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Tuesday, June 4

Panama Day 2

So today started basically like Monday: breakfast at the hotel, dropping off baseball team, the rest going to the Panama Bible School.  At the school, a group of people helped to paint a bookcase, study room and the cafeteria.  Another group went door-knocking with a local preacher, Alberto to help evangelize in the area around the school.

The group from the school picked up the baseball guys for lunch, which was a very Panamanian meal of KFC.  After, we all went back to the Bible school to move dirt, clean out a very dirty stove, evangelize in the surrounded community and finish up some painting. It did rain today for a while but it cleared up so we were able to finish the projects for the day.

For dinner we were able to go out to a place where the causeway/entrance of the Panama Canal was visible.  The drive there was quite interesting.  There were vendors in the middle of the highway (no I am not exaggerating) that sold us drinks and  fried plantains, those things that look like bananas, from our bus window while we were in traffic.  It was an experience to say the least.

We ended early tonight because tomorrow morning we are heading out at 5 AM to help plant trees in a city 3 hours away.  As always, keep us in your thoughts and prayers.


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