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Sunday, June 21


Life is good when you are serving God!  Today was fantastic!!  I could not have asked for a better day of worshiping our Lord.  The group had breakfast this morning that consisted of omelets and spicy potato wedges.  After breakfast we loaded the bus to head to service with the Los Pinos Church of Christ.  We were able to worship with our Honduran brothers and sisters here.  It was a joy to worship with them.  Terry Reeves presented the sermon this morning.  He discussed with us the importance of living our life so we will have eternal life.  He used an illustration of a rope.  He had us imagine the rope stretched around the world multiple times, basically never ending.  He showed that about a foot of it represented our physical life and the remainder was eternal life.  He encouraged us to focus on what we can do to ensure we have physical life. Today we had one baptism after service.  It was joyful day!

After service, Timoteo introduced us to one of the members who had recently lost her husband in a tragic accident.  If I understood correctly, he had recently completed Baxter and was beginning his service as a preacher.  They, also have a one week old little girl.  It is a very heartbreaking story.  Today our group took up a collection of about $100 to give to the family to help with needs.  For those coming the next few days we ask that you consider bring baby clothes or anything you might think they could use.  Please pray for this sweet family during this time as well.

We left the building about 11:30ish and made our way to the warehouse.  When we arrived we had pizza waiting for us for lunch.  We ate and then were introduced to the ministry Mi Esperanza.  Lori Connell shared the story of Mi Esperanza with us then we were able to support the ministry by purchasing goods they have made #dogoodweargood.  Once we finished shopping the Keys group left for The Valley of Angels while the rest stayed to work in the warehouse and do some painting.  Once the Keys group returned we loaded the buses and went to an area with a few food choices.  We spent about 2 hours bonding with one another.  Two more arrived today from Kentucky (Jenny Taylor and Taylor Sullivan).  We also added Jose from Lakeland, Fl.  After dinner we made our way back to the mission house for devo.  After devo we went to our rooms to kick back and relax and GO TO BED!!

Tomorrow will be a busy day for us.  As of now, the plan is to build one house.  We also have another group coming in. Please pray for safe travels and for the ministry here.

Thank you all for your prayers!!

Brandy B

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