Our Mission Statement

Tuesday, July 4


Hello to all of you from beautiful Honduras. The Lord blessed us with such a beautiful day today. Breakfast was between seven and eight this morning. We had toast, fruit, and cereal, the typical mission house breakfast. After we ate we went to the chapel for morning devo. David Mars led us in a few thoughts this morning about how to plant seeds. Afterward we split up into two groups. One group went to the hospital then the blind school and the other went to the special needs orphanages and then to the hospital.

The group that went to the special needs orphanage left at about 9:30. We stopped at the store before going to get a few things like washing detergent, and toys. We left the store and made our way to the orphanage. When we got there we unloaded our supplies and started picking out our kids. A few people went through the clothes to separate them by size, while others played with the children. After everything was separated each person brought a kid in and they were given clothes. When each child received clothing we loaded up the buses and went to eat at Camperos to eat. When everyone had eaten, we left to go to the hospital. At the hospital we divided into two groups and went in to visit the patients. We visited with them for about two hours then we left to come back to the mission house.

The second group stopped by a store to buy fun coloring books and crayons and then we headed to the hospital. We divided into three groups, one per each floor at the hospital. We had a really good time coloring with the children, playing with balloons with them and their parents. The children also enjoyed playing with the bubbles, and we had lots of smiles and love in the midst of their sickness. It was very hard to see some of the patients because of their critical health situation, but we were able to pray with and for them and their families. The children received candy, balloons, stuffed animals and some other treats. We were there for about two and a half hours and then got in the bus and went to Campero to eat lunch. Good fried chicken and fries! After that we went to the blind school. There were probably about 50 children. They were so sweet and loving. We went into a big room and sang for them some church songs in English. Then, we had then sign for us and it was just amazing. It was a very powerful moment and those children are the most lovable and sweet in the world. We had a good time playing with them in the courtyard after the singing and gave them some candy and stuffed animals.
We came back to the mission house and had a very yummy dinner, chicken, salad and mashed potatoes… then we met for an early devo at 7:30 p.m. and had group discussion and journal writing time afterwards.