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Friday, June 26

Many Reunions

Greetings from Honduras! I hope everyone is doing well and that your summer isn’t quite as busy as the one we’re having. Our day in Tegucigalpa started out with green (peppers), eggs and ham. In chapel Brian Steffy lead worship and Noah M. from Nashville lead our devotional. Then the team split up into three groups: building, food distribution, and an orphanage visit. The building site was very cramped and steep, so our builders certainly kept on their toes. The group that did the food distribution visited people in La Tigra. They distributed a plethora of food packages that can keep a family fed for up to a week. Food packages consisted of flour, beans, rice, noodles, lard, sugar, salt, bouyon cubes, and coffee. The last group visited the Didasko orphanage and painted some buildings. Many Torch members had reunions with kids living in the orphanage from past mission trips, and the delighted children darted into their rooms and pulled out pictures and showed them to the people they recognized, which was very heart warming. Also at the orphanage was the VBS crew who demonstrated the seven days of creation in a skit with a translator, and a puppet show about Adam and Eve, which was spoken in varying degrees of gringo Spanish. After the entire team reunited back at the mission house, everyone showered, and enjoyed their dinner of chicken, potatoes, salad, and a roll. Lastly Jeremy Crump led our nightly devotional and left everyone with a deeper understanding of faith. Today was unfortunately the last day the Keys group will be in Honduras, and many sad goodbyes will be said to those wonderful people. Tomorrow nine will leave our group and twelve will be added.  Please remember us in your prayers and have a wonderful night.
Sarah Whitley

Thank you to Sarah for blogging tonight!!  If you guys need to contact me or anyone please contact me at brandyb06@gmail.com

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