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Saturday, May 20


WOW!! What a day!! The day started out really well. There weren’t a lot of people at breakfast again, but it was still good; we had omelets, toast, and beans. This morning we had devo at eight. L from Faulkner led us in a few thoughts.

After devo we got our things and loaded the buses with the food bags we prepared yesterday. When everything was on the bus we loaded up and went to San Miguel for VBS. When we got there kids were already waiting for us. They were so cute today. We unloaded a little of the food for the food distribution team. While some were getting VBS materials ready others played soccer with the kids. It was so much fun. The kids schooled some of the soccer guys and everyone had some laughs. One little boy, Walter, told Steven he was very bad, it was hilarious.

Once all the materials were together we divided into boys in girls. The boys did different relays and talked about endurance and running the race. They had so much fun and they were so cute. The girls talked about beauty. We did a little skit for the girls then took them and painted their nails, washed their hair, feet and face, and fixed their hair. Today was just unbelievable. They were so beautiful. The soccer boys had to leave before the beauty shop was finished so some of the rest of the guys came and helped out with the makeovers. It was so neat to see guys washing and brushing little girl’s hair. I wish all of you could have been here. Today touched my heart more than anything I’ve done in Honduras. I know that these little girls do not receive much at all. If they have never been shown love, today they were shown the love of God. The smiles on their faces will never be forgotten by anyone who helped with the makeovers. I mentioned before that we handed out food today. We gave out over 200 bags of food that will feed a family for two weeks.

When we finished the makeovers we loaded up the bus and went to the soccer game. Today the soccer boys played the Cobras. The Cobras are the national police of Honduras. The boys played really hard today. It was good to finally watch them play. They, unfortunately, lost 5 to 1. Let me just say that they played really hard and did a great job. However, this is coming from someone who knows nothing about soccer.

After the game we came back up the mountain and cleaned up for supper. The Kluge’s had us over for supper. It was delicious. We had BBQ chicken, potatoes, corn, green beans, SWEET TEA!!!, and for dessert we had blueberry cobbler, ice cream, and brownies. I mean WOW!! I told you all we had an amazing day today. When finished eating we had devo. John Wallace spoke to us tonight. He told us about his life, and encouraged us to be the best Christian we could be. Then we did “Where did You See Jesus”. Jesus was seen everywhere today. He was seen in Zach and Jordan for staying to wash and brush the little girl’s hair, in our translators for the amazing job they do, and in the teams distributing food. Josh told a story about Walter that I just had to let everyone know about. Walter asked for a bottle of water and Josh gave him one. Instead of drinking it for himself, he gave it to the other children around and made sure each had some. He didn’t have any. Now if that doesn’t touch your heart, then I do not know what else to tell. Stories like this are what makes me come back to Honduras year after year.
When all was finished we loaded the bus and came back to the mission house for bed. As you can tell from the blog, today was, yes you guessed it, AMAZING!!! I am so grateful God gave me this opportunity. Thank you all for your prayers. God Bless!!

Brandy B

*Check out the pictures and the messages to see what we’ve been doing.

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