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Saturday, June 8

She Said Yes!!!

Today was a very laid back day.  We started breakfast at 9:30, it soooo much nicer being able to sleep in.  At breakfast, we were told the plans for the day, including going to some local markets and dinner at the mall.  After some protest though, we added a trip to the rainforest to the agenda (stay tuned for more).

We went to the market and were able to barter with the shop owners on an array of items, from knives (not very sharp), dresses, hand made ships, paintings, even some license plates.  It was something you will never experience in the U.S. for sure.

For lunch some went to Subway while the smart people went to Popeyes, all hail the biscuits.  (just kidding about the smart people, not about the biscuits).  After lunch, we dropped all of our purchased items back at the hotel then went to THE RAINFORESSSSSTTTTTT.  The actual name of the forest is Patronato Parque Municipal Summit.  It is basically a conservation area for animals who are found or rescued that were outside their natural habitat; whether it be by incident or people having them illegally as pets.

After being there for some time (again, stay tuned) we were even able to see some of the animals up close and personal, like sea otters, a spider monkey, and even a baby sloth!!

In the forest, there is a bridge over some ponds that house turtles and even some visiting crocodiles, but that is unimportant.  Two of our group members made a lasting memory on this bridge.  Daniel Wallace PROPOSED to his girlfriend, Maegan Watts on this bridge.  We were all around but not everyone knew what was going on until we saw him drop to one knee.  There are some photos at the bottom of this post for y'all to see.  It was such a beautiful scene and we wish them nothing but the best on their future together.

As if you want to read anything else after that, we went back to the market after the rainforest engagement and then went to the mall for dinner.  Tomorrow we will go to church and then head to the resort for the retreat part of the trip.  I don't think there will be internet access there so if there isn't a blog, know that we are living it up at an all you can eat buffet on the beach..... can it get better?


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