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Tuesday, June 25

A Walk with the Butterflies

With each step I took into the dry creek bed I began to stir up the nature around me. Before I knew it I was consumed in a cocoon of butterflies. Their soft flutter following me with every step I took. Apparently it looked pretty neat from far away too. There is a bridge in between the school and church which you must cross. It is here you can find swarms of all different kinds of butterflies. Thus, it's been aptly named the "Butterfly Bridge." Margaret Reeves, Joanna Fussell, and myself took a group of 10-15 kids to this bridge to see these beautiful insects. I loved watching them from afar, but the urge to get closer was too great. I gave in to my desire and walked down into the creek bed and of course all the children followed me. The next moments were spent catching as many different butterflies as possible. The kids did all the catching, but they were more than happy to bring them to any of the gringos, but especially Miss Reid Mitchell, the adorable little 4-year-old daughter of Brett Mitchell. When it was time to head back, we start making our way down the road and I glanced down a road to the right only to discover a flutter of butterflies in the distance. Curiousity got the better of us, so we all ventured down the butterfly path to see what we could find. As I led the way with all the children, it was a video perfect scene of children running and butterflies surrounding us all, or at least Margaret said it was. While I wish I could have gotten some pictures of it all, I know they wouldn't have been able to do the moment justice. But I did bring my camera with me later when I took Reid back to the bridge, so you'll get to see her with them :)

For today, I have a change a pace for you all. Instead of hearing my perspective on what's been going on, here is what Mrs. Becky Palmer has written describing her thoughts about the trip so far. Enjoy!

I was asked to write the blog for the Bell Shoals group. Without hesitation, I gladly said yes. I thought this would be be a simple task because I have so many things to say. It has turned out to be much harder than I expected. As I sit here and write, I have a number of emotions, stories and thoughts swirling around in my head. My words seem inadequate, but I will attempt to share some of my experiences. The Hondurans were eagerly waiting for the buses filled with gringos to arrive on Sunday morning. I was not expecting them to remember us individually, so when several children ran up to our group and called out our names, I Was touched. It didn’t feel like a year had passed since we were here. 
Throughout the day, I see and hear everyone working hard to bless the people of Agua Agria. We have seen and treated hundreds of people in the medical clinic. The village appreciates being seen by Dr. Asha and her medical team, and they receive medication that is necessary for them to regain their health. Our building crew completed Nahum’s house this afternoon. They will complete the Davila’s home and a classroom for the church tomorrow. I praise God that these wonderful people will now have a place to call home.
The VBS crew has done a fantastic job teaching the children about God and His word through songs and skits. It is a complete joy to interact and play with the boys and girls of Agua Agria.
By the time we get back to our hotel, we are all filthy and exhausted. It feels fantastic to exhaust ourselves doing God’s work. I am constantly surprised by the fact that I am the one who feels blessed. God is using us missionaries to help these people, and at the same time, He is using the Honduras to lift us up and strngtehn out faith. It’s amazing! For example, I attended the ladies’ Bible class this morning and was encouraged by the women in attendance. They are extremely thankful for what we bring to their village. Agua Agria is filled with kind, beautiful women who have a desire to learn about God. My life has been enriched by worshipping the Lord with these wonderful women.
My prayer is that the people of Agua Agria will see and feel God’s love for them through the work we are doing. Won’t it be wonderful to hear them calling our names in heaven?

Tomorrow's plans include: House painting, clothing distribution, Daughters of the King, door knocking and...The best one yet---A SOCCER GAME! Gringos vs. Hondurans. It's going to be an awesome last day spent in Agua Agria and I'm greatly looking forward to it. I'm also really excited because if I go to bed in the next 10 minutes, I'll be getting 9 hours of sleep. And to survive a day like tomorrow, you need it. 

La jefa,


Pictures include: Reid with the butterflies, the two houses and classroom being built, the awesome medical team, and the dedication of Nahum's house

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