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Saturday, May 18

Let the countdown begin!!!!

Hey everyone!!!  So incase you are not as excited as I am, here is the count down!!! 

-       15 days until the first trip, Panama!!
-       24 days until the second trip, Costa Rica!!
-       35 days until the first Honduras trip!!
-       47 days until the second Honduras trip!!

So, now that you can see the count down HOPEFULLY you realize the importance of getting everything in!!!  I cannot stress to you all the importance of having the information in ASAP!!!!!!!!!!  Another reason to get your stuff in ASAP is Terry and Margaret are moving next weekend to Florida, which means if you send it and they are no longer in Henderson, they will not get it!!!!  If you do not think you can get your paperwork to them, you can send it to me, but do not let this be a reason to procrastinate!!  If you do not have your money in bring it with you in cash form!!!!  This is very very important!!  If you bring a check it will be useless for the trips, it HAS TO BE CASH!!!! 

Here is a list of things that is needed!!!!!!

1.     Application
2. Photocopy of your passport.  Color preferably!!
 3.     Rule Sheets – These have to be signed and notarized BY EVERYONE, ADULTS TOO!!!! 
4.   Spanish Consent form – this has to be signed and notarized for those who are under 18, get them in!!
5.     Terry needs flight information as well.  If you are in a group, the group leader will take care of it!!
6. Send 2 photos (about the size of the passport pictures, one should be attached to the application and the additional one is for the trip.)
7. The money needs to be cash, BRING IT WITH YOU!!!

I think I have covered everything!!  For those who want to send their forms to me, I am ok with that.  My address is 116 Fourth Street, Henderson, TN 38340.

Remember to pray for the work that will be done during the summer and for those who will be traveling.  Terry will be blogging during Panama, and then Leah Wright will be blogging for Costa Rica and the first Honduras trip.  I’ll be blogging for the second Honduras trip, so you will all be kept up-to-date on the work!!  God bless!!

Love you all,
Brandy B

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