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Thursday, June 27

It Is Well

It's well with all the TORCH-ers at Villa Gracia tonight. We arrived safely here about 5:30 this evening. Our trip was safe and fairly uneventful. The most exciting part of our day was a special bathroom stop we made about an hour out of Teguc: A ZOO! Most of us had no idea that when we stopped for a quick break, we would go to the bathroom only to find monkeys, parrots, and the coolest of them all, a puma! It was pretty awesome because those of us that were brave got to pet a leopard...or at least I think that's what it was. I mean it wasn't dangerous at all, just an adorable, sleepy cat laying up against the cage. The great news that we have is our container is set to be released in the morning!! After our late lunch stop about 2:30, we went to the bodega to unload Tim Hines container for him since his was finally released. We're praying that all goes well with ours and we are able to unload it in the morning and go on with the rest of our plans in the afternoon. But it is Honduras, so more than likely things won't go as planned. Because of this news concerning the container, our plans for tomorrow are a little up in the air, so we won't be getting them until tomorrow morning.

Thankfully, our USTREAM is working great here at the mission house, so we should be up and running for the rest of our stay here. I'm sorry I failed to do this before, but better late than never. Here's the link for the U-stream for those of you who haven't watched before: http://ustre.am/zAAn
I hope you guys enjoy watching and hearing us.

Corrections from my last blog:

Nahum is actually the young preacher at the top of the hill whom we built a house for that was funded by Holly's family.
Sirhan and his family received the house next to the church building, which was funded by the Bell Shoals church of Christ.
The classroom attached to their home was actually funded by the South Trail church of Christ

Sorry for not getting my information straight before relaying it to you all...I'll be sure to refrain from posting facts before I am at least 98% sure. 

Well wishes to all our loved ones back home! We're all very happy to be on the mountain where I am currently wearing a sweatshirt and very comfortable. After Choluteca, this weather is beyond perfect.


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