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Saturday, June 15

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The days are beginning to get a lot longer...and my Spanish is getting better. Can't you tell by the title?
We began our morning with breakfast, and you'll never guess what we had...Rice and beans! I've learned that after day 5, you don't want rice anymore. Lucky for some of us, only 5 more days of it left! Unless your part of the team going to Honduras...then I'm not so sure what's gonna be on the menu. But we're all joyfully eating our meals provided by the amazing ladies in the kitchen. They have done so much for us and their food has been delicious!

After breakfast, we had our devotional to get our day jump started. Following that the men's and women's classes resumed while the VBS team prepared their skits for tomorrow. Those that were working on VBS had some extra time to spare, so we went to the downtown area to hand out fliers inviting people to the gospel meeting. It turned out that there was a program going on that was bringing awareness about elderly abuse. In this program, there was a concert going on, and some of the gringos in our group felt the need to join in with the festivities. We were invited to join them on stage and provide in the entertainment. Lots of laughs were gotten from this trip to the park.

As soon as lunch was over, we were able to play some futbol! I was so thankful that someone bought a soccer ball so we could enjoy my favorite sport with the locals. We were all nice and sweaty after just a few minutes, but it was definitely worth it. Latin Americans certainly know what the best sport in the world is.

The men enjoyed a Bible study and fellowship, while all the women attended the baby shower of Santiago, the unborn child of Daniela. I'll tell you one thing, Costa Ricans know how to throw a shower. It lasted almost 3 hours, but it was the best shower I have ever been to. The games were a lot of fun, and all the Americans interacted with the locals and had a lot laughs. Oh, and the food was great too. We had chicken empanadas, tamales, cake, passion fruit juice, and more...needless to say, most of us were not hungry for supper.

Our gospel meeting was continued tonight with a lesson by Daniel. His topic was The gospel power of God to change your condition. He pointed out that we cannot be justified by God if we are not transformed by Him. If we do not change our hearts, we will never change. Terry closed us in thought with our devo tonight before we left the church building. He asked us who had been that one person in our life who has had that major impact. That life changing person that got you to where you are today. He went on to explain that one person really can make a difference because you can see that in each and every one of our lives. I know I would not be at Freed-Hardeman, nor on a mission trip to any kind of foreign country if it hadn't been for Terry Reeves, or as I like to call him, Coach. For that I will forever be grateful to him and also the wonderful woman who stands beside him, Mama Margaret, as I like to call her.

Tomorrow is looking like another long day. We have bible study and worship service in the morning. Door knocking after lunch and then the gospel meeting at night. We were told to pack our bags for a full day and we hope that the weather will cooperate. Surprisingly we had another day without rain!

We are all praising God for the work He is doing here and are thankful that our time is in His hands. Please continue to keep us in your prayers! We only have 2 full days left here in Buenos Aires and there are still many people who have not yet heard the gospel.

But as for me, I trust in You, O Lord, I say, "You are my God." My times are in Your hand..."
Psalms 31:15

En su nombre de Jesus,


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