Our Mission Statement

Wednesday, June 15

Why are we here?

I cannot believe how fast this trip has gone by. We only have one day of work left in Buenos Aires. I think I speak for everyone when I say the people and this place will be missed greatly. It makes my desire to go to Heaven even greater. Today was another productive day here. We started early again leaving at 6:45ish to be at the Church at 7:00. For breakfast we had rice and beans, eggs with ham, and bread, and how could I forget COFFEE!! Some of you are probably telling yourselves that you would be tired of rice and beans, but you have obviously not tasted these rice and beans…just sayin. After breakfast we had our morning devotional. One of the Costa Rican preachers led the devotional. After devo, we divided into groups: VBS, Paint team, and Seminar participants.

The VBS team went to another school to do skit #2. I will try and video the skits for everyone back home, but I’m not sure how well it will turn out. The VBS is going really great. Today we had 75-100 give or take.

After the VBS was over we went back to the church. Some had volunteered to help in the kitchen to help for lunch due to the ladies class. I told you guys last night I would let you know who is conducting the Ladies classes. Keffe is the one conducting the study. Sorry I didn’t have that information last night. For lunch we had sandwiches.

When we had eaten the team began door knocking. We have also had counseling for some of the members of the congregation. Keith Fussell has been conducting sessions. The teams met back at the church at about 3:30 to return to the hotel to clean up for supper and worship.

We loaded the bus at about 5:15 to go back to the building for supper. We had probably the best meal yet!! We had rice with a roast beef type thing. It was really good.

We began worship at 6:30. Christian, a preacher in Costa Rica, led us in our thoughts. He began by asking us all one question: Why are you here? He gave us five reasons why we are here. We are here to Praise God, Be part of a family, Be like Christ, Serve God, to be part of His mission. Christian explained it is not about us, but about God. Not about what God can do for us, but what we should want to do for Him. It was a very good lesson!

After worship we met to partake in “Where di you see Jesus?” Jesus has been seen in so many people and some many places. I wish there was some way to put into words, the amazing work God has allowed us to partake in. God has been so good to us and we will never forget everything we have seen, and learned here.

Tomorrow we will have the opportunity to go to an Indian Reservation to work. The plan is to go and do VBS, paint and have a lesson. We have been given this opportunity to work by the local officials. This will be good for future work in Costa Rica. I look forward to the work we will do. Tomorrow is our last workday here. I do not think any of us are ready to leave. We would love to bring everyone we have met back with us. I know some of you are missing your loved ones here a lot. The group is leaving Buenos Aires in the morning for San Jose. Then they will fly home Sunday. There is a small group that will be traveling to Nicaragua, then to Honduras. Pray for safe travels and until tomorrow….GOOD NIGHT!!!

In Him,

Brandy B

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