Our Mission Statement

Tuesday, July 18

A busy weekend!!

Wow!!!!!!!! I can’t believe I only have one more week left in Honduras! This past weekend I was able to go with the South Carolina group on their retreat. When we arrived we unloaded our things and got settled in our rooms. Then Lee Tucker came and told us about doing a medical clinic, so we decided to go, but first the group had to do a few things. Mari and I went on with Lee to help start the medical clinic. It was really cool! There was only one doctor and two nurses, but they did and incredible job!! They saw about 150 patients.

While we started the medical clinic, the rest of the crew went to eat and then went to visit the hospital and to hand out bed sheets they brought with them. After they were finished at the hospital, they came out to the medical clinic to help play with kids. It was so much fun. When we were finished with the medical clinic we went back to the hotel for devo and supper. We ordered pizza for supper, which turned out to be pretty interesting since a few people had to go in a cab to pay for it!! GOOD TIMES!! After we ate we had devo out by the pool.

Sunday we had breakfast at about 7:30. After breakfast, we had a small Sunday morning devo. After devo we hung out for a while, then loaded the buses at 1:30 to worship with the local Christians. I just love the congregation we worshiped at, the children were so cute!! The lesson was in Spanish and then in was translated by one of our translators into English. It was pretty much the best sermon. The preacher, and the members are so on fire for God, it is AMAZING!!

After worship we stayed for a little while to play with the children, then we loaded up and went back to the hotel. When we got to the hotel we had the choice of going down town to do a walking tour, or staying at the hotel to just relax. About 25 of us went on the tour. It was really neat. After about an hour or two we came back to the hotel for the most amazing supper I’ve had since I’ve been here. We had this chicken that was a little spicy, but good, with veggies, rice and a roll!! I mean, WOW!! After supper we had devo. Then we played cards for a little while before going to bed.

Monday we woke up really early to get ready to go back to Teguc. The South Carolina group left on Monday so they had to be back at the airport pretty early. We left the hotel at 7 am. It is about a two hour bus ride back. When we got to the airport we dropped the SC group off with Mark Connell so they could get checked in and back home.

When we dropped them off, Maria, Niki, and I came back up to the mission house to meet up with the rest of the group. We were pretty much volunteered to go with the VBS/food bagging team to the hospital. There was also a construction team, bodega team, and Santa Ana team.

The VBS/food bagging team went to the hospital first. We got there at about 10 so we stayed for two hours. We split into three groups with two translators in each group. Then we went throughout the hospital visiting the patients. They are so uplifting. These people are in so much pain most of the time, but still they smile and do not complain. It is just unbelievable. After two hours in the hospital we loaded the buses and came back to the mission house to practice VBS and bag food. When we got here the food wasn’t here so we rested. Then Terry showed up with boxes, but still know food. So we put the boxes together. Finally, two years later, (welcome to Honduras) the food finally came. We unloaded the food then bagged it. When it was all bagged we put the bags in a box. We bagged about 176 bags of food, which will be handed out when we go to Choluteca. While we were bagging food, the VBS practice their skits.

The Santa Ana crew went to build and to paint yesterday. The construction team had a great day. They finished, with no injuries!! The paint team painted!! They also played with the children. The kids in Santa Ana are soooooooo cute!!

The Bodega crew had their work cute out for them today. They had to clean the bodega to make room for another shipment of stuff that was coming in. The nurses also did their pharmacy thing. From what Terry said, the team worked extremely hard. Great job guys.

After everyone was finished we came back up to the mission house for supper. After supper we had a few hours to play card games. So the guys went to one table and the girls went to another and we played spoons. This was pretty much the funniest thing I have ever watched. When a person got 4 of a kind bodies went flying everywhere after spoons. I hope to have pictures of the fun tonight. After two hours of that we went to devo. Singing was amazing !!!!! Hoss spoke. After devo we all said good night and went to bed!!

Thanks so much for reading the blog and praying for us. Please continue to pray!!

In Him
Brandy B

P.S. Sorry there has been delays in the blog. As you well know the internet works when it wants to. Thanks for being patient with me!!