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Saturday, July 2

July 1, 2016

Good morning to you all!!  Yesterday was a good day!  We began with breakfast that consisted of an omelet, toast and some spicy potato wedges.  We ate between 7 and 8, then met for devo.  After devo a team went to build in a community around the city dump while a few of us went to the airport to meet up with 24 other team members.

The airport crew made it to the airport just in time to meet the group from Bell Shoals/Foundation.  They had 18 team members.  As they were loading their luggage, they received instruction on what to do for lunch while we waited for the group of 7 from Nashville.  The Nashville crew landed and where through customs about an hour later and received the same instruction.  All team members made it safely to the country!!  After everyone had lunch we made our way to the grocery store to pick up items for lunch then came back to the mission house for orientation.

The build team left around 930 am to head to the build site.  They had a good day at the site and provided a home for  a family in Jesus name.  The weather held off for them as well and made the build a little easier.  They arrived back at the mission house around 530 pm.

For dinner we had veggies, spaghetti and a roll.  We all enjoyed our meal and fellowship with one another.  After dinner we met for devo where Tricky Pat told us his testimony encouraging us to allow God to work through us and explaining God can use anyone for his glory.  When devo was over we received instructions for what we would be doing today, July 2.  We will have 2 build teams, an organizing team, and a team to the airport to receive about 40 more members of the team.  So far the work has been great and I look forward to seeing what God has in store for our team.

Thank you all for reading and praying for us.  Please if you need anything or have questions email me at brandyb06@gmail.com.

Brandy Barnett

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