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Monday, July 11

Just another day serving!!

I am so sorry for my absence in posting.  I have not been able to access the internet for some reason, but I think we have it figured out now.  I will covering July 8 - July 11.  I am sorry that I will not be going into a great deal of detail, but I will do what I can.

July 8, 2016
It was just like every day, we got up and had breakfast from 7-8 and then devo.  Friday we had two construction teams, a visitation team to the hospital and blind school, and a team that planned for a carnival for Didasko and visitation to the special needs orphanage less than a mile from where we are staying.

The visitation teams spent the day sharing the love of Jesus with the sick at the Hospital and the orphans in the orphanages.  It was a great day spending time with the Honduran people that many people neglect.  I love visiting the orphanages because it is just an experience that is life changing.  God is so good and many times you can see such strong faith of those that are in the homes.  Many times we think we are here blessing those that live here, but in actuality they are teaching us something about faith that we often fail at.

When the teams were finished we met at the mission house for dinner.  Then we had devo around 7:30.  After devo, we received instruction for the following day.

July 9, 2016
Like the other days, we had breakfast from 7-8 then devo.  After devo we loaded the buses.  We had one team that loaded a bus and headed to the store to buy food to feed those in the dump.  The remaining team members loaded the buses with chili and hot dogs for the Didasko kids along with other food that will last them several weeks.

At Didasko, we unloaded the bus and started preparing the food for the kids.  After they ate, they were able to enjoy playing games and watching skits from some of the members.  The kids also enjoyed popcorn and cotton candy as a snack.  We spent several hours with the kids at Didasko before saying our final good byes.  This will be the last day we visit Didasko this year.  It is always sad leaving because many of the kids have been there for several years and have developed relationships with TORCH members.  So with tears in our eyes we said our "See you Laters" because either way, we will see them again whether it be next year or in Heaven!

We met up with the crew that fed those working in the dump at the mission house for supper.  After supper we met for devo

July 10, 2016
I am going to keep this part very brief.  Sunday was a day of Worship with our brothers and sisters in Diamante.  We had two baptisms one from our group Gavin, and one local member.  After worship we went to the Valley of Angels for shopping and lunch.  After shopping with loaded the buses to come into town for dinner then back up to the mission house for devo.

July 11, 2016
Today started like all other days.  We said our good byes to the Barbers who headed back to the States today and had breakfast.  We met in the chapel around 8 for devo.  After devo we received our instructions.  We had two construction teams that built houses with funds raised by Dave Marble and Jenny Lovell.  The rest of the crew went to an Indian Reservation to do some concrete work.

We loaded the buses and headed out as close to 9:15 as possible.  The construction team headed to Mololoa for their builds.  According to both teams, the builds were great.  Everyone worked hard to complete the homes for two families in the community.

The concrete crew hit the ground running.  We received instruction from Tim Hines and started work.  Some were sifting sand, some were leveling the ground for a sidewalk, some were moving blocks, some were moving rocks and others were mixing concrete.  Each us rotated out of jobs multiple times to get a feel for each job.  Let me back up and just say a little something about mixing the concrete.  We did not have a mixer, we were the mixers.  Now that is an experience.  The work we are doing was funded by the special offering received at Sonquest this year.  If you are a part of Sonquest, thank you for you donations!!  As hard as the work was, we were happy to help those that live on the reservation.  At this time, it is my understanding we will be out there for the remainder of the trip.

At about 4 we loaded the buses and headed by to the mission house to clean up, eat and load the bus again to head out to Santa Lucia.  It has been about 5ish years since we have been able to go to Santa Lucia for devo and singing.  We go to the oldest standing Cathedral in the Western Hemisphere and have worship.  Singing is indescribable.  I mean you literally have to experience it because here are ZERO words.  We worshiped for about an hour then headed back to the mission house for bed.

Our time here is coming to an end very quickly!  Tomorrow we say good bye to 3 members then Wednesday about 20ish leave. I Cannot believe how quickly time has gone by.  Please pray for the continued work as well as those traveling.  We do miss you all very much!!  If internet keeps working for me I will post again tomorrow night.  Good night to you all!!

In Him
Brandy B

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