Our Mission Statement

Sunday, July 9

Two of the best days!!

First off let me apologize about the blog, all I have to say is “Welcome to Honduras.” We never really know if the internet is going to work here so we do what we can with what we got. It has been a very interesting two days. Both days started the same as usual, breakfast at 7 and devo at 8. Yesterday we split up into a two team construction group, and a group that went to visit orphanages.

The construction teams left at about 9:00 to go to San Miguel. When we got there we divided into our two groups, one group went on one side of the mountain and the other went on the other side of the mountain. The first group had to dig some more out of the mountain before we could actually start building. Once that was completed the construction went pretty good. We actually finished the house before 5 pm today. The other group had to tear down a house before they could build. After that was finished tearing down the house they were able to build their house. It took them a little longer, but they finished and now two more families have a home.

The other group went to two different orphanages. They first went to Good Shepard, then they went to Jovenes en Camino. While there they played with the kids and made cotton candy. At Good Shepard they had a pizza party for the kids too. We bought 80 pizzas and they ate all of it. The kids were soooo cute. After they were finished there they came back to the mission house for supper.

The South Carolina group came in today too. They went straight to the hospital to visit when they got here. From what I heard they had an amazing day. We all met up at the mission house for supper at about 6. Then after supper we had devo. Tim O’Dell led us in a few thoughts and we sang a lot. Singing has been incredible this past week, very up lifting. After devo we went to bed for some much needed rest!!

Today was a very exciting day for the groups. Like I said before breakfast was at 7 and devo was at 8. Joseph Noto led us in a few thoughts this morning. Today we split into two groups. The South Carolina group went to build today. The first group in the July 1st group went to Burger King to meet up with the kids from Didasko orphanage for a big party. The other group went out to Santa Ana to help Jen Wright with some things around the clinic and orphanage and they played with the new children.

The group that went to Burger King with the Didasko children had a blast today. We had a piñata full of candy for the children, we had a cake that the children loved, and we bought them lunch and ate with them and played continuously with them. After we were through at Burger King we brought the kids back up to the mission house to play some more. There were a few older kids so we found some soccer balls and played a game with them. After a while it started raining, but we continued playing. Mariano decided to call the game when it started raining harder, he didn’t want anyone to get hurt. At about 3 pm the kids loaded the buses and went back to Didasko.

The South Carolina group had a great day today also. They were able to build two houses out in San Miguel. Each site had to tear down before they could build. The construction went pretty good today, however the tin for the roof didn’t show so they had to use the tin that was already on. The tin should be there by Monday, let’s pray that it gets there.

After everyone was finished they came back to the mission house for dinner. When everyone was finished eating we loaded three buses and went to Santa Lucia to have a singing devo in the oldest stand cathedral in the Western Hemisphere. Singing was amazing tonight, like it always is. I wish we could have sang for hours and hours, but because we were limited on time we only got to sing for about an hour. Still, it was Amazing!!! When we finished there we loaded the buses to make our way back to the mission house for some much needed sleep.

Thank you all for being patient with the blog. You never really know when the internet is going to mess up here, and I’m sorry it happens that way. Please continue to pray for our trip and for our new best friends. Also pray for safe travel for the groups leaving in the next couple days. Many of you will be seeing your loved ones so be excited. God bless all of you.

In Him
Brandy B