Our Mission Statement

Friday, July 14


I can’t believe I’ve been here for 15 days already!!! It has been AMAZING!! Today the third group came in. (THEY MADE IT SAFELY!!). Tomorrow the South Carolina group leaves to go on their retreat. Man oh Man!!

Today was a pretty incredible day, I must say. We split into two crews. The SC group went to distribute food, went to visit the blind school, and a few went to help Randy at San Miguel. There was also a small crew that went with Mark Connell to start Rosa’s house. Ok, so that is like four crews, my bad!!

The team that went with Mark Connell consisted of about 12 of us. We left at 8:30 so we could get an early start. We knew we would not finish today. Rosa is one of the lady’s that works at the mission house, so we decided we would build her a house. I’m not sure how big the house is, but it is bigger than a normal “TORCH” house. Rosa has done so much for our groups and she deserves the best house TORCH can build. Anyway, it was a pretty long day there. Nothing exciting happened, just your normal construction. We finished everything but the roof and one wall. The next group will finish the rest of the house. They are also planning on putting a wall up inside to make it a two room house. The view is AMAZING!!!!!!!! We left at about 5:30 to come back to the mission house for supper.

The team that went with Randy today helped him clean up some land that, I think, we might be building on soon. Any day with Randy is going to be a tuff day!! He will work you like you have never been worked before. According to Randy the group did an excellent job and it put his schedule ahead a few weeks.

The group that went to distribute food also went to the blind school. They had an awesome day!! The blind school is just awesome. They go in and they get to play with the kids, then they go and sing for them. In return the children sing to us and I mean WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! It is heaven!! After they were finished there they came back up to the mission house for supper!!

Like I said before, the third came in today and went to the hospital right away!! From all the stories I heard they had an incredible day!! After that they came back up the mountain and had supper with us!! It was good to finally have them here.

After supper we had devo, and it was awesome. Singing was unbelievable. There’s like 120 something people here so you can only imagine how beautiful it was. After that we all went to bed!! Thanks guys for all the prayers, please keep praying for us and our new friends. God Bless.

Brandy B