Our Mission Statement

Saturday, July 1

Hey everyone!! Today was such a wonderful day. Everyone´s day started out at about seven. We all had breakfast between seven and eight and then had devo at eight. Matt Mitchell led us in a few thoughts this morning. He talked about the storm of sin. For those of you who do not know this years theme, it is finding God in the Storm. After devo we got our game plan and divided into three different groups, a VBS group, construction group and a paint crew.

The paint crew left first. They went to the local hospital to paint a few rooms and the hall of one of the wards. They had to get crative because they had two very different colors. In one of the rooms, they painted the walls one color, and used the opposite color to put the handprints of the children and nurses on the wall. The patients were so excited to be involved, and the nurses were so happy that the walls had been brightened up.

The next crew that went out was the "construction" crew. We knew when left that the wood would probably not be at the site, but what we didn´t know is that it wasn´t going to come at all. So as we were waiting we dug the post holes, and dug up a few stumps. Then Terry came to the site and told us that there had been a change of plans, Welcome to Honduras!! So our crew loaded up and went to one of the churches and started painting it. We didn´t completely finish it, but the plan is to try and finish it tomorrow, we will see!

The third was the VBS crew. The Kentucky team comprised the VBS crew, along with our awesome translators! They presented 2 skits to a group of around 60 kids. David and Goliath was a big hit, as Goliath entered (Justin Frizzell on Zach Groves shoulders) and was taken out by little David (Brian Rudd). Our second skit brought the walls of Jericho down, as our Shepherd played a leading role (Doug Lyles). They fed the kids peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that they made on the bus and gave them tang to drink from plastic baggies. After the skits, the team took the kids up the mountain to the soccer field for a great game in the hot Honduran sun. After the game we returned to the church building for cookies and were entertained by some of the young girls in the church who sang to us.

All the teams made it back to the hotel safe and sound. As all of us were getting ready for supper the other part of our group arrived just in time for supper. After supper we had some free time to hear stories about the day and play some cards before devo. Tonight Neil Hillis led us in a few thoughts. He talked about how we all have a beautiful path in front of us that God has laid out and how he (Neil) hopes that we will follow that path. After devo we welcomed the new ones said our good nights and went to bed. Thank you all so much for keeping up with our progress. Please continue to pray for the work and pray that all of the people see God in all of us. Good night and God Bless.

In Him
Brandy B