Our Mission Statement

Wednesday, July 5


Today was just AMAZING!!! It started out like any other day. We got up for breakfast between 7 and 8, today beans, eggs and toast. After breakfast we had devo out over the lookout. Preston brought us a few words this morning. Then we were given our assignments today. We were going to have a VBS group and seven paint crews, and a bodega team.

We all left, except for the VBS crew, at about ten this morning to make our way to San Miguel. There we divided into seven paint crews and Randy took us up the hill to paint some houses that TORCH had built this summer. They spent about four or five hours up there while Jordan William and I stayed with Randy to help him move some things at the church. Today the tables, chairs, stove, microwave, and refrigerator came. So with the help of many Honduran men and women we were able to move all of this over a stream and up a steep sidewalk. At about 1:30 a couple people went with Hector, Randy’s translator, to spread the news throughout the village about VBS. That was really neat.

The Bodega team spent most of the day going through and sorting all of the supplies we have received this summer. When they finished there they came to San Miguel and painted another house!! They are beast!!

Before the VBS crew got to San Miguel, they bagged food at the mission house. Niki Haab told me they bagged about two hundred plus bags. Tomorrow we will be distributing the food. After all the food was bagged, they came to San Miguel to do VBS. They did and excellent job as usual. They played relay games, and did skits, and just had an amazing time. San Miguel is probably one of the coolest places in Honduras. We left there at about 5 to come back to the mission house for supper.

Tonight we had spaghetti, and it was gooooooooooooooood!!!! After supper Lorri and Mark Connell did a presentation about Mi Esperanza. Mi Esperanza is a program that Lori and Janet Hines started a few years ago to help the women of Honduras. After the presentation they sold a few of the items the ladies have been working on. At about 9 we met back for devo. Tonight Pat Gutherie led us in a few thoughts about patience. Afterward we did where did you see Jesus. Jesus has been seen in many people this week. Doug said he saw Jesus in the children here. He said that he felt sorry for them at first, but once he started playing with them he said he began to feel sorry for the children in the states. Jesus was seen in Ross Vego today, he took his shoes off his feet when we left and gave them to a boy in the village so he would have some. These are just a couple of the ones mentioned, but Jesus has been seen everywhere.

Thank you all so much for reading the blog and praying for our progress. Please continue to pray for us and our new friends we have made here in Honduras. Love you all!!

Brandy B