Our Mission Statement

Wednesday, July 12

It's a great day to be alive!!

Hey guys I hope everything is going well in the States. Honduras is unbelievable. Today we split up into four teams. We had breakfast at 7 and devo at 8. Bryan Beach spoke to us this morning. After devo we got into our four groups and went our separate ways.

The first crew went with Mark Connell to a site we plan to build at in a few days. The house is going to be for one of the workers that works at the Mission House. Their task today was to level the grounds we are working at. They spent all day doing this. The site is ready to build on. Not only did they level the grounds but they also dug the post holes. Great job team!!

The second crew went with Randy Kluge to San Miguel to do more concrete work. I can tell you now that this team worked extremely hard today. They started at about 10 or so and didn’t end until about 6pm. This involved mixing and laying the concrete, extremely hard work. Another amazing job.

The third crew, which was the VBS crew loaded up the bus and went to the hospital before going to the Valley of Angels for VBS. We split into two groups there and went throughout the hospital visiting the patients. The patients in the hospital suffer from a variety of different problems, so we have to be prepared for the worst. However, no matter how much the patient is suffering they almost always have a smile on their faces. The cancer ward is probably my favorite place to go. Most of the patients are children, but it is just so uplifting to see their smiling faces. Isn’t God just Awesome!! After we visited the patients for about 2 hours we loaded the buses and went out to the Valley of Angels to prepare for the children. When we got there the team practiced their skits and then sang some songs with the children. We had about 60 in attendance.

The medical team had their work cute out for them today. They saw 217 patients today, and they didn’t leave until all of them were seen. Our nurses and doctors did an awesome job today, along with our outstanding translators. They were able to give each patient medicine that they needed. Great job guys!!

After everyone was finished at their sites, they came back to the mission house for supper. At about 7:30 we loaded the buses and went out to the Jesus Statue. When we got there we walked to the statue and had a devotional. Tonight Michael Felty led us in a few thoughts. Once devo was over we walked back to the buses and came back to the mission house for some sleep.

Honduras has been awesome!! Thanks so much for reading the blog, and for praying for the work here. Please continue to pray for us and our friends. God Bless!!

Brandy B