Our Mission Statement

Thursday, July 13

Good Times!!

What a day!! I love Honduras so much, when I am here I am alive. I'm not sure what it is about this place, but I just feel so close to God here. Toady was just amazing!! The South Carolina crew split up into paint crews, a construction crew, and a concrete crew. The "crew" did our own special thing today. Each group did awesome things today.

The paint crew, obviously, painted today. They painted houses in one of the villages that I can't pronounce much less spell!! The construction crew built a house in this same village.

The concrete team did a fantastic job today. They finished everything that Randy needed them to do. They have been working on the building ever since they arrived. Great job guys.

The "crew" went out to Santa Ana today to do a few projects for Jen Wright. A few people painted, some planted flowers, some helped build beds, and the rest played with kids. Ok, so we all played with the kids. The "crew" did help Jen out a lot today though. Let me just say that the kids at the orphange (Case de Esperanza) are just soooooo cute.

After everyone was finished we went back up to the mission house for some soccer and some food!!! What can I say, you can't come to Honduras without playing soccer, even if you are as bad as I am!! It was a lot of fun though. After dinner we had devo. When devo was over Lori Connell did a presentation about Mi Esperanza. Then everyone was able to go buy some of the products the women have made. When everyone was finished with that we said our good nights and went to bed. It has been just incredible here. Thanks so much for your prayers. God Bless you all!

Brandy B