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Wednesday, June 5

Planting Trees

Today started out very early, 5:00 AM to be exact.  We traveled for about 3 hours outside the city to a more rural part of Panama City.  There, we met at a school with a company that works with environmental awareness. At the school, the workers had a presentation for the students, as well as us, about organic and artificial goods.  The students knew that the organic goods came from God while artificial goods came from man and couldn't be left on the ground because they would cause trash build up, pollution, etc.  After the presentation we grouped up with the students and dug holes and planted trees around their school property.  These trees will produce food so they will be able to harvest off their own land.

After we finished planting the trees, the children started playing baseball and soccer with some of our group.  Some of the baseball boys helped clean out a garden area that would have taken the people here a few days, but with their help it was knocked out in about half an hour. The school served us a lunch consisting of chicken, rice, beans and cole slaw.  After lunch we headed back for a 3 hour trip back to the hotel.

Dinner was at the mall again, it would blow your mind how reasonably priced the meals are down here.  A combo here with steak is maybe $10 so everyone is loving that, especially the guys.

Mark took care of our devo tonight, talking about how blessed we are to live in the States and how different things are.  It really is an eye opener to see how these people can live so simply compared to how we live.

Tomorrow we will go back to the Panama Bible School while the baseball team is at the Prospect Academy.  Keep praying for us.


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