Our Mission Statement

Thursday, July 6

Moving Mountains!!

What a day!!! Today was an extremely tiring day. We worked so hard and we are all exhausted. It started out like any other day, you know breakfast at 7 devo at 8… This morning Ross Vego brought us our lesson. Afterward, we divided into three groups.

The first group left at 9 am to make our way to San Miguel. When we got there we unloaded all of the tools and divided into two groups. One group was the construction group and one stayed at the church to move sand, and rocks to make concrete, and they mixed the concrete by hand then laid it. Yes, as you can tell it was a very tiring day. The other group went a little way up the mountain to build. When we got there, we surprised the lady. She had no idea we were going to build for her today. We had to take all of the things out of her old house and tear it down. Then we had to MOVE A MOUNTAIN. Yes you read it correctly we moved a mountain. God was definitely with the construction group today. We started moving the mountain at about 10:30 and did not put our first post in until 4:00 pm. After we got the post in the house went up pretty quickly. We were finished and out of San Miguel by 6:00!!!!!!! WOW!!

The other group that came to San Miguel distributed the bags of food that were made yesterday. Randy would take each group up the mountain and tell them to work their way down. From what I was told the distribution went really well. When they were finished with the distribution they went back down the mountain and conducted a VBS. They said that it went really well. Also, Terry Reeves wife surprised him today by coming to Honduras a few days early. Man it was Amazing to see the love that those two have for each other. Terry was defiantly surprised. After VBS they handed out sandwiches and drinks to the kids. At about 5:00 they left to come back to the mission house.

The final group went out to Santa Ana today to do some work on the clinic. They were also able to meet the new children that are at the orphanage. Jen Wright received some children just a week before we arrived and she has been waiting for that day for about 9 months. They said that it went really well there today!!

After all the groups minus the construction group returned they had lunch at the mission house. I think I was told that they had chicken, rice, and bread for dinner. Since the construction crew was running behind, we stopped and got Wendy’s to eat!! It was pretty good, I’m no gonna lie to ya!! Once we made back up the mountain we all cleaned up and went to devo. Tonight Doug spoke. After that we did where did you see Jesus. Jesus was seen everywhere today. He was seen in the construction crew, who never stopped working even when it looked like we weren’t going to finish. He was seen in Mariano, who took his shoes off and gave them to a guy in San Miguel as we were leaving. He was seen in the food delivers today. They had to go back and forth up and down mountains to deliver food and they did not stop until it was all delivered. Jesus was seen in Neil today when he sprinted up a steep hill to get an inhaler for a kid who had an asthma attack. There were so many Where did you see Jesus moment today, just like there are other days. I hope you all are getting an idea of what Honduras is like through these blogs. I am trying my best to let you know every detail. Unfortunately, you will never understand it until you are able to visit. Thank you all for reading this blog and for praying for our work. Your prayers have been so helpful these past days. Please continue to pray for us and our friends in San Miguel, we love them all so much and they have become like family to us. God Bless!!

Brandy B