Our Mission Statement

Tuesday, June 30

Good morning everyone!!  I hope you are doing fantastic.  We are all doing very well!!  Many of us are very tired, but God is bigger than are fatigue!!  Yesterday was a great day.  It began with breakfast!  We had eggs, sausage, and toast for breakfast.  After breakfast we had Devo.  Tricky Pat Gutherie led us in our thoughts.  We then discussed times to be on the bus to leave for our sites.  We had three group yesterday.  We had a construction team, a visitation/medical team, and a team that went to paint out at Didasko.  The construction team had a fabulous build today.  We were very lucky that when we arrived the wood was already at the site.  It was quite a walk up the mountain, but the view and the site was totally worth the haul.  The build went very smoothly, meaning we did not hit any rocks while digging post holes.  Everyone worked very hard.  THis was Patty's last dedication house.  Thank you all for your donations, it will mean more to the Hondurans than you will ever know.  The visitation/medical team stayed at the mission house for a while breaking down medication to prepare for the medical clinic that will be at Didasko and Diamante.  They also delivered food and other needed items to the Special Needs orphanage down the road from the mission house.  Afterward they went to the local store and bought as many gatorades as they could for a gatorade blitz.  I know "what is a gatorade blitz?"  Well let me tell you, it is the funnest, coolest thing ever.  The bus drives around town and will locate street workers.  We then get off the bus and give them a gatorade.  Many days, the street workers will go for very long periods of time without anything to drink.  They love when they see the TORCH bus.  I hope to have pictures of it soon.  After the gatorade blitz they went to the hospital to visit the children and pray with them.  When they were finished they made their way to the build site to get the construction team.  The third team went out to Didasko to paint the play ground and make some repairs.  They also worked on the beds for male dorm.  I can't wait to go out to Didasko Wednesday to see the work that was done.

After everyone was back, some played soccer while others fellowshipped.  They we had dinner.  Last night we had roast beef, rice, and mixed veggies.  After dinner we had a special competition for Tricky Pat.  You see, he always says coffee is better in a white cup.  For anyone that knows Tricky Pat, you know he loves his coffee.  So, we had a friendly little competition to see if he could tell which cup was the white one.  He was blind folded and drank coffee from four different cups.  And, well, he won.  He even identified a blue coffee mug without seeing it.  It was crazy, but fun.  At around 8pm we had devo.  Jeremy Crump is doing a fantastic job with the devos.  After devo we said our goodbyes to one of the team member Jose Cano, who will be heading back home this morning.  Then we all went to bed for some much needed sleep!!

Thank you all for your prayers.  We love you all and miss you, but we are over joyed to be in Honduras working for God at the same time!!  Please continue to pray for the work.

In Him
Brandy B

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This is just a variety of photos from the trip thus far.  I will try and post more if I get more. Love you guys.

Monday, June 29

June 27 and 28

Hello everyone!!  I hope you are doing well.  We are doing very well here in Honduras.  So far, it’s been a great work.  On Saturday we had two teams, a construction team and a food break down team.  We also had a small group go to the open market to purchase fresh fruit and vegetables.  The Keys group returned home also, and we miss them very much.  A group of 12 also arrived to finish out the next few days with the group.  We started with breakfast that consisted of pancakes and toast.  After breakfast the construction team loaded the bus to be dropped off at the site.  The Keys group gathered things to put on the second bus to be taken to the airport.  The food breakdown team began breaking the food down and putting them into bags to be delivered.  About the time they finished the small group that went to the market came back and we unloaded the materials to sort through.  Some went to Didiasko and the rest went to the Special needs orphanage.  The bus arrived at about 11:45, so we loaded to head toward Didasko.  We stopped for gas and to get snacks for VBS as well.  We arrived at Didasko around 1:30 and began VBS for the kids.  Afterward, the children had a craft and snack to do.  When VBS was over we played with the children until about 3:45.  We loaded the bus and went to the supermarket to get a few things before coming up the mountain for dinner.  The construction crew had a great build on Saturday.  They built a home in Diamante.  Typically, in Diamante you have to dig through solid rock, but the crew said they did not have any problems with rocks.  They returned to the mission house around 3:30.  After everyone had returned, we had dinner.  We had chicken, pico, potatoes, and chips.  After dinner we met for Devo and after devo we celebrated Jenny Lovell and Konner’s birthday.  We had cobbler, cake and guacamole.  We all went to bed between 9 and 10:30 to be rested for worship the next morning.

On Sunday, the group had breakfast around 7:00.  We had cereal, eggs, fruit and toast.  After breakfast we said goodbye to Katie and Konner who went back home.  Around 8:30, we loaded the buses to head out to Diamante for worship.  At Diamante we were able to worship with our brothers and sisters.  Two people were baptized yesterday. After worship, we loaded the buses and went to Mi Esperanza to do some shopping for a good cause.  We spent a couple hours there, then loaded the buses to go to the Valley Angels for lunch and to do some more shopping.  We left the Valley around 5:30 to come back to the mission house for dinner.  We had Taco Loco for dinner.  It was really good.  After dinner we had devo in the chapel.  We sang for a while then Jeremy said a few words before our closing prayer.  After devo we had announcements for tomorrow and headed to bed.

Thank you all for your prayers.  Please continue to pray for the work here.  We love you and will see you soon.

Brandy Barnett

P.S if you need to reach anyone contact me brandyb06@gmail.com

Friday, June 26

Many Reunions

Greetings from Honduras! I hope everyone is doing well and that your summer isn’t quite as busy as the one we’re having. Our day in Tegucigalpa started out with green (peppers), eggs and ham. In chapel Brian Steffy lead worship and Noah M. from Nashville lead our devotional. Then the team split up into three groups: building, food distribution, and an orphanage visit. The building site was very cramped and steep, so our builders certainly kept on their toes. The group that did the food distribution visited people in La Tigra. They distributed a plethora of food packages that can keep a family fed for up to a week. Food packages consisted of flour, beans, rice, noodles, lard, sugar, salt, bouyon cubes, and coffee. The last group visited the Didasko orphanage and painted some buildings. Many Torch members had reunions with kids living in the orphanage from past mission trips, and the delighted children darted into their rooms and pulled out pictures and showed them to the people they recognized, which was very heart warming. Also at the orphanage was the VBS crew who demonstrated the seven days of creation in a skit with a translator, and a puppet show about Adam and Eve, which was spoken in varying degrees of gringo Spanish. After the entire team reunited back at the mission house, everyone showered, and enjoyed their dinner of chicken, potatoes, salad, and a roll. Lastly Jeremy Crump led our nightly devotional and left everyone with a deeper understanding of faith. Today was unfortunately the last day the Keys group will be in Honduras, and many sad goodbyes will be said to those wonderful people. Tomorrow nine will leave our group and twelve will be added.  Please remember us in your prayers and have a wonderful night.
Sarah Whitley

Thank you to Sarah for blogging tonight!!  If you guys need to contact me or anyone please contact me at brandyb06@gmail.com
June 25, 2015

Good morning to all of you back home.  This trip is FLYING by for us.  It is hard to believe some have been here fore five days now!!!  Yesterday began with breakfast (eggs, and beans).  After breakfast we met for devo.  Caleb Beggs led us in our thoughts.  After devo we were given some final instruction before gathering our things and beginning the day.   We had five teams yesterday one house construction, one team to complete the classroom, food distribution/VBS, feeding center team, and day care team.

There was a small group that went out to the site to complete the classroom.  They worked hard to complete the roof, put up the last wall, finish the floor, cut out the door and two windows, and put in the middle wall.  THey said the completion ran smoothly and were finished within a couple hours.

Four teams went out to Mololoa to build two houses, work in the feeding center and work in the day care.  Today the two building teams had a nice little walk up the mountain to the work site.  They had to move the wood and building supplies up to the site.  Once they reached the site and began building, the house went up fairly quickly.  The feeding center group helped feed 130 children.  They helped with food prep, delivery of the meals, and clean up.  They were able to love on the beautiful kids in Mololoa.  The day care team played with the babies and helped feed them when it was time.  They played little games and helped them with nap time.  By that I don't mean they took a nap, they just helped put the down for a nap.

Back at the mission house a team of about 12 broke down the food to make about 200 bags of food that will be distributed today.  WHile they were busy working Randi Grossman and I worked on putting VBS together.  Tomorrow VBS should be interesting....

WHen the teams were finished we met back at the mission house to clean up and have dinner. Tonight we had my most favorite meal, Pico, chips, beef tips and beans!!!  YUMMM!!!!  After dinner we loaded the buses to go to the Jesus Statue for devo.  Going to the Jesus Statue is just beautiful.  We were able to look out over the city and see all the lights.  We sang a few songs and Mark Connell led us in our thoughts.  He discussed how awesome God is and how when things go wrong it is never His fault but ours.  Even though we make mistakes He loves and wants what's best for us.  He also gave a brief history of the city.  After devo we hung around to take some pictures and look out over the city.  We loaded the buses and came back to the mission house for bed to prepare for tomorrow.

We have another big day tomorrow with one house build, painting, food distribution/VBS.  Please continue to pray for the work.  We have a group leaving Saturday and some coming in as well.  Pray for safe travels as well.  We love you all.

In Him
Brandy B

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Thursday, June 25

Teamwork makes the Dream work

June 24, 2015

Good morning everyone!  I am so sorry I did not post last night! The group had a really long day and did not get back until late.  Yesterday started like all other with breakfast.  We had eggs and beans.  After breakfast we had devo. Colby Conner led us in our thoughts.  He discussed the importance of using the talents God has given us to glorify him.

After devo we divided into three teams (classroom construction, house construction, and hospital visitation).  The classroom team went to Diamante to begin construction on the classroom.  Basically, it was a double house.  For anyone who remembers us discussing Diamante last year, you will remember that it is basically a ginormous ROCK!!!  It took the team most of the time to dig the post holes for the post.  Once the holes were dug and post were set, we began building the walls and working on the roof and floors.  The group worked really hard to finish the classroom in one day but we were unable to finish.  They will return this morning to complete the build.

The house construction team built in La Tigra.  The house was a dedication house that Patty Johnson raised funds for.  The build was not a difficult build.  The team worked together and completed the home for a family.  They were able to sleep in a home last night and stay dry.

The hospital team visited a few different wards they did not get to the other day.  They spoke with the families and prayed with them.

After the teams were finished, we went to the warehouse to unload two containers.  We worked for about 2 hours to finish unloading.  We left the warehouse about 8:30 last night, give or take, and made our way to mission house for dinner.  We had a late dinner and everyone was exhausted, so we went straight to bed after to get a good night sleep to prepare for this morning.

We have a number of things planned this morning.  I will do my best to post tonight.  Thank you all so much for praying for the work.  Continue to pray for the work and for team members.  I know that many of us are sore and tired from the hard work. Please pray we will have strength to finish the trip strong and to keep our focus on God’s work.

In Him
Brandy Barnett

If you need to reach me please email me at brandyb06@gmail.com

Wednesday, June 24


June 23, 2015
Good morning to everyone tuning in!!  Yesterday was busy day for the group.  The group in Honduras began by eating breakfast between 7 and 8am.  We had French Toast, fruit and cereal.  After breakfast we met for devo led by Ken Haab.  When devo was finished we divided into two groups, a construction team and visitation/sorting team.

The construction team built a home for a family in the La Tigra Rainforest.  I spoke to Kathryn Steffy about the build.  She said that the build was in a shaded location and was a fairly easy build.  THis means that the team did not hit any rocks while digging the post holes and that structure went up fairly quickly.

The visitation team went to the Hospital to visit with the families there.  They went to many different section of the hospital to share the love of Jesus.  They played little games with the kids, sang songs and prayed with them.  They also met a lady working in the Cancer unit that spoke very good English and offered to assist the team the rest of the day and on any other visits.  It is truly amazing when God sends people to help us.  At times it can be frustrating, mainly because of the language barrier, but God always comes through.  God is good!!!

While the teams were working, Terry Reeves, Tyler Steffy and I went to the airport to pick up the team coming in. We had a team from PA, TN, and FL.  They all arrived safely which puts our team at about 65-70.

When everyone was accounted for we made our way back to the mission house to get rooming assignments for the new arrivals, cleaned up for the ones working construction, and to complete sorting for the ones on the visitation team.  The group then all met in the cafeteria around 6:30 for dinner.  We had spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread for dinner.  For those who have loved ones on the trip do not worry about us getting enough to eat.  I wouldn't be surprised if we come back a few pounds heavier.  The ladies that cook the food here do an excellent job and the food is AMAZINGLY AMAZING!!!

After dinner we met in the chapel for devo.  Terry Reeves led us in our thoughts tonight.  Tonight he discussed the theme His Life and what it meant to him.  He told a story about a congregation that had a missionary come in as a guest speaker.  When the youth group of the church heard they were having a guest speaker they were not looking forward to it because they thought it would be boring.  When the guest speaker got up to speak he told a story of a father and son that loved to go fishing.  One day the son invited his friend to go fishing with him and his father.  So they took the boat out and began fishing.  While they were fishing a huge storm came up and a massive way knocked the son and his friend overboard.  The dad only had on life preserver.  He grabbed and knew he was only going to be able to save one of the boys.  So he tossed it out into the water to his son's friend and as he was pulling him in, told his son "I will see you again".  Wow, right?  The kids in the youth group were shocked.  The guest speaker went on to say that the friend that was saved lived his life to try and be a son to the father that saved him.  After the sermon the youth group was talking and wanted to know if the story was true.  One of the members over heard them and told them it was true.  She told them that their preacher had lost a son in a fishing incident and that the missionary was the boy that he chose to save.  I'm sure you can guess what this represents.  God, our Father, sacrificed His Son so we could have eternal life.  Hopefully, we can be the sons/daughters that He wants us to be and live His Life!

When devo was over, we went over a few rules and discussed the plans for the following day.  We have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow!!  It's gonna be a good one!!!  We love you all and hope that you will continue to pray for the work here.

In Him,

Brandy B

If you need anything, or need to get a message to anyone please contact me at brandyb06@gmail.com

Tuesday, June 23


June 22, 2015

I hope you all are doing well back home in the States.  The team here is doing very well!  We are all so happy to be serving in the name of Jesus.  Today we began with breakfast at 7 am.  We had eggs, beans, tortillas this morning.  After breakfast we met for morning devotional with Terry Reeves speaking.  When devo was finished we divided into three teams (a team of five helping in the feeding center, 3 helping in the day care and the remainder was a construction team).

We left the mission house at about 8:45 to make our way to Mololoa to do work.  The construction team made our way to the build site.  When we arrived, we had to take down the structure that was currently the home the lady was staying.  Afterward, we began construction.  The work ran very smoothly, and I am happy to say that Norma and her son have a clean, dry home to live in tonight.  They no longer have to sleep on a dirt floor with all the critters.

WHile the construction team worked the team of 5 helped the Honduran women in the feeding center ensure 100 - 150 kids received a warm meal.  They also helped prepare for tomorrows meal that will be served as well.  When they finished in the kitchen they made their way to the day care to help with the children there.  Once the construction team was finished we met up at the bottom of the mountain to load the bus and return to the mission house.

At the mission house, we cleaned up and spent some time bonding and becoming better acquainted with the group of 9 that arrived today from California, Mississippi, and Tennessee.  We were served dinner at about 6:30.  Tonight we had chicken, pasta and veggies.  It was VERY GOOD!!!!  We also were able to purchase ice cream for dessert!!  At 8:00pm we had an open discussion/devo about the experiences we had today.  We discussed the difference between what we expected and what actually occurred or was seen.  It was very encouraging to hear what everyone had experienced.  When devo was over, Tyler Steffy discussed the plan for tomorrow and dismissed us for some much needed rest!!

Tomorrow the plan is to have a construction team and a team visiting the hospital.  We will also have a large group of 30+ coming in to join us.  I'm looking forward to what God has in store for us tomorrow.  He has been so good to us and I know He will continue to shower us and the Honduran people with blessings.

Thank you all for you prayers!!

Brandy B

If you need to email me you can contact me at brandyb06@gmail.com

Sunday, June 21


Life is good when you are serving God!  Today was fantastic!!  I could not have asked for a better day of worshiping our Lord.  The group had breakfast this morning that consisted of omelets and spicy potato wedges.  After breakfast we loaded the bus to head to service with the Los Pinos Church of Christ.  We were able to worship with our Honduran brothers and sisters here.  It was a joy to worship with them.  Terry Reeves presented the sermon this morning.  He discussed with us the importance of living our life so we will have eternal life.  He used an illustration of a rope.  He had us imagine the rope stretched around the world multiple times, basically never ending.  He showed that about a foot of it represented our physical life and the remainder was eternal life.  He encouraged us to focus on what we can do to ensure we have physical life. Today we had one baptism after service.  It was joyful day!

After service, Timoteo introduced us to one of the members who had recently lost her husband in a tragic accident.  If I understood correctly, he had recently completed Baxter and was beginning his service as a preacher.  They, also have a one week old little girl.  It is a very heartbreaking story.  Today our group took up a collection of about $100 to give to the family to help with needs.  For those coming the next few days we ask that you consider bring baby clothes or anything you might think they could use.  Please pray for this sweet family during this time as well.

We left the building about 11:30ish and made our way to the warehouse.  When we arrived we had pizza waiting for us for lunch.  We ate and then were introduced to the ministry Mi Esperanza.  Lori Connell shared the story of Mi Esperanza with us then we were able to support the ministry by purchasing goods they have made #dogoodweargood.  Once we finished shopping the Keys group left for The Valley of Angels while the rest stayed to work in the warehouse and do some painting.  Once the Keys group returned we loaded the buses and went to an area with a few food choices.  We spent about 2 hours bonding with one another.  Two more arrived today from Kentucky (Jenny Taylor and Taylor Sullivan).  We also added Jose from Lakeland, Fl.  After dinner we made our way back to the mission house for devo.  After devo we went to our rooms to kick back and relax and GO TO BED!!

Tomorrow will be a busy day for us.  As of now, the plan is to build one house.  We also have another group coming in. Please pray for safe travels and for the ministry here.

Thank you all for your prayers!!

Brandy B

Saturday, June 20

Safe Travels

Hey to all the family, friends, loved ones, curious minds, etc.  I hope you are all doing fantastic!!  My name is Brandy and I will be posting daily to share the work God is doing through us over the next several days.  I am so very happy to be back in the place I have come to love so very much, and I look forward to building stronger relationships with my brothers and sisters in Christ.  For those tuning in, this is reports for Terry Reeves TORCH group in Honduras and Costa Rica.  We will be sharing the love of Jesus in Honduras until July 4th then we will travel to Costa Rica to do the same until July 14.  Our group will consist of groups, big and small, from many different places including Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Alabama, and maybe some more.  Right now we have a group of 20 in Honduras.  Our group arrived today in Teguc.  We traveled pretty much all day so there isn't really much to report about.  At about 2:30pm the group made our way to the Mall to eat at the food court for supper and to grab some groceries for lunches during the week.  Afterward, we made the journey up the mountain to the mission house.  We were able to witness a Honduran wedding, which was super neat, while we waited for room assignments.  We spent most of the time getting acquainted with one another and going over some of the rules.  After we were given our room assignments and the wedding had ended, we made our way to the rooms to "unpack".  At around 6:30pm we met in the cafeteria for dinner.  Tonight we were served salad, mashed potatoes that had been baked, and a meatloaf type meat.  (I know that is  probably not a great description, but you must know that is was very good.  After dinner we met for devo.  Terry Reeves discussed the theme with us, His Life and what that meant to him.  He referenced Gal. 2:20 encouraging us to remember that we have crucified with Christ when we become Christians and it is important to live His Life.  We then discussed some more rules and what to expect for tomorrow for Sunday Services.  Then we were dismissed to our rooms to get some rest/GO TO BED!!!  Some of us have been up since 2am so it has been a very long day.

Please remember the work in your prayers.  Also please pray for safe travels throughout the trip.  We will be joined over the next few days for other group members.  I can't wait to share with you all what God is doing!!

God Bless you all

Brandy B

BTW if you need to reach anyone or me please email me at brandyb06@gmail.com

Thursday, June 18

Honduras and Costa Rica Info!!


Hey Guys

      Here are some reminders copied from Tyler’s email!!! What I feel is most important will be highlighted, this does not mean the other stuff isn’t important so do not ignore them!!

* Flight entry / customs forms: Everyone will receive 2 forms on the plane before you land in Honduras.  MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BLUE/BLACK INK PEN WITH YOU ON THE FLIGHT TO FILL OUT THESE FORMS ... AIRLINES DO NOT HAVE ANY TO GIVE YOU. The forms are going to ask you some questions... here is what you will need to put down:
1) Purpose of visit: Tourist
2) Foreseen address: Villa Gracia, KM 8.3, El Hitillo, Tegucigalpa

* When going through the Honduran Customs booth, they will take a photo of you and scan your finger print. 

* They will staple a yellow form into your passport... this is your "visa" for your stay... do not tear it out or loose it!!!!!  VERY IMPORTANT

* When you check in at the airport they will give you stubs for your luggage.  DO NOT LOOSE THEM!!!!  YOU HAVE TO HAVE THEM TO CLAIM YOUR BAGS IN HONDURAS.  VERY IMPORTANT. (They normally staple them into the envelope that has your boarding passes)

* Wear your Torch tee shirt.  It will make it easier for us to find you in Tegucigalpa at the airport.  There will be a lot of people at the airport and the yellow shirts will help identify you in the crowd. 

* Handle your own bags.  Once you have gone through Customs you will enter the baggage claim area.  Find your bag(s) and proceed to the huge scanner / X-Ray machine (you can't get by it... they will stop you if you try). This is where they will ask for your baggage stubs so that they can compare them to the ones are your bag(s). Before you get here, make sure the numbers/names on your bag match the numbers/names on your ticket stubs. You will then proceed through the glass doors (glass wall) into the main terminal.  Lots of people will want to help you carry your bags, but politely say no thank you and keep a tight grip on your bags They will even say Terry sent them!!!  Do not believe them!!!!!!!!.  Keep control of your bags and roll them yourself.  Torch team members will be waiting in the terminal and will take care of getting you and your luggage to our buses.  The "volunteers" who try to help you want a tip for their services.  

*Be prepared to have $20.00 converted into Honduran limperias when you reach the bus.  You will be able to use that money to eat lunch and go to the grocery store. We will stop at the grocery store on the way up the mountain to Villa Gracias so that you can buy stuff to make lunches with for the first couple of days.

* Most stores will take American money (nothing larger than a $20.00) but they will give you change in Limperias. 

* Make sure to have close toed shoes on when you get off of the plane... no sandals or flip-flops.  There is a chance we might have a project going on and you might go there to work before going to the grocery store.

* Housing assignments are made before we arrive.  We are assigned certain rooms to use before we get there.  other groups will be staying at the Mission House (Villa Gracia) besides us so we have to abide by our rooming assignments.  Groups are mixed and mingled together on purpose to help get people to meet new team members right away.  Please be flexible.

* Media fast: we are asking EVERYONE to adhere to the media fastMedia fast means no use of cell phones, computers, IPads, etc. except during designated times.  The media fast helps keep people plugged into the trip and not friends and family back home.  We will have media days when you can use your phones and computers (we even have laptops to use if you didn't bring one). 
Media days include:
1) Day of your arrival... let people back home know you made it safely ***Side note here: If someone arrives on a day that is not a designated media day, they will be able to use the computer.  We will have a sign up.  You will not be aloud to use for a long time, only long enough to send messages back home. If there are any questions regarding this feel free to talk with me Brandy about it.  The media fast is put into place so we can focus on what God is sending us to do.  Trust me, you will not miss it if you are 100% into the mission!!!
2) June 23; June 26; June 29; July 3
3)  Along with the media days, we will be sending out a daily blog to keep people back home informed about the daily events taking place.  The blog address is:  www.childrenoftheking.blogspot.com  The blog will also have Brandy Barnett's email address in case anyone back home needs to get a message to a team member.

*The bug spray CACTUS JUICE does pretty well against the bugs in Honduras if you're looking for a good insect repellent to take along.  MAKE SURE TO BRING BUG SPRAY!!! 

*Many of you are already bringing along supplies, but if anyone would like to bring along some supplies for Daughters of the King, here are some items that we could use: Lice Shampoo, Nail Polish, Hair Ties, Spray In Detangler, & Chapstick

1. Make sure everyone in your group knows that there is a 50 pound weight limit on bags. ***Before you leave check your airline to verify weight, and fees!!!!
2. Please stress the dress code with your groups (both males and females): no sleeveless shirts, no short shorts, no spandex (as the most exterior layer), no low collars on shirts, closed toed shoes, etc. [If you have questions about what is appropriate and what isn't, contact Margaret Reeves]
3. We recommend $112.00-$207.00 for spending money. We will be eating out a few times, so folks will need to have cash for that as well as for any gifts they want to buy. 
4. Remind your group of the media fast.  We will have several days where folks will be allowed to use the internet to communicate to folks at home... just not everyday.
5. Eye protection and gloves MUST BE WORN if they are going to build
7. If you are bringing money for the work fund or any final payments MAKE SURE YOU BRING IT IN CASH.... NO CHECKS!
8. If you have anyone with military IDs (including family ID's), please remind them to bring their military ID's with them on the trip to get discounted exit fees.
9. The VBS team is asking everyone to bring at least 1 box of crayons with them.
10. Taylor Sullivan will be coordinating volunteers to help with devotionals so if you have gentlemen in your group who would like to volunteer to lead prayers, singing, or speak at a morning devo, please email me their names so that I can forward them on to Taylor. 
11. Please remind your groups to be flexible and patient with us down there. We may ask them to do a lot of "hurry up and wait," or we may have to change plans on the fly. It makes the trip go really smooth if everyone just goes with the flow and doesn't get frustrated when we have to do this.

Costa Rica

For Costa Rica, a number of things will be repeated, but trust me it is important. 

      Here are some reminders copied from Tyler’s email!!! What I feel is most important will be highlighted, this does not mean the other stuff isn’t important so do not ignore them!!

* Flight entry / customs forms: Everyone will receive 2 forms on the plane before you land in Honduras.  MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A BLUE/BLACK INK PEN WITH YOU ON THE FLIGHT TO FILL OUT THESE FORMS ... AIRLINES DO NOT HAVE ANY TO GIVE YOU. The forms are going to ask you some questions... here is what you will need to put down:
1) Purpose of visit: Tourist
  ***I’m not sure about the address as of right now, I know it is the Best Western but that is all I know. I will bet it to you before you leave I promise!!!

*Keep everything you get in customs!!  I cannot remember if you have to have it when you leave so just keep EVERYTHING.  When you get your baggage claim info when you check in, keep it because they might check to see if your bag matches that info.  Bottom line take care of your own bags!!!

*Wear your TORCH SHIRT when you travel to Costa Rica!!

*We do not exchange money in Costa Rica just about everywhere we go will take American money, but will give you back Colon (Costa Rican Money) #notsureaboutspelling #yesijustusedahashtag.

*Housing assignments will be made before we get to Costa Rica

** Media fast: we are asking EVERYONE to adhere to the media fastMedia fast means no use of cell phones, computers, IPads, etc. except during designated times.  The media fast helps keep people plugged into the trip and not friends and family back home.  We will have media days when you can use your phones and computers (we even have laptops to use if you didn't bring one). 

***The bug spray CACTUS JUICE does pretty well against the bugs in Honduras if you're looking for a good insect repellent to take along.  MAKE SURE TO BRING BUG SPRAY!!! 

1. Make sure everyone in your group knows that there is a 50 pound weight limit on bags. ***Before you leave check your airline to verify weight, and fees!!!!
2. Please stress the dress code with your groups (both males and females): no sleeveless shirts, no short shorts, no spandex (as the most exterior layer), no low collars on shirts, closed toed shoes, etc. [If you have questions about what is appropriate and what isn't, contact Margaret Reeves]

I can't wait to see those I haven't seen in a while and meet the new ones coming!!!!  

In Him,
Brandy B