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Saturday, June 22

All's Quiet on the Western Front

It's about 10 o'clock, and everything is already nice and quiet in western Honduras. Everyone has arrived safely in Choluteca, Honduras. The interns made it here about 5 or 6 yesterday after our 15 hour bus ride. Let's just say, leaving a bus station at 3 AM is never ideal, but we made it safely and got to bed very early. The rest of our group came in today. Terry flew from San Jose to Tegucigalpa in order to pick up our team members flying in today and bring them by bus to Choluteca, along with our supplies. As far as I know, they came across no problems getting here for which we are all very thankful...we've got a big enough problem on our hands.

An unfortunate bit of news was given to us: Our container which was shipped back in May is in a holding pattern. Which from my understanding is just the government is holding it so they can make money off of it. Apparently we have to pay for every day it is there, but we have no way of getting it from them until it's released. While this is incredibly frustrating, all we can do is pray that we can still get the work done which we have planned without those supplies. Thankfully some stuff was brought  from the bodega and in suitcases today, so tomorrow will be spent going through what we do have and deciding what we can do with it.

On an exciting note, a few of us got to go on a special excursion this afternoon. Since we got here early, today was free to do whatever we wanted. While some decided to stay at the hotel and relax at the pool, Jose, Tyler, Andrew and myself jumped on the opportunity to leave and visit the island of Boca. A teacher from my high school, Greg Armstrong, is in Honduras for the entire summer working with Mission Lazarus. When I discovered that he was down here, I contacted him to see if we could get together. It turned out that they were coming through Choluteca the day we had free, so he asked us to join him and the interns from Mission Lazarus to work at the island today. We drove about 30-45 minutes from the hotel, and since it was high tide, we got to take a boat (a canoe with a motor on the back) over to the island. While we got some work done by digging a hole for a latrine, and also had some fun by being drug into the ocean by a bunch of children. Even though we're all pretty tired, I'm glad we got to visit a new community down here and be a part of another group doing some awesome work.

Our night was concluded by a trip to the new mall here in Choluteca to grab some dinner in the food court. Let's just say the new mall on a Saturday night was not the best idea...but thankfully we all got in and got our food in a reasonable amount of time. But some of us got the opportunity to eat said food while riding in the back of the pick-up truck. Just a warning to you blog readers: the internet here at the hotel and I do not get along. I tired all yesterday and today and could not get it to work on my computer. However, I gave my computer to someone else and they were able to get it to connect so I could do the blog. Let's hope that it works from now on, but it's very well possible that I won't be able to update the blog every night here in Choluteca. I promise to do my best though!

In other news, I know some of you are interested in watching our devos every night via Ustream. I'm working on getting the information for it via Brandy (who needs to check Facebook) so if all is in order with the internet, we should be starting that tomorrow night. My guess will be that we will have it about 9...but my guess is about as good as yours. Please stay tuned for further information concerning Ustream and the internet.

As far as our contact information, we are at the Hotel Gualiqueme in Choluteca, Honduras. I don't have any other information as of yet, so for now our number is 1-800-AIN'T-GOT-A-CLUE.

I'm so excited to be working with this new group for the next 9 days! From meeting a few and remembering a lot of old faces, I think it's going to be a great group to work with, even though a lot of them are from Florida. Our day tomorrow will be started by worshipping the Lord with the church in Agua Agria, having lunch in Choluteca, and then coming back to the hotel to sort and organize the supplies. Please keep us all in your prayers that the work we do here may be pleasing in His sight and bring others to know Him. The next week is going to be very busy so I will do my best to fill you all in on what's going on here.

Dios te bendiga,


For your viewing pleasure, a picture of the SI team at the pacific ocean. We got to see Nicargua and El Salvador both from where we were at!!

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