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Monday, July 4

Airports, houses, and buses

July 2 and 3

First I would like to apologize for not posting the past two nights.  I will be blogging about the past two days in this blog starting with July 2.

July 2 we woke up bright and early for breakfast from 7-8 am.  We had eggs, beans and toast.  After breakfast we made our way to the chapel for morning devo.  Donald Ballard is our keynote speaker for morning devos and is bring us lessons on the minor prophets.  After devo, the two teams building gathered and loaded all the building supplies and made our way to the community we would be building in.  The remainder of the team stayed back to begin preparing for approx. 40 more members.

The build team left quickly after devo to get started as soon as possible on the builds.  We were greeted by smiling faces and two families in need of a home.  Pat (Tricky) Guthrie led one team with many of the Foundation group on his team.  They hiked their way to the lot and began building.  Taylor Sullivan and Tyler Steffy were the leaders of the second group.  Both groups were complied of many rookies that were well broken in the first day.  Everyone worked very hard to complete the house for the needy family.  Our teams were eager to learn today and were eager to work hard for Jesus.  The two houses were dedication houses that Patty Johnson and Jenny Lovell raised funds for.  We are going to be building about 20 houses this year due to the generosity and hard work of several individuals on this trip.

While the building teams were hard at work the others were at the airport gathering the larger group coming in today.  With this team coming in, we will be at approximately 95 team members.  I am so excited about meeting new brothers and sisters and reuniting with old friends.

The entire team met back up on the mountain around 5:30.  The construction crew unloaded while the ones that just arrived had orientation.  At about 6 we had dinner potatoes, baked chicken and veggies.  I can promise you all we are not going hungry the food is AMAZING!!  After dinner we met for devo, led by Terry Reeves.  Carlos (from NJ) will be our Keynote speaker for the evenings starting Sunday.  After devo we made our way to our rooms for some much needed sleep.

July 3
Yesterday we were able to sleep in briefly, ok like 5 extra minutes.  We had breakfast at the same time but it was more relaxed.  We had cinnamon rolls, and fruit.  After Breakfast we all got ready to leave for worship with a local congregation. It was the same community we worked in the day before.  We left the mission house at about 9:00am to make our way to the community.  After worship we had lunch and met up with another 20 group members bringing our total to 114.  Once we had all had lunch we loaded the bus and went to Mi Esperanza to shop with a purpose. Mi Esperanza has been going for about 15 years started by Janet Hines and Lori Connell.  Mi Esperanza works with the women of Honduras and teaches them a trade so they can go out and support their families.  It is a great ministry that just continues to grow!!

Once everyone had made their purchases we made our way up the mountain to sort/break down food for food distribution and to sort meds for the medical clinic.  After everything was sorted and ready we had Taco Loco for dinner.  Once again, you can count on us not going hungry!!  After dinner we met for devo led by our Keynote Carlos.  After devo we received our instructions for the following day. We will be working hard over the next several days and I think our team is ready!!  We still have about 16 more houses to build and will be doing food distributions as well.  Everyone is eager to get to it!!

Thank you all for taking the time to pray for the work and our group.  I do need to let everyone know that we will not be streaming the demos live there is just not enough internet power to do so.  If something changes I will let you all know.  If you need anything or have any questions please email me brandyb06@gmail.com.  Thank you all again and God Bless!!

Brandy B

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