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Monday, June 3

The Power of One

Hello from Panama City, Panama!

After a delay in the Atlanta airport (a 3 hour delay) we safely made it to Panama City, Panama.  Once we landed, we breezed through immigration and customs and were able to get to the hotel around midnight. 

This morning started around 7:30am with breakfast provided by the hotel.  After breakfast, we dropped the baseball boys off at the Panama Prospect Academy, where they were able to play with some native Panamanians.  There were 3 professional scouts watching our boys and the Panamanians play, so that is pretty big.  Everyone else was able to get a tour of the Panama Bible School, where the rest of this week we plan on helping out.

We picked up the baseball team for lunch and got to experience a Panamanian deli type restaurant. After lunch, we went to a park to paint the playground equipment for the children.  We finished painting before the light rain started and were even able to play a quick pick-up basketball game before we headed back to shower and go to dinner.

After dinner, we came back to the hotel and ended the night by 9:30 with a devotional that defined "The Power of One." Tomorrow we will be back at it with a full day of baseball and working with the Panama Bible School.

Still be praying for us that this trip will be successful!
God Bless!
- Joanna Fussell

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