Our Mission Statement

Tuesday, July 18

Our last days!!

Well, today was our last work day in Teguc. I am very sad that we are leaving. Tomorrow we leave for Choluteca, but first today!! We had breakfast at 7 then we had devo at 8. After devo we went in four different groups to different places. It was a very adventurous day!!

The first crew was the VBS crew. They went to the special needs orphanage, before going to San Miguel for VBS. At the Special Needs orphanage the group was able to have a tour of the orphanage. It was really cool to see all of the orphanage and to learn a little about it. After the tour they each picked a kid and played with them. A few people sang to the kids. It was pretty incredible. At about 12 they left to make their way to San Miguel. When they arrived in San Miguel they split into a few groups of five or more with a translator in each group and went out in the community to tell everyone about the VBS and adult Bible study. VBS started at about 3. The VBS and adult Bible study was AMAZING. At about 5 we had to say good bye to our new friends in San Miguel, most of them we will not see again until we meet in heaven. Please pray for them!!

The second group went out to a community to paint a school and to teach English. They said that it was a pretty cool day. They were able to play with the kids there and teach the English all in one. After school, they painted some of the rooms. Then at about 4:30 they met up with the rest of us at San Miguel to go back to the mission house.

The third crew was a construction team that built a house in San Miguel. They had a pretty amazing day today also. They got to move boulders, and more rocks, and mice, and a lot of other interesting things. The good thing about all of this is that a family has a roof over their heads tonight!!!!

The fourth crew went out to Good Shepard to build a playground. For all of those that remember, last year we built Disney in Honduras at Didasko. This year we built Six Flags in Honduras at Good Shepard. From what everyone said the construction went really well. They said that it rained a lot and that the children watched all day waiting for them to finish. After they were finished they ran out an immediately began playing on it in the pouring down rain. WOW!!!

When everyone was finished we came back to the mission house for supper. After supper Lori Connell set up Mi Esperanza stuff for people to buy then gave a presentation about it. After that we had devo. Tonight, like every night, we sang. Singing was unbelievable. After devo we received our instruction for tomorrow, said our good nights, and went to bed.

Guys thanks so much for your patients with the internet and the blog. I am so sorry that is it so complicated, but there is nothing I can do about it!! Please continue praying for us and our friends here in Honduras. Thank you again. God Bless.

Brandy B

P.S. Tomorrow we go to Choluteca and I am not sure what kind of internet I will get, if I get any. Therefore, do not worry if I am not able to post, I should be able to post when we go to El Salvador. Thanks for your patients.