatly appreciated it.

Once everyone was back at the hotel we loaded the buses and made our way back to Tegucigalpa. When we arrived we got our rooming assignments and settled into our rooms. Later, at about 7, we ate supper. Tonight we had rice, beef tips, and veggies. There is nothing better in Honduras then the meals at the mission house. After supper we met for devo. Tonight’s devo was another singing devo. Afterward we went over a few rules and then split up into small groups to talk about what we had done so far. It was awesome to get other people’s perspective of the trip. Everyone feels and sees different things and everyone has a great love for this country and the people here. After we did our small group sessions, we went to our rooms and went to bed. I really want to thank all of you for reading the blog and for keeping us in your prayers. We love you all and miss you. God Bless!!

In Him
Brandy Barnett

P.S. IF there is an emergency and you need to get in touch with us you can call Mark Connell who is down here for the summer and he will get the message to us. Please understand that it must be an emergency. The number is a US number.

Sunday, July 2

The Lord´s Day

Hello to all of you guys back in the states. Today was not our normal Sunday routine. There is only one preacher in the area we are working at so we didn´t have worship until 5:30 this afternoon. When we woke up we had breakfast, french toast this morning, that was amazing. After breakfast we had devo led by Cory Westerfield. After devo we divided into two groups.

Group one went back to the church that we started painting on yesterday to finish. These guys work very hard today. Not only did they finish the outside, but they finished the inside and the classroom also. Great job guys!!

The second group went to Ciguatepeque to visit the nursing home and do a VBS at one of the churches there. When we got there we divided into two different groups. The VBS group went and did their skits at the local church. After VBS they fed the children and then came and met the rest of the group at the nursing home. The group at the nursing home did a few things. First we went in one of the rooms and sang some songs to them. After we sang, we got prayer request from each of the patients and prayed for each individual. When we finished we helped hand out their lunches then helped clean up. By the time we were finished the other group had arrived and they did their skits for the older people. THey loved it!! After that we loaded the buses and met up with the paint crew at the church where we conducted another VBS. As you can tell our VBS crew worked extremely hard today and they did an amazing job. When we finished with that VBS we came back to the hotel to clean up for church.

We left for worship at about 4:45 to make it to the services. At worship we sang a song in English and then the locals would sing in Spanish. John Palmer led worship. He talked about the story of Saul. His main point he wanted to talk about was how God can use anyone for His glory. He did a very good job. After worship we came back to the hotel for supper. Tonight we had some amazing chicken, and veggies!! When we finished eating we met for devo. Tonight we had a singing devo. Singing has been beautiful, I mean WOW!!!!!!!!! After we sang for a while we did "Where did you see Jesus?" Jesus has been seen everywhere!! He was seen in Addie today, she made a lot of things for the kids and was handing it out at VBS. Jesus is very much seen in the beauty of Honduras, and in all of the locals. Jesus was seen in the worship services today also. I love doing where did you see Jesus because it is just amazing to hear everyone talk about what they saw. I wish all of you could be here. We miss you all so much, but we are doing great work here through Christ and we are loving every minute of it. Please continue to pray for us and the Hondurans. THanks so much for keeping up with our progress.

In Him,
Brandy B

P.S. I will be posting pictures and messages tomorrow, Lord willing!!

Saturday, July 1

Hey everyone!! Today was such a wonderful day. Everyone´s day started out at about seven. We all had breakfast between seven and eight and then had devo at eight. Matt Mitchell led us in a few thoughts this morning. He talked about the storm of sin. For those of you who do not know this years theme, it is finding God in the Storm. After devo we got our game plan and divided into three different groups, a VBS group, construction group and a paint crew.

The paint crew left first. They went to the local hospital to paint a few rooms and the hall of one of the wards. They had to get crative because they had two very different colors. In one of the rooms, they painted the walls one color, and used the opposite color to put the handprints of the children and nurses on the wall. The patients were so excited to be involved, and the nurses were so happy that the walls had been brightened up.

The next crew that went out was the "construction" crew. We knew when left that the wood would probably not be at the site, but what we didn´t know is that it wasn´t going to come at all. So as we were waiting we dug the post holes, and dug up a few stumps. Then Terry came to the site and told us that there had been a change of plans, Welcome to Honduras!! So our crew loaded up and went to one of the churches and started painting it. We didn´t completely finish it, but the plan is to try and finish it tomorrow, we will see!

The third was the VBS crew. The Kentucky team comprised the VBS crew, along with our awesome translators! They presented 2 skits to a group of around 60 kids. David and Goliath was a big hit, as Goliath entered (Justin Frizzell on Zach Groves shoulders) and was taken out by little David (Brian Rudd). Our second skit brought the walls of Jericho down, as our Shepherd played a leading role (Doug Lyles). They fed the kids peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that they made on the bus and gave them tang to drink from plastic baggies. After the skits, the team took the kids up the mountain to the soccer field for a great game in the hot Honduran sun. After the game we returned to the church building for cookies and were entertained by some of the young girls in the church who sang to us.

All the teams made it back to the hotel safe and sound. As all of us were getting ready for supper the other part of our group arrived just in time for supper. After supper we had some free time to hear stories about the day and play some cards before devo. Tonight Neil Hillis led us in a few thoughts. He talked about how we all have a beautiful path in front of us that God has laid out and how he (Neil) hopes that we will follow that path. After devo we welcomed the new ones said our good nights and went to bed. Thank you all so much for keeping up with our progress. Please continue to pray for the work and pray that all of the people see God in all of us. Good night and God Bless.

In Him
Brandy B