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Friday, July 15

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Good day to all of you!!  Yesterday was very busy with travel so I was unable to post about our final work day.  No worries though, because I am happy to update you now.  Am I rested, not fully, but I am getting there!!

July 13, 2016
Wednesday  was a fantastic last day of work.  We began with breakfast from 7-8.  During this time we also said our goodbyes to the Bell Shoals/Foundation Christian crew.  They headed home on Wednesday leave about 70ish remaining.  My number could be way off, but it's a guess.  Anyway, after breakfast we met for our last morning devo from Donald Ballard.  This year we have been very blessed to have Donald and Carlos leading us in challenging thoughts during the morning and evening devos.  Thank you guys for your hard work in putting together very powerful lessons that challenged and encouraged us all.

When devo was over the ones leaving quickly loaded the bus to make their way to the airport.  When they left, the remaining members gathered what was needed for the day and quickly loaded as well.  We had 4 teams that we sent out.  The first team out the gate was the construction and concrete team.  We loaded the tool needed along with the popcorn and cotton candy machine and headed to the Indian Reservation.  Once we arrived we split into two separate teams a concrete team and construction crew.  A paint team of about 5 stayed on the bus and headed out to Santa Ana to paint a garage for Gaye Davidson as well.  It was a hard working day for our crews.  The concrete crew worked until about 1:30 when a hand full of the team began the popcorn and cotton candy.  While they were playing with the children, the rest of the crew continued with the concrete.  There was a team laying the concrete for the porch and another building up the wall for a classroom.  It was hard work, but well worth the exhaustion.  The construction crew were busy at the same time building the final house Diane Adams raised funds for.  The teams worked until about 4 then cleaned up and got ready to load the bus, but not before many of the members gave their shoes to local people.

Another crew left shortly after headed to Didasko.  There, they did repairs to the playground and completed the painting.  About 20 went to the hospital to visit with the sick for about an hour before headed up to do a medical clinic for the workers at Villa Gracia.  While a team was at the hospital some remained at the mission house to complete sorting and organizing of donated items to be given away by other groups.  When the team returned to the mission house, they conducted a short medical clinic for the workers of Villa Gracia.  They saw about 45 patients. 

We all met back at the mission house for our final dinner around 6pm.  At 7:30, we met in the chapel for our last devo of the trip.  The time we were in Honduras went by so quickly.  I hate this part of the trip because we are leaving family.  I know we will see each other again either in Honduras or in Heaven but it still hurts a little.  We spent the remainder of the night preparing for our departures in the morning.

Thank you all for your prayers, they were felt and helped so much.  God is good and until next year, Mas amor por favor!! (More Love Please).

Brandy B
I am going to attempt to post photos from my phone.  I am not too sure how or if it will work, but I will try.

https://www.facebook.com/tim.hines.355/videos/10157364339835495/  I'm not sure if this will work, but please check this out.  Tim Hines posted it and it has our team working with concrete and the popcorn and cotton candy for the kids.

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