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Friday, July 8

God's not Dead

This blog is covering July 6 and 7.

Good morning from Honduras!!  I apologize for not posting, but I have been so tired and busy.  I will catch you guys up on the previous two days.

July 6
Wednesday the team started with breakfast from 7-8 am.  After breakfast we met for devo and receive instruction for the day.  Wednesday we had two construction teams, medical team/VBS, a paint prep team/special needs visitation, a team that worked in Mololoa, and a hospital visitation team.

Both construction teams built in a community near the city dump.  The houses were both houses that were funded by donation Jenny Lovell raised.

The Medical team and VBS team loaded the bus to head out to Didasko for the day.  When we arrived we were greeted by Jorge, Rosa and Michelle, the people running the orphanage.  We received quick instruction on where the team would set up and got to work preparing the Pharmacy.  When everything was ready we began seeing patients.  The doctors were able to see about 150 patients.  While the medical clinic was going on, the VBS team were able to do VBS for the children at the orphanage and once coming in to see the doctor.  It was a wonderful day at Didasko!!

A team came to help prepare a building to be painted as well at Didasko.  They worked until about 12:30 and left for the the Special Needs orphanage.  At the special needs orphanage they spent time with the children and showed them love they do not often receive.  The special needs orphanage is always a great place to go and show love.

Another small team went to Mololoa to work in the kitchen and Day Care.  They helped the workers prepare food and serve the children a warm meal.  The feeding center is always fun to work in and help the people in the community.

The last team went to the hospital to visit with the sick.  They split into group and went to different wards throughout the hospital to share the love of Jesus.  The Hospital, for me, is probably the hardest thing to do, but is also one of the most needed.  Often times children are in the hospital and their parents are unable to stay with them.  So when teams come in, it brightens their day for many reasons.  Plus, when we are in the hospital, do we not like visitors?

After the work day was complete, we made our way back up El Hatillo to the mission house for dinner.  We had rice, beans and chicken for dinner.  After dinner we met for evening devo.  After devo we received instruction for the next day, had signup and went to bed.

July 7.
Yesterday we continued with the same morning routine with breakfast and 7 devo at 8.  After devo we received further instruction for the day and begin our departures.

Yesterday we had two construction teams, a hospital/food breakdown/food distribution team, a team that went to Didasko to paint and finish the medical services, a team who went out to the dump and did a gatorade blitz, and a team that went out to Mi Esperanza.  We also had two team members arrive (Holley and Aaron from Bell Shoals).

The two build teams went out to an area around Baxter Institute to build homes for two families.  One house build was funded by donations Jenny Lovell gathered and the other was sponsored by the Fairfield Church.  When the builds were complete we loaded the bus and headed back to the mission house.

The medical team was able to see about 55 patients and then assisted with painting the dorms at the orphanage.  The team that went to the dump first went to the market and bought things for sandwiches, bags of water and bananas to feed the people working there.  After they purchased the items, they went and prepared the sandwiches before going out to the dump to feed the people.  When they finished, they did another gatorade blitz in the city.

While a team was visiting at the hospital, another team broke down food to deliver in a community.  When the medical team was finished they came to get the team and deliver the food.

When all the teams were finished, we made our way to the mission house for dinner.  We had beef tips, beans, chips and pico.  We had dinner earlier yesterday because we schedule to go to the Jesus statue for devo.  We loaded the buses at 6:30 to go to the statue for devo.  We had singing and devo and learned about the city from Mark Connel.  The Jesus statue is alway awesome to go to at night.  It overlooks Tegucigalpa and you can see for miles. It's unbelievable.  After devo we loaded the buses and came to the mission house to sign up for what we will be doing tomorrow.

Everything is going great here.  You can see and feel Jesus in everything being done.  I hope that you all are doing well and please continue to pray for successful work not only in Honduras but throughout the world.  God is GOOD!!

I am going to try to stream our devo via Facebook tonight.  I have no idea if it will work, but I will try.  Devo is at 7:30 here.  I think that will be 8:30central time?  It can't hurt to try so we will see.

We love and miss you guys

In Him
Brandy B

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