Our Mission Statement

Tuesday, July 11

Man oh Man!!

Well guys, I am sorry once again for having to put two days worth of information in the blog. It has been two extraordinary days here in Honduras!! Yesterday VBS started for the South Carolina group. The day started with breakfast at 7 and devo at 8. Adrian Willis led us in a few words this morning. When devo was finished we divided into four groups, a construction crew, a concrete crew, a bodega crew, and a VBS crew. (Let me just say that the excitement of the South Carolina crew has just been amazing. Brenda, the lady that has been over the VBS crew, has done a wonderful job in preparing material for the VBS.) Once everyone was on a team we went our separate ways. The concrete team went to San Miguel with Randy Kluge first.

The concrete team had their work cut out for them Monday. They get the pleasure of mixing concrete by hand then pouring. If you have never done this, let me just tell you it is very, VERY!!!!!!! hard work. They did an amazing job though. Also, before they could start the concrete a few of them had to go put tin on one of the houses they had built the Saturday before. As you can tell they worked extremely hard.

The Bodega crew left with the construction crew to go and sort medicines and such before heading out to the Valley of Angels for VBS. After everything was sorted their they headed out to the Valley. The construction team went to build a house today, well I’m sure you could have guessed that with “construction team”. Anyway, they had a pretty tough site. One of the post holes was pure rock, so I’m sure they had loads of fun with that. They did finish the house, and tonight one more family has a roof over their head.

The VBS crew headed out next. We went up to the Valley about three hours before VBS started to do some door knocking. For someone who does not speak Spanish, like myself, this can be very interesting. We had translators though, so that made it a little better. We door knocked for about an hour throughout the Valley of Angels, then we went back to the new church building to prepare. We had about 60-70 people there today. First the VBS crew did a few skits for the children. The children listened so well. It is hysterical to listen to people who do not know any Spanish do these skits, and you worry that they might not get it, but when Maria and Niki asked them questions they responded correctly. It is amazing how God can work through us. After the skit were finished the children went outside to color while the Adult Bible study was conducted. After the Bible study there was one person who wanted to be baptized and another that wanted to learn more. All in all VBS was incredible.

When everyone had finished with what they were doing, we all me up at the Mission house for supper. After supper we had devo, Tyler Gist spoke to us for a while, then we had more singing. I don’t what it is about the singing in Honduras, but it is unbelievable. When devo was over we all went to bed.

Today started out like all of the other days. Breakfast was at 7 and devo was at 8. Today devo was led by Troy Wahr. When we were finished with devo the construction team left immediately. The VBS and medical crew stayed back to bag food that will be distributed later on.
The construction team had a pretty easy house today. Building went smoothly. Our construction teams have done an amazing job on houses. The Medical team also did a very good job today on all of the patients today in the Valley. The VBS crew did the same thing they did yesterday, except they did different skits. The South Carolina group is very dramatic. They do an amazing job getting the stories across to the kids, and their energy never stops. After they were finished with the skits a few of them went outside to color while the others went across the street to play soccer. The Adult Bible study went really well again today. When that was finished they distributed sandwiches and drinks to everyone. When every thing was finished we came back up to the mission house for supper.

After supper we had devo. Ed Nicholson led us in a few thoughts tonight, then we sang some more!!!! Singing is awesome!! After devo, Tom went over what the plans were for tomorrow then we went to bed. I’m glad you are all reading the blog and I hope you will continue. I am sorry that the internet messes up sometimes, but it is something I have no control over. We love all of you and we hope you are praying for us and the work here. May God bless you all!!

Brandy B