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Sunday, July 2

The Lord´s Day

Hello to all of you guys back in the states. Today was not our normal Sunday routine. There is only one preacher in the area we are working at so we didn´t have worship until 5:30 this afternoon. When we woke up we had breakfast, french toast this morning, that was amazing. After breakfast we had devo led by Cory Westerfield. After devo we divided into two groups.

Group one went back to the church that we started painting on yesterday to finish. These guys work very hard today. Not only did they finish the outside, but they finished the inside and the classroom also. Great job guys!!

The second group went to Ciguatepeque to visit the nursing home and do a VBS at one of the churches there. When we got there we divided into two different groups. The VBS group went and did their skits at the local church. After VBS they fed the children and then came and met the rest of the group at the nursing home. The group at the nursing home did a few things. First we went in one of the rooms and sang some songs to them. After we sang, we got prayer request from each of the patients and prayed for each individual. When we finished we helped hand out their lunches then helped clean up. By the time we were finished the other group had arrived and they did their skits for the older people. THey loved it!! After that we loaded the buses and met up with the paint crew at the church where we conducted another VBS. As you can tell our VBS crew worked extremely hard today and they did an amazing job. When we finished with that VBS we came back to the hotel to clean up for church.

We left for worship at about 4:45 to make it to the services. At worship we sang a song in English and then the locals would sing in Spanish. John Palmer led worship. He talked about the story of Saul. His main point he wanted to talk about was how God can use anyone for His glory. He did a very good job. After worship we came back to the hotel for supper. Tonight we had some amazing chicken, and veggies!! When we finished eating we met for devo. Tonight we had a singing devo. Singing has been beautiful, I mean WOW!!!!!!!!! After we sang for a while we did "Where did you see Jesus?" Jesus has been seen everywhere!! He was seen in Addie today, she made a lot of things for the kids and was handing it out at VBS. Jesus is very much seen in the beauty of Honduras, and in all of the locals. Jesus was seen in the worship services today also. I love doing where did you see Jesus because it is just amazing to hear everyone talk about what they saw. I wish all of you could be here. We miss you all so much, but we are doing great work here through Christ and we are loving every minute of it. Please continue to pray for us and the Hondurans. THanks so much for keeping up with our progress.

In Him,
Brandy B

P.S. I will be posting pictures and messages tomorrow, Lord willing!!

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Val Steffy said...

To: Brianna Steffy
Hey Sis. I've been reading the blog to see what you've been up to. I wonder if you're helping with VBS again this year-I know you had a good time with that. Did you eat your chocolate cake? Miss you and can't wait to hear all your stories. Love you bunches.