Our Mission Statement

Monday, July 3

What a Day!!

What a day!! Today is the day we came back to Tegucigalpa, but first we had a few projects we wanted to finish. Breakfast this morning was between 7 and 8. We had French toast and eggs. After breakfast everyone brought their bags to the lobby so we could check out of our rooms. Once all of the luggage was in the lobby we went to the pool for morning devo. This morning Brett Mitchell spoke about how there are many storms in our lives that we have to over come. After he spoke to us we gathered all of the keys for the rooms and divided into four groups.

The first group was the construction group. This group worked incredibly hard today. They had to build a double house today. They had a few difficulties so they were, unfortunately unable to finish the house, but they got a lot accomplished. When they arrived on the site they didn’t have post hole diggers for the holes so they had to do a lot of that by hand. The chainsaw also messed up so they had to cut the wood with a hand saw. I was so proud of this group and they hated the fact that they had to leave an unfinished house. However, Lee Tucker called Jen Arnold tonight and told her that when the local members of the congregation got off work they went to the house to finish it.

The second group was the medical group. We are very blessed to have physical therapist on the trip with us. About ten of us went out today to a small clinic for the therapist to see. They were able to see about 15 to 20 patients today. Also, a local news team came out to interview the PTs, check out the pictures. I bet it was real funny to watch Rachel Hooper and I because we had out cameras out taking pictures while the video crew was filming us. Ok, so maybe it doesn’t seem funny, but I promise if you were here you would laugh.

The third group went out to the special needs school to visit with the kids and conduct a banquet for Jesus. For those of you who do not know what a banquet for Jesus is, it is when we have a pizza party for the kids. This is the coolest things to the kids because most of them probably didn’t get supper tonight, and the pizza might have been there only meal today. The fourth group met up with this group after they did some visiting in the hospital. Also at the hospital we presented them with sheet for the beds. When we came in May the hospital had no sheets on any of the beds, so we decided it would be nice to donate some to the hospital. From what everyone has told me they greatly appreciated it.

Once everyone was back at the hotel we loaded the buses and made our way back to Tegucigalpa. When we arrived we got our rooming assignments and settled into our rooms. Later, at about 7, we ate supper. Tonight we had rice, beef tips, and veggies. There is nothing better in Honduras then the meals at the mission house. After supper we met for devo. Tonight’s devo was another singing devo. Afterward we went over a few rules and then split up into small groups to talk about what we had done so far. It was awesome to get other people’s perspective of the trip. Everyone feels and sees different things and everyone has a great love for this country and the people here. After we did our small group sessions, we went to our rooms and went to bed. I really want to thank all of you for reading the blog and for keeping us in your prayers. We love you all and miss you. God Bless!!

In Him
Brandy Barnett

P.S. IF there is an emergency and you need to get in touch with us you can call Mark Connell who is down here for the summer and he will get the message to us. Please understand that it must be an emergency. The number is a US number.