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Saturday, June 20

Safe Travels

Hey to all the family, friends, loved ones, curious minds, etc.  I hope you are all doing fantastic!!  My name is Brandy and I will be posting daily to share the work God is doing through us over the next several days.  I am so very happy to be back in the place I have come to love so very much, and I look forward to building stronger relationships with my brothers and sisters in Christ.  For those tuning in, this is reports for Terry Reeves TORCH group in Honduras and Costa Rica.  We will be sharing the love of Jesus in Honduras until July 4th then we will travel to Costa Rica to do the same until July 14.  Our group will consist of groups, big and small, from many different places including Florida, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Alabama, and maybe some more.  Right now we have a group of 20 in Honduras.  Our group arrived today in Teguc.  We traveled pretty much all day so there isn't really much to report about.  At about 2:30pm the group made our way to the Mall to eat at the food court for supper and to grab some groceries for lunches during the week.  Afterward, we made the journey up the mountain to the mission house.  We were able to witness a Honduran wedding, which was super neat, while we waited for room assignments.  We spent most of the time getting acquainted with one another and going over some of the rules.  After we were given our room assignments and the wedding had ended, we made our way to the rooms to "unpack".  At around 6:30pm we met in the cafeteria for dinner.  Tonight we were served salad, mashed potatoes that had been baked, and a meatloaf type meat.  (I know that is  probably not a great description, but you must know that is was very good.  After dinner we met for devo.  Terry Reeves discussed the theme with us, His Life and what that meant to him.  He referenced Gal. 2:20 encouraging us to remember that we have crucified with Christ when we become Christians and it is important to live His Life.  We then discussed some more rules and what to expect for tomorrow for Sunday Services.  Then we were dismissed to our rooms to get some rest/GO TO BED!!!  Some of us have been up since 2am so it has been a very long day.

Please remember the work in your prayers.  Also please pray for safe travels throughout the trip.  We will be joined over the next few days for other group members.  I can't wait to share with you all what God is doing!!

God Bless you all

Brandy B

BTW if you need to reach anyone or me please email me at brandyb06@gmail.com

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