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Wednesday, July 13

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July 11, 2016
What a wonderful day to serve our Lord!!!  Yesterday was wonderful.  We had breakfast from 7-8, pancakes and fruit!! After breakfast we met in the chapel for morning devo and to receive our assignments.  We had 2 construction teams, a concrete team and a team that went to Mi Esperanza.

All the teams minus the Mi Esperanza team went to the Indian reservation to work.  The house builds were a fairfield house and a Patty house.  Like I mentioned before, money is raised by these individuals and Churches so we can help needy families with a home in Honduras.  The teams said the house builds went great.

The other team at the reservation, worked with concrete to continue the work on the buildings and sidewalk/porch for the residents on the reservation.  Concrete work is probably the most difficult thing we do here.  It's a lot of work and there are many sore muscles, but there is just something about working for Jesus that makes the soreness worth it.  I promise I am not crazy when I say that!!

The last team went to Mi Esperanza to give the ladies some experience for the classes they are taking at the beauty school.  The ladies that are in school there have to have so many hours of practice before they can graduate and we were happy to help them.  We also learned more about Mi Esperanza.  This is such a great ministry for women.  So many great things are happening there.  Check them out!!  www.thewomenofmyhope.org

We all met back at the mission house by 6 for dinner.  Before devo Kelvin, from Fairfield Church of Christ was baptized!!  I hope you all will pray and rejoice with our new brother.  We then went to devo at the chapel.  Carlos, from New Jersey, has been doing a fabulous job (as well as Donald Ballard) challenging all of us to strive to be better Christians.  I am really not sure what I will miss the most in Honduras when we leave, but devas are on that list.  After devo Terry Reeves made some announcements and then Brian made the remainder regarding tomorrows happenings.  July 13, we say goodbye to the Bell Shoals/Foundation Christian team members.  For the rest of us we have one full day to work left.  Time has flown by here.  I cannot believe we are on our last leg and that about 20ish are going home on the 13th.  Please pray for those traveling tomorrow as well as the final work day.

Thank you for your prayers and please keep them coming.  We love you all and will see you soon.

Brandy Barnett

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