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Tuesday, July 5

I got this, let's go!

July 4, 2016
Good day to you all!!  I must say God is alive and well!!  Things are going great here and the Word is ALIVE!!  Monday we had breakfast between 7 and 8.  At 8 we met in the chapel for morning devo.  After devo we divided into our teams.  We had a medical team, 2 construction teams, a VBS team, a hospital/food distribution team and a very small team that went to the feeding center in Mololoa.

The construction team left quickly after devo to load their supplies and head out to their sites. Both builds were donated by the Western Hills Church of Christ.  The teams said they had very good builds and completed the home for two families.  As I am sitting here writing this, I can't help but thank God for the strength and support of all of those who have helped with the builds.  It is currently raining and I can't help but think that there are two more families that will be able to stay dry tonight due to having a roof over their heads!!  God is Good.

The medical team left soon after the construction team with the VBS crew.  We made our way to Diamante to serve the people in the community.  Once we arrived there was a line of people waiting to be cared for.  We quickly unloaded the bus and set up for the clinic.  It was pretty much non stop from about 10 - 2pm.  Our doctors and nurses worked diligently to care for the sick in the community.  There was also those working in the Pharmacy to ensure the patients had medication to help with any symptoms.  Our team saw 153 patients during the time we were there.

The VBS team was unable to due their VBS due to conflicting schedules.  However, the team help tremendously in the medical clinics helping with crowd control and filling prescriptions.

The team that went to the feeding center spent the day assisting the ladies provide a warm meal for 144 kids.  While everyone was working hard, our hospital/food distribution team was doing the same.  They headed out to Hospital Esquela to visit with the sick and provide them with the love of Jesus!!  They spent about an hour sharing the love of Jesus before heading back up to the mission house to load the bus with food for distribution.  After loading the bus the team made their way through La Tigra Rainforest to a place called Trojes to provide the families with the bags of food.  A bag of food will feed a family of six for approximately 2 weeks.  The team handed out about 250 bags of food before heading to the mission house.

We came back to the mission house for dinner around 5 pm.

July 5, 2016
We got up early to have breakfast between 7 and 8 for breakfast.  This morning we finally had cereal!!  I have been wanting cereal since we have been here.  I know that might be weird but I LOVE CEREAL!! Ok enough about me, HAHAHA!!  After breakfast we met in the chapel for devo to prepare our minds to serve!

We had a hospital/gatorade blitz team, two construction teams, a team to Mololoa, a team working with Mi Esperanza, and a medical team.  Our teams were eager to start working today!!  The first team was the construction teams.  After devo, they loaded the buses and made their way to La Tigra.  Our teams had their work cut out for them today.  Once they got to the sites they had to carry wood to the actual site!!  It sounds like hard work, well it is hard work, but there is just something about the experience that is exhilarating.  The Lord provided two families with a home tonight!! I can never say this enough, but GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!

The medical team was the next bus out.  We quickly were briefed by Dr. Asha of the happenings that will occur in the clinic.  Our team then loaded the bus and headed out to Los Piños community.  Our team was greeted by people ready to be seen by the doctors.  Todays clinic started by 9:30am. Our team, once again our team worked hard so we could see as many as possible in the allotted time given.  The team saw about 225 patients today in Los Piños bringing the total about 380ish.

The hospital team went back to Hospital Esquela to visit with the sick for about 2 hours.  They then loaded the bus and did a Gatorade BLitz throughout the city.  What is a gatorade blitz, you ask?  Well let me just tell you!!  Our team goes to the grocery store and purchase as much gatorade as possible.  Then they load the bus and hand the gatorade out to the street workers throughout the city.  It is the most fun thing ever!!  Seeing the excitement of the workers is something that is really not explainable.

The Mi Esperanza team assisted the ladies in counting tassels.  I honestly have know idea how to really explain this task.  They say that is was a tedious job and there was not a dull moment throughout the day.

After everyone returned we had dinner then devo.  When devo was over we had announcements and was given the possible agenda for tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be another busy day!!  Thank you all for your prayers.  Please continue to pray for the work being done in Honduras.  If you guys need anything or have questions please email me brandyb06@gmail.com.

Brandy B

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