Our Mission Statement

Thursday, June 6

This morning was similar to the others, dropping off the baseball team after breakfast then heading to the Panama Bible School.  At the school, some went door knocking in the neighborhood while others stayed on campus to paint, clean and move dirt.

We all had lunch at Pizza Hut and we may or may not have had to go back to the School to get someone because they were just working so hard that they forgot to get on the bus.  Anyways, after lunch we all went back to the Bible School for more door knocking and dirt moving, they finally loaded dirt in the back of a truck instead of having to wheelbarrow it from total opposite sides of the place.  Once all the work was finished we played baseball, basketball and soccer with the students at the school.

For dinner we went to a traditional Panamanian restaurant called Peskadito, it was a very friendly environment and just a fun place to eat.  Back at the hotel Bobby led us in a devotional.  Tomorrow we plan on actually being able to watch the boys play baseball and then working on a project in the afternoon.


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